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400+ Lashes Business Names Ideas and Suggestions

If you are starting a lash studio, we will help you in finding the best name for it. We have collected a lot of lash business names to inspire your ideas. All the names we have shared can be used anywhere you want.

As the competition is increasing day by day, it is quite important to keep a catchy and creative name for your business.

Before choosing and finalizing any name for your lash salon, make sure it’s catchy and attractive. A catchy and attractive name will help you grow your business at a faster speed. Here is what exactly a catchy name is:

  • Relevant to the business.
  • Tells a story or conveys a message.
  • Simple and easy to understand.

Let’s dive in.

Lashes Business Names

Here are the best lashes business names you can ever find:

  • Amazing Lash Studio
  • Luxe Lash Studio
  • Lashed Up
  • Sour Studio
  • Gettin’Gorgeous Hair
  • The Lash And Brow Studio
  • Striking Skin Studio
  • Awaken Studio
  • Selena’s Studio
  • Proverbs 31 Eyelash
  • Belant Vi Brow Studio
  • Sinful Methods
  • Urban Butterfly
  • Essence Nail Studio
  • Deluxe Hair Salon
  • Brash Brow Designs
  • Velvet Styles
  • Luminous Lash
  • Magic Lashes
  • Love & Fashion
  • Sugar Blossom
  • Flutter Ways
  • Lash Mix Studio
  • Happy Lashes

Eyelashes Company Names

Here are the most creative and catchy names for eyelash businesses and companies:

  • Malayà Skin
  • Second Look
  • Elite Lash
  • RISE Beauty
  • Lash L’Amour
  • The Beauty Mark
  • MaxiLash Boutique
  • Lovewinq
  • The Sassy
  • Dolce Blu
  • Flawless
  • Haute House Lash & Beauty Bar
  • Pink Lady
  • Betty Tips
  • Forward Now
  • Lashes de Bella & Skincare
  • Lash Genie
  • Eskimo Styles
  • Flutter Design
  • Infinite Techniques
  • Y’lonn Beauty

Catchy Mink Lash Names Suggestions

Following are some of the best mink lash names ideas and suggestions for you:

  • Rebel Lash & Brow Studio
  • Flirty Girl
  • Glam Boy
  • Dream Girl
  • Pure & Perfect
  • Blinx Magic
  • Irresistible Ways
  • The Goody
  • Tease Hair
  • Marcy Nicole
  • U.Lash Studio
  • Hollywood Lashes
  • VIP Skin
  • Stellar Lash Extensions
  • Sugar Company
  • Eyeconic Methods
  • Complexion Skin
  • Glow Skincare
  • Lash Habit
  • Lashing On The Run
  • Sugar & Lash

Best Eyelash Brand Name Ideas

Following are the best brand name ideas for eyelashes products:

  • Studio 120 Anti Aging
  • The Lash Lounge
  • Lashing By Natalie
  • Blinx Extensions
  • Sonterra Village
  • the Color Bar
  • Garnet Studio
  • Blink Lash Boutique
  • She Winks
  • Hush Girl
  • Angel Makers
  • Flair House
  • Wink and Girls
  • Studio 8
  • Final Way
  • European Designs
  • iCouture Lash & Brow Studio

Cute Brow Bar Name Ideas

Here are some eyebrow business names to inspire your ideas:

  • Buckhead Brow
  • Highland Magic
  • Baby Doll
  • Back and Fit
  • Diamond & Supreme
  • G-Lash
  • I Do Lashes
  • Magic Island
  • Design My Eyes
  • Art Makers
  • Novalash
  • Oasis Magics
  • Ripply Eyelash
  • Eyelure
  • Jewel Lashes
  • Best Designers
  • Sexy Eyes for you
  • Longer n Thicker
  • Flashy House
  • Fabulash
  • Blushbaby Shop
  • Ella Eyebrow Studio

Microblading Salon Names

Following are the best microblading name ideas for your inspiration:

