67+ Manufacturing Business Ideas in India (Easy & Profitable)

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As Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi won the elections once again. He decided to bring more businesses in India this year. So a lot of entrepreneurs had already started working on different Manufacturing Business Ideas in India.

In this article we are going to cover three topics:

  • Easy to do Manufacturing Business Ideas in India.
  • New best business ideas in India with medium investment in India.
  • Medium-scale manufacturing business ideas in India.

Manufacturing Business Ideas in India:

If you are thinking about jumping into the money bringing Manufacturing business, I would suggest to start on a low scale and gradually increase your production. In this way, you will easily learn how to handle different things. Otherwise, most startups fail in their first few months because of lack of planning.

But don’t worry, we are here to guide you at any time.

Here are some of the most profitable manufacturing business ideas in India:

1.       Smartphone Accessory Maker

business ideas in indiaWe all use smartphones. And everyone goes to repairing shop to buy chargers, headphones and other mobile related stuff. Depending on your passion you can start this business. These materials are easy to make and do not need a huge amount of investment.

Although this field is quite competitive. The internet is full of companies selling smartphone accessories. Yet if you put some hard time making quality products, everyone is going to like your products and buy them. We all know that this business is so wide and there is always a place for a new entrepreneur.

Let’s talk about how to start a Smartphone Accessory Making business:

  • Analyze the Accessory Market to know about the competition.
  • Find an ideal location for your business.
  • Get all required licenses and permits.
  • Make quality products.
  • Choose your suppliers.
  • Advertise your brand online and offline.

2.       Toy Manufacturer:

business ideas in india

This industry is one of the best on our list of manufacturing business ideas in India. Toy companies try to make fresh and modern toys to make more sales. You can start your own toy manufacturing business with a medium investment. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to start a toy-making business:

  • Research the toy Industry. People often ask what I should research. And the answer is everything related to your business.
  • Decide a niche for your toy business. What kind of toys will your company make?
  • Start making toys.
  • See the feedback of people and other companies about your products.
  • Make your quality better than before.
  • Invent different toys through new ideas.
  • Market your business through web and social media.

3.       Ceramic Tile Manufacturer

The easiest and the most competitive manufacturing business idea in India is ceramic tile making. Although this business has a high competition, there is always space for new investors if you make quality products and put efforts in marketing your products. The business can be started easily with small capital. The only hard thing here is the marketing of your product which you need to focus on more in the beginning.

Ceramic tile business is a good idea to work on because of the growing demand for ceramic tiles. They are mostly used in offices, houses, large buildings to add beauty to the ground and walls. They are popular among housebuilders because they are affordable. How to start ceramic tile making business:

  • Make a solid business plan. See all the sides of the business.
  • Research more about the Tile industry. Try to learn things from your competitors.
  • Make your price lists. Determine the prices according to your plan and competitions.
  • Find out the type of tiles that are selling more and earning more. Focus more on such types.
  • Register your business to open a showroom.
  • Import tiles from China if you want.

4.       Roofing Materials Manufacturer

Have you ever bought pre-made houses roofs? Probably not, but it exists. You can start a company that would build a roof for houses and also material related to roof making. This business can be good for those who know how to market their products. This kind of businesses is hard to market online. So you need to focus on marketing it offline.

  • Start a company that would make roofing materials.
  • Make quality roofing materials.
  • Contact suppliers. It may be hard getting suppliers in the beginning. So try to give more profit to suppliers to generate some serious sales.
  • Advertise your company through wall chalking in your city near roads.
  • Re-invest profits in your business.

5.       Automotive Parts Manufacturer

The most successful business idea present in our list of manufacturing business ideas in India. But the problem here is also quite hard competition. If you focus on making quality spare parts for cars, you can make a million-dollar business within a few years. Hire some expert marketers for your business and your business will boom. Try to make contacts with almost all the suppliers present in your area to get more sale. Here is how to start this manufacturing business:

  • Define your company vision. What would you make? What’s your mission? What would you strive for?
  • Make a company mission statement.
  • Define your niche.
  • Make a list of your goals.
  • Hire your employees.
  • Safety first. Train your employees.
  • Start making spare parts according to your niche.

Always keep in mind that choosing a mentor is quite important in starting this kind of manufacturing ideas. Also, hire some expert employees that had experience in the same industry to boost your workflow at the beginning of your work. Otherwise, your company may work slowly and grow very slowly.

6.       Nail Manufacturer

For those who don’t want to throw a huge investment in the manufacturing industry, here is the business idea for you. You can start making nails and bolts in bulk and start selling them to earn some serious cash.

  • Define your niche. What type of nails would you make?
  • Buy all the required machines.
  • Hire professional employees for your business.
  • Buy raw materials in bulk.
  • Start making nails and bolts.
  • Market your products.

7.       Tool manufacturing business

Tools are used everywhere and almost used by everyone. Well, you can start your own tool manufacturing company that would make a variety of tools.

8.       Cement Making Business

Again one of the best but high competition manufacturing business idea in India. You can start your own cement brand easily. The hard part is getting sales in the beginning. So you have to invest a good amount of money in the marketing and advertising of your brand. Once your company starts making contacts with suppliers and wholesalers your business will rock soon.

9.       Soap and detergents making business

Soaps can easily be made even at home. You can start your own soap making business. The thing you need to focus on is quality. If your quality rocks, your business rocks.

