How to Make a Slogan: My Slogan List For Business

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When it comes to business, its logo and slogan are something that defines its personality and the nature of the services which are being provided by a certain business/company. But the question is how to make a slogan that will attract more people?

A slogan is a conspicuous and memorable tagline or expression which is used in the advertisement of a particular business or a company but believe me it’s more than that.

A slogan is barely a 5- or 6-words phrase which has a capacity to communicate everything about a business; its services, benefits, and its spirit. Moreover, it can help a business to build a healthy interaction with its customers or potential customers.

Slogan List For Business

Here are few catchy timeless slogans of some successful business companies.

  • Good food, good life (Nestle)
  • I’m lovin’ it (Macdonald’s)
  • Think different (Apple)
  • Save Money. Live Better. (Walmart)
  • Because you’re worth it. (L’Oreal)

How to Make a Slogan For a Business

Do you want to have a perfect slogan for your business, just as catchy as ones mentioned above? Here are a few tips which will assist you in choosing a perfect slogan for your business.

Your slogan should match the branding of your company

Hands down, it’s a key rule that your slogan should match the other brandings of your business company. This is to say that if your company already owns a logo, templates or voice for the company’s name, etc. then your slogan should be something which should complement the theme of already decided brandings. This fact is needed to be kept in mind among all the necessary factors or rules that are going to formulate a perfect tagline or slogan.

Logo and tagline, collectively, are the face of any business company. The branding of a company is something that plays a vital role in the recognition and pre-eminence of a business idea in the market or among consumers. So, it is mandatory to be careful about the fact that your slogan should match all other brandings of your business.

Reckon this rule and go on with the formulation of a perfect and punchy slogan.

Keep your slogan simple and concise

Try to keep your slogan as simple as it could be possible. So that, when a customer or a potential customer should hear or read the tagline, he can easily comprehend what products you are selling or which services you are providing (implies to the businesses which are new). Your slogan preferably should have to be in English, simple English with no fancy vocabulary. It will help your business grow not only domestically, but globally.

By keeping the slogan concise means that it should not be more than 6 to 7       words but it should convey the proper sense and proper message. For the purpose of writing a concise slogan, you can follow the three mentioned below.

  1. Write down your entire business in a few lines.
  2. Trim it down to a sentence or two.
  3. Trim and refine it to a meaningful phrase.

Make your slogan timeless and unique

By making your slogan timeless means that your slogan should stand the test of time, it should be classical. A slogan seems to be a theme of a business company so, it should have to be something unforgettable. Here is an example, whenever you hear or read “Nike”, “Just Do it” automatically flashes into your mind because it has been fed into the subconscious of your mind. Despite the fact that it has been formulated more than 3 decades ago but still you can find it everywhere on consumer’s mind and tongues, that is what makes it timeless and unforgettable. It has become more like a motivation and inspiration to all the sports lovers and athletes.

Keep your slogan consistent.

Consistency has always been a key, when it comes to success through branding. Your logo and your slogan should have to be consistent. You need to choose your slogan very meticulously. It should depict everything related to your business and includes all the services you are going to provide within at least 2 decades. It shouldn’t be like that you keep on changing your slogan every year just because of the fact that you find flaw in the previous one.

Make a flawless slogan for your business by keeping in view all the foreseeable factors and be consistent with the branding. Interaction with the customer or potential customers is only possible through consistent branding (logo, slogan and voice).

Keep the focus on the consumer, not on your business company.

The slogan of your business company should be something through which the consumer or customer can associate or relate. It should be selected by keeping in view all the priorities, desires and demands of the consumer.

Before selecting a suitable slogan, gather all the information related to consumer behavior and market pattern. Focus on what they want, what services do they prefer and what will intrigue consumer most about your business.

There could be a procedure to do that.  Whenever you come up with a good suitable slogan for your business, ask your friends and family first that what do they perceive when they hear the slogan. Does it communicate enough about the business? And does it satisfy what they expect from a particular business? This will help you apprehend what actually consumer needs.

Don’t make promises but communicate the benefits instead.

It is undeniably, the most integral thing that should be kept in mind before writing a slogan for your business. Your slogan or tagline should communicate all the services and benefits you are providing, rather than mentioning promises of all the things that you are going to provide in the future. There should not be any ambiguity, keep it straightforward. Trust is a major factor which is required for the growth of any business. Don’t try to depict something which is not the part of your business plan yet, keep it all relevant and try to gain the trust of your customers and potential customers

How to make a slogan

These were few basic rules which will definitely help you try a catchy slogan for your business company.


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