Mannequin Names: 400+ Funny and Cute Dummy Names

Here we have shared some cool and catchy mannequin names that will inspire you. You can use these names anywhere you want for free.

If you have a mannequin, then this list is for you. You can choose any name for your mannequin. 

What is Mannequin?

Most people don’t know what a mannequin is. Well, they are the human-sized doll for most of cases. It is used for several purposes. It depends on the kind of business that you have that requires a Mannequin.

You could be a fashion designer and use a human doll as a model to showcase your fashion style. You could be a hairstylist and have a mannequin to display the best hair styles.

Or you could be a doctor and use one for teaching purposes. Whatever your business, if it requires a mannequin and you’re looking for naming it just for fun, then you are at the right place. 

One must wonder why in the world would any want to name a mannequin. Despite the category of field, they are being used in. Because we humans are very weird, we go on and name everything we own. We name our car, we name our pets, we name trees, we name plants.

And there are so many other things that we can name. Naming a mannequin is one of them. But one can admit that it feels weirdly cute and fun to name a mannequin. Whether you have a mannequin in your dressing shop, you have one in your parlor shop, or you have one in the hospital you work in.

This extensive list features mannequin names from every niche and genre that you can think of. Let’s dive in.  

Mannequin Names

Here are some cool and catchy names for mannequins:

Dummy Names

Here are some creative and unique dummy names for your inspiration:

Funny Names for Mannequins

Below are some funny names for mannequins to make you laugh:

Mannequin Head Names

Here are some unique and catchy mannequin head names for you:

How to Choose or Make a Name for Your Mannequin?

The first step when you are trying to make a name for your mannequin is to know in which business that you need it in. Once you have done that, you can either choose from the list above or you can use them to have an idea of making one on your own. Here are some tips and tricks that could help you make a mannequin name.  


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