  • Brow Art
  • The Lash Life
  • Beautiful Brows
  • Luxurious Lashes
  • MINX Lash Club
  • Ooh’lah
  • Lash Snobs
  • Lash Room
  • Eye Do Lashes
  • Eyelure
  • Flashy
  • Flutter and Wink
  • Makeup Experts
  • Eyelash Education
  • Added Length
  • Great Lengths
  • Brow Haus
  • Art Defined
  • Best & Cute
  • Curvy Magics
  • Divinity Luxe Lashes

Lash Extension Salon Names

Here are some lash extension salon names for you:

  • Lash In A Flash
  • Flashy House Magics
  • Eye To Eye Designs
  • Best & Beauty
  • Pretty In Lashes
  • Beauty and Quality
  • Sweet Queen
  • Beauty Education
  • Lucky House
  • Pampered Eyes
  • Jazz Lashes lounge
  • Full Care
  • Glam Options
  • Lash Rebellion
  • Genuine Solutions
  • Sparkle Now
  • The choice is Yours.
  • The Eye Outlaw
  • The War of Beauty
  • Lash and Love
  • Make a Wish
  • Fast Care

Lashes Business Names

How to Name Your Lash Studio

The first step in making any business successful is to make a good plan for marketing the products and services you are offering. The history shows that all the most successful businesses throughout the world started with a small idea and then turned into major and international corporations dealing with thousands of products.

If you want a scalable business like that, you can do that. The first step in the branding strategy of any business is its business name. So, you have to be careful while choosing a perfect business name for your lash studio. If your business name is catchy and attractive you will soon start to get visitors and customers as you start your business.

Today we will share with you a perfect step by step process to name your lashes business. Here is the guide:

Brainstorm name ideas.

The first step is to define what kind and type of business name you are looking for. What’s your niche or what kind of services are you going to offer. Are you going to open just a lash studio or a whole make up studio? Once you are done with making your mind clear about the type of business you are going to do, it becomes quite easy for you to find a business name of that type.

So, you have to ask yourself some questions.

  • What kind of services are you going to offer?
  • Who will buy from you? Who is your targeted audience?
  • Why are you targeting them? Why will they buy from you?
  • What’s so special about your services?
  • Are you offering better prices than your competitors?

If you keep in mind the above questions, it will be easy to name your business according to the people you are targeting. Let’s say you are located in a small town named “Woodland”.

Now to attract the people of woodland and to share an emotion of love and kindness towards your people, you can name your salon as “Woodland Lashes Studio”. This will tell the people that the salon belongs to one of them and it’s their property. This will leads to more sales and more strong relations with your people and customers.

Analyze your competitors.

If you are new to the business than you probably don’t know how to run this business and how to name your lashes salon. Well, don’t worry. What you have to do is to analyze what your competitors are doing and you have to do the same thing. If they have put “Lash Studio” in their name, you can either choose something unique or you can also go for the same thing.

But keep in mind that you don’t have to copy others and piss them off. Just analyze what they are doing and find a unique way for yourself.

Keep it short and simple to make it memorable.

If we look at the most successful businesses throughout the country, we will come to a result that all the businesses are named shortly. All the names are simple and easy to understand. This actually makes them memorable and thus they bring in a lot of traffic.

So, you have to look for a business name that is short and simple. Choosing too many trendy business names can hurt your rating when the trend is over.

Finalize your business name.

To finalize your business name you can get feedback on the selected name from your family and friends. Make sure to check the availability of your business name to stay away from any legal consequences.

Note: The lashes business names we have shared are unique. However, some of the names might be taken by people who visited before you. So, make sure to check the name availability.

Good Luck!

Check Out the below Names:

Mubashir Rafique

Mubashir Rafique, founder of Worth Start, a young and energetic entrepreneur. He has been working as a Branding Specialist On different platforms. He shared a lot of Business Name Ideas and Slogans on this site.

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