10.   Chemical production

You can start producing different chemicals used in daily life. To get your business start make sure you get all the required permits and also train your employees before starting their work.

11.   Drug Manufacturing Company

Although the government regulates the drug companies very carefully, you start your own company under the laws. You would need a lot of permits and licenses for that.

12.   Ink Cartridge Business

This is the type of business, where your company makes ink products for printers. You can sell these products easily to suppliers based on the quality you make.

13.   Diaper Production business

Diaper production is also one of the profitable business ideas for small investors. Start your own diaper company and make quality products and start advertising your products.

14.   Pillow manufacturing business

One of the easy to do manufacturing business idea for you is pillow production. Make soft quality products and market them.

15.   Carpet manufacturing business

If you want to invest some serious money in the manufacturing industry, go for carpet making business.

16.   Textile Producer

You can also start the production of raw fabric or other textile products. Your company will sell to individuals or businesses for use in making more finished products.

17.   Furniture Maker

We all love beautifully designed furniture. Your company will focus on manufacturing furniture.

18.   Woodworker

If you’re a professional woodworker, you need to rock by making a number of different products from quality material, from tables to small Knick Knacks. This business will earn you a good amount of money with a very small investment.

19.   Niche Snack Foods Maker

Snacks foods are easy to make and also easy to sale. You can start your own company that would make a snack and markets them.

20.   Candy Maker

Start making different flavors of candies and market them with a little bit of advertising.

21.   Bread Maker

The only thing that matters in this business is quality. If your quality is good and you are providing delivery services too, your business will be a success soon.

22.   Olive Oil Production

Olive oil is another food production business that needs quality products to be made. It can be your next successful business if you put some hard work in it.

23.   Canned Goods Making business

Jams and jellies are very often used nowadays. You can start making them and supply to the market.

24.   Shoe Maker

Shoemaking is a big business and needs some serious investment to make quality shoes. The profit is high and the competition is also a little bit high.

25.   Belt Maker

Anyone with primary skills can do this business easily. Start making belts and sell them to markets. This is one of the best business ideas in India.

26.   Leather Manufacturer

There are a lot of small business owners that buy raw leather from big companies. Start a company that would manufacture raw leather and sells to small business owners.

27.   Wig Maker

You can start making a wig and hairstyles to sell to different salons. This business doesn’t have that much of the competition and the profits are also high.

28.   Hair Products Manufacturer

Shampoos, hair sprays, and Gel are used in almost every home nowadays. Start making such hair products for consumers.

29.   Makeup Production

Make different makeup kits and put some effort into marketing your products through T.V ads and your business will rock. This is one of the best business ideas in India.

30.   Fertilizer Production

Start making fertilizers and compost and sell them to local farmers and markets. See Detail guide on how to start fertilizer business.

31.   Chalk Manufacturer

Start making chalk. This business can be done part-time with any other business.

32.   Tech Device Producer

Start making tech devices and market them. Quality products will sell better and generate more income.

33.   Electrical products making

Start manufacturing electrical products like bulbs. Sell them to local markets. This is one of the best business ideas in India.

34.   Locksmith

If you’re a skilled locksmith, sell your services to make some good cash.

35.   Musical Instrument Maker

Musical instruments have become a fashion. Start making such instruments and sell them to markets.

36.   Watchmaker

Make a variety of watches and sell them. This business will earn you a lot of money if you put some hard work in marketing your watches.

37.   Eyeglass Manufacturer

Start making eyeglass frames, lenses, etc. to sell to consumers. You can also sell them online in different stores to generate more income.

38.   Air Freshener Production

Start a company that would make quality air fresheners in different flavors. Market your products.

39.   Sports Equipment Manufacturer

Sports equipment can make you rich in a few months if you put some hard time in marketing your products.

40.   Embroiderer

If you’re looking for manufacturing business ideas in India, try to invest in some embroidery machine to make different embroidered products.

41.   Etsy Seller

Etsy now allows consumers to sell products on their sites. So make some good crafts and sell them online. This is one of the best business ideas in India.

42.   Paper Maker

Make a variety of paper products and sell to markets. Quality products matters in this business.

43.   Bag Manufacturer

Start a company that would make shopping bags. One of the best business from our list of manufacturing business ideas in India.

44.   Box Manufacturer

You can make cardboard boxes and packaging stuff for companies that needs them. Meet the customer’s needs to get more orders.

45.   Jewelry Maker

You can manufacture jewelry in a small studio and sell your products to the consumers.

46.   Glass Bead Production

Make your own beads out of glass and similar materials. You can sell those to individuals or jewelry manufacturers.

47.   Clothing Production

If you are good at sewing, the clothing production company would suit your entrepreneurial skills. This is one of the best business ideas in India.

48.   Kitchen Utensil Manufacturer

Make kitchen utensils and market them. The business can earn you a lot of money if you put in some serious work.

49.   Picture Frame Maker

Make picture frames at home or small space and sell them to photo Studios.

Profitable Manufacturing Business Ideas in India:

Aggarbati making Candle making
Cup making business Bottle-making business
bakery Banana wafer making
Bindi making Biscuit making
Bread production Cashew processing
Chocolate making Concrete block Business
Custard powder business Dal milling
Drinking straw making Eraser making

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