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Newspaper Name Ideas: 300+ Creative Names for Newspaper

If you are starting a newspaper, awesome! A newspaper can be a great business for you if you are interested in the field or hold related experience. To make a newspaper successful you will need to name it in the right way. That’s why I am writing this piece of content for you. Here I will share with you more than 300 cool, creative and best newspaper names ideas and suggestions that help you name your newspaper easily.

In order to make this business successful, you need to name it in the right way. A lot of businesses that failed this year had this common issue. They all somehow named their businesses wrong. It’s not only the name that makes businesses successful but it’s not an easy thing to do. You should put some effort into naming your business.

Before we jump into the list of newspaper name ideas, I will love to share the answer to this question. What is a good name for a newspaper? A good name for a newspaper is:

  • Cool and creative but still simple.
  • Easy to read and understand.
  • Tells a story or message.
  • Memorable and unique.

Let’s find out news names like that below.

Newspaper Name Ideas

Here are some cool, catchy and clever newspaper name ideas and suggestions:

  • The News Glory
  • Time Square Newspaper
  • Enquirer Daily Newspaper
  • Buzz Street Times
  • The News Wave
  • The Paris Words
  • Alliance Daily Newspaper
  • Apex News
  • Avant-Garde Tribune
  • Courier Reformer Newspaper
  • Crack of Dawn News
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Daily Bulletin Review
  • Independent Morning
  • Inside Daily Newspaper
  • Day Break Weekly
  • Daylight News
  • Morning Lodestar
  • Diem Press
  • Prime Daily Sun Newspaper
  • The Patriot Bulletin

Newspaper Names

Following are the best newspaper names of all time:

  • Wall Street Journal
  • USA Today
  • New York Times
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Washington Post
  • New York Daily News
