470 Makeup & Beauty Business Names, Ideas, and Suggestions

We will share with you some beauty business names to inspire you.

Makeup and beauty businesses are very famous and almost everywhere there is good competition. To overcome that competition the first thing is to find catchy and eye-grabbing makeup and beauty business names.

We often get emails where people ask “can you share some business name ideas for beauty and makeup shop” why not!

Here you will find:

Beauty Business Name Ideas

Here are some catchy makeup and beauty business names for you:

Beauty Page Name Ideas

Following are the best beauty page names to inspire your ideas:

Beauty Shop Name Ideas

Following are the catchy names for makeup business and beauty shop:

Makeup Business Names

Here are some younique makeup business names to inspire your ideas:

Cosmetic Line Name Ideas

Here is the list of cosmetic line name ideas for your inspiration:

How to Name Your Beauty and Makeup Shop

Naming your business is the first and most important step of the branding strategy of a business. A right name can take your business from scratch to a million-dollar business.

People usually make a lot of mistakes while choosing names for their makeup business. You should surely not repeat these mistakes so that you can earn a good amount of money from your business.

Before we go into details of naming your makeup business, let’s find what a good name is:

To name your beauty business according to these basics, do the following things:

01. Think of Cute & Professional Name.

If you are really an expert at your work, people would love visiting you again and again. But what if they don’t even know you.

You have to tell people that you are a professional in your business. To bring those customers for the first time is hard. But a good catchy and professional name can do it.

You will get a lot of customers in the beginning if your business name is professional and a little different from the rest of the businesses operating in your area.

02. Keep it Short.

You must be thinking that “I have seen a lot of businesses with long and successful names”. Yes, they exist! But the thing is large startups put millions of dollars into their promotions and marketing.

Can you put a hundred thousand dollars instead?

If yes, your name should not matter at all, but if you can’t put a good amount of money in advertising your business, then why long names.

Short names are simple and cute. They are easy to remember and that’s why they bring more traffic than long boring names.

03. Tell Your Plus Point.

Are you really skilled in makeup artistry? Why not add the word “Expert” in your makeup and beauty name.

What if you are offering the lowest possible rates in the whole market? You can tell people about that through your name. Just add a word like “Affordable”

What if you are using the most expensive products for your business in order to get your customer satisfaction to the next level? Should you mention that in your makeup business name?

Of course, you should. This will bring you specific customers that can pay any price to look cute and professional.

04. See Your Competitors Name.

Who are your competitors? Does the business names they are using suit them? Are they happy with their business names?

Ask them. Is their business name bringing them more customers than the market? If this is the case, you got your lesson.

You should probably analyze their names and come up with a unique one that can cross them. This is the only way of getting more customers than they are getting.

05. Get a Domain Name.

A huge amount of your customers come from the internet. So it is necessary to bring customers from the internet?

Yes! More than fifty percent of your customers come from the internet. Especially people that are new in your area don’t really know about any business yet. So here is your chance of bringing them to your shop first and making a good first impression on them.

To do that, you need a website. To make a website you need a domain name. The domain name should be exactly the same as your business name. If the domain names for your selected makeup business names aren’t available, you should drop these name ideas. You should come up with some unique name ideas that no one has ever thought about.

06. Be Unique

Think outside the box and come up with unique makeup and beauty names ideas for your business. If you don’t do that, there is a chance that you will lose some of the customers to the competitors.

Also, if you can’t register a business name twice. So if your business name is already trademarked by somebody else, legally you can’t use it. You may face some legal consequences if you do that.

So it is important to choose names that are unique. Unique names are also easy to turn into a brand than casual names used by a lot of makeup businesses.

Now you can make a list of makeup and beauty business names and start shortlisting them.

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