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400 Cool Logging Company Names Ideas For You

You’ve probably been thinking about the perfect logging company name for a while now, and you might be running out of ideas.

Logging companies are booming around the world, and it’s clear why. It’s a highly specialized business, but there are many opportunities for someone willing to learn the trade.

To help you along the way, we’ve come up with a few great logging company name ideas. We hope these will spark your creativity and help you get started on naming your new company.

Here’s our list of cool names for a logging company that you may want to consider.

Logging Company Names

Logging is one of the oldest trades in the United States. The first loggers were hired by the Native American tribes to cut wood for cooking. Since then, logging has changed greatly. Modern logging is highly specialized. This is where the term “wooden trade” comes into play.

Wooden products are made from trees and shrubs. They include furniture, musical instruments, construction materials, and other items. Some people consider the term “wooden trade” to mean building wood. Other products include lumber and planks.

  • Express Firewood Delivery Service
  • Beaver Creek Firewood
  • Blueberry Woodworking
  • Campfire Cozy
  • Firewood Central
  • Wood Masters
  • Premium Firewood Services
  • Forest Danger Depot
  • The Blaze Yard
  • Automatic Fire Starters
  • Stump Riser Firewood
  • Hickory Burning Logs
  • Arboreal Flights Firewood Company
  • Woodworking Army
  • Triangle Woodworking
  • Elogical Timber Yard
  • Body Heat Wave Wood
  • One With The Wood
  • Woodactivin Carpentry
  • Sammy’s Firewood Mpany
  • Butchers Block And Firewood
  • The Sofa Set
  • Restoration Workshop
  • Forest For The Trees Stoveswood
  • Hearty Wood Company
  • Woodworking Talk
  • Sunset Woodworking
  • Forestwood Coppice
  • Big Country Firewood
  • The Pallet Guys
  • Whitecreek Carpentry
  • Perfect Kindling
  • Lignum Custom Woodwork
  • Miles Of Wood

Funny Logging Company Names

As of 2014, the total value of the timber and forest products industry was worth $230 billion. That’s more than oil and gas combined. The U.S. Forest Service predicts that the industry will grow by $100 billion by 2030.

The timber and forest products industry has a wide range of services, which includes commercial logging, forest management, and tree farming. In addition, it involves the creation of products such as plywood, veneer, flooring, lumber, and construction material.

There are a lot of logging business names you can choose from. Below are a few.

  • Aged Wood
  • Smokey Mountain Firewood
  • Oak Firewood
  • Fine Woods Manufacturing
  • Chew On This Firewood
  • Koala Heat Firewood
  • Artisan Woods
  • Woodshop & Playthings
  • Hightop Supply
  • Warm Embers Wood
  • Ol Wood Names
  • Ambers Firewood And Logs
  • Aged Oak Firewood
  • Made Design
  • A Bundle Of Sticks
  • Wood Design Lovers
  • Woodworks Door
  • Gram’s Woodshed
  • Tasty Logs
  • Unique Fireplace Covers
  • Trees4you Firewood Pile
  • Beaver Canteen With Firewood
  • Red Cedar Firewood
  • Cold Night To Cold Wood
  • Cabinet Clinic
  • Oak Firewood Man
  • Spark With Woods
  • Eternal Woods Creation
  • Easy Burning Pine
  • Wooden Soldier
  • Big As A Barn-Kirk Firewood
  • Design City Cabinets
  • Custom Branding Iron
  • Pocket Door Frames
  • The Redwood Lumber Company
  • Pine Ridge Logs
  • The Firewood Shack
  • Firewood Entrepreneurs
  • West End Lumber
  • My Furniture
  • Oak Leaf Firewood

Logging Names

Logging companies help the Forest Service and other federal agencies in collecting wood samples. The timber industry is vital for the health of the forest because it provides lumber, building materials, and paper for products. You’ll need to obtain a permit to operate as a logging company.

To start a business in this area, you have to go through the Forest Service’s process of logging in order to be allowed to collect timber. Each type of tree has different requirements. The first step involves checking the timber. After that, the log must be cut out of the tree, and transported to a sawmill.

Here are some good logging company names. Do you think you can start one of these businesses?

  • Firewoods Delight
  • Firewoodx
  • Firewood For Sale In Buffalo
  • Tumbleweed Firewood
  • Woodstock Firewood
  • Meadow Wood
  • With Love, Woodworks
  • Carpenters Cabinets
  • Burnin’ Bright Woods
  • Soap Creek Hauling
  • Tropical Woods
  • House Of Chairs
  • Newton Carpentry
  • Black Iron Burner Grate For Campfires
  • Cute Wood Pile
  • Seasoned Logs
  • Fulcrum Woodwork
  • Buckshot Hardwood
  • I’ve Got Wood
  • Charred Remains Lumber
  • Stopgap Fuelwood & Firewood
  • Burning Embers Woods
  • Ambush Charcoal & Wood Products Inc.
  • Bean Custom Woodwork
  • Fire And Ice Firewood
  • Log Burner Wood Company
  • Custom Design Cabinets
  • Woodland Tree Service
  • Pro Wood Finishes
  • Accent Cabinets
  • Any Spark Will Do
  • Burned By The Firewood
  • Buddy’s Wood Chip Stand
  • Gold Heart Industry
  • Artistic Wood
  • County Loggers
  • Woodworks Custom Flooring
  • Variety Pine Shop
  • Cute Hollow Pile
  • Rocky Mountain Firewood
  • Queen City Lumber
  • Cal Wood Flooring Supply
  • Body Heat Wood
  • Ecological Timber Yard
  • Wood N’ Sticks
  • Kindling & Tinder
  • Top Quality Smokeless Sawdust
  • Cutting Edge Firewood
  • Hickory Logs

Logging Truck Company Names

In the United States, loggers provide services to various customers like homes, commercial businesses, and government agencies. However, only a few people can actually become loggers, so you need to know where to go for information.

You can check out a couple of log company names that have already made it big. The names below are just a handful of the best log companies in the country. They’ve been around for years, they’ve been able to expand their reach, and they’re still going strong.

If you want to start a logging business of your own, you might be interested in the following information about equipment.

  • Acre Firewood – Firewood For Acreage
  • Red Hot Charcoal
  • Moist Smoke On Demand
  • Balsam Range Fuel & Frost-Free Tough Logs
  • Big Bunches Of Firewood
  • Specialist Firewood Company
  • Soul Sister Pallet Shop
  • Apple Wood Campfire Coals
  • Your Woodworker
  • Pioneer Firewood
  • Royal Oak Firewood
  • Spicy Natural’s And Wood
  • Creative Wood Designers
  • Forest Firewood Supply Depot
  • Backyard Forest Firewood
  • Hearty Wood Mpany
  • Far Out Charcoal Woods
  • Aspen Creek Firewood
  • Burning Bush
  • Logs On Fire
  • Oak Siblings And Firewood
  • Specialty Wood Supply
  • Applewood Company
  • Log Mpany Names
  • Oak Brook Firewoods
  • Pine Knot Logs And Firewood Inc.
  • Ballard Woodworks
  • Above Cut
  • All-Weather Hardwood And Maple Firewood
  • Accent Woodworking
  • Cabin Firewood Carts

Cool Logging Company Names

Logging refers to the process of collecting tree trunks and lumber for construction, timber, and other commercial purposes. Loggers work in a wide variety of conditions including remote areas, steep slopes, and deep gorges. They often have to carry heavy equipment over difficult terrain.

This requires strength, stamina, and endurance. Some logging companies have been established since the 19th century, while many loggers are starting their own businesses today.

  • The Firewood Guy
  • Heartwood Company
  • Unique Wood Creations
  • Big Bellies Firewood
  • Big Wood Millwork
  • Living Modern
  • Stump Burner Firewood
  • Old Shady Firewood
  • Applewood Mpany
  • Four Seasons Firewood
  • Balsam Fir Firewood
  • Bright Burning Firewood
  • Lucky Logs
  • Elegant Designs
  • Forest Frozen Fuel
  • Burning With The Bush
  • Cutting Edge Woodworking
  • The Wood Yard
  • Fire It Up! Wood Yard
  • Pine Firewood Company
  • Spicy Wood
  • The Woodlands Logging
  • Granny’s Wood Patch
  • After Effects Products
  • Happystar Furniture
  • Old-Fashioned Firewood
  • Buckshot Hardwood
  • Pyre Of The Innocents Wood
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Oasis Woodworks

Names For Loggers

Although the industry is a tough one, the number of new businesses is growing fast. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the total number of loggers grew by 20% between 2006 and 2016, with employment increasing by 23%.

The industry has seen steady growth since then, and employment is expected to increase by another 5% by 2024. Some of the names suggested for logging companies include:

  • Woodshed Logistics
  • My Custom Blended Logs
  • Nuthin’ But The Woods
  • Flames Of The Forest Forestry
  • Ve’s End Woodworking
  • Wood You Need It?
  • Loggerhead Lumber Firewood
  • The Woodcutter
  • Global One Forest Products
  • Five Star Furniture
  • Mega Burning Fir
  • Woodland Management
  • Bbq Wood
  • Timberland Lumber
  • The Wood Depot
  • Artcraft Wood Products
  • The Cedar Yard
  • The Stripp Joynt
  • Windswept Woodland
  • Quality Woodworking
  • Tasty Logs
  • The Firewood Garage
  • Wood With Benefits
  • Versatile Wood Products
  • Blaze-Fast Burning Wood
  • All Seasons Logs
  • Boxwood Woodworking Brands
  • Log Huggers Firewood
  • Cricklewood Interiors

Logging Company Names

How to Name Your Logging Company

It is important to name your business after what it does. Many people struggle to come up with a good name for their company. However, choosing a name for your business can be a tedious process. There are numerous ways you can go about naming your business.

Here, we will look at a few ways in which you can name your logging company.

Think About The Audience

When naming your company it is important to think about the audience. Who are you catering to and what do you offer them? What does your product or service do? How would they like to be addressed? Think about the demographic you are targeting and decide on a name that will fit.

Pick A Unique Name

The most important thing in naming a company is uniqueness. No two businesses are alike and so no two business should be named the same. Pick a name that sets your business apart from the rest.

Consider Your Location

This may sound obvious but some people tend to forget this. When picking a name for your business it is important to think about the location of your business. Some industries have certain regions they work in and their names play a huge role in marketing their products. For example, the coffee industry is known as the “coffee capital”. Similarly, there is an oil industry which is popularly known as the “oil capital”.

Use A Creative And Innovative Name

It is also important to use creative and innovative names for your company. These names are catchy and help your business stand out from the rest. Creative names have a positive impact and can help you stand out from the crowd.

Be Clear With Your Name

Your business name should clearly state what your business does and what it offers. It should not be ambiguous in any way. Make sure that people understand what your business does without having to ask questions. Also, pick a name that is easy to remember.

Make Sure Your Business Brand is Available

Make sure that the name of your business is available online. It is important to keep your name as long as possible to make sure that it gets indexed. If the name is available online, the chances of your business getting a great domain name are high.


400 Woodsy Business Names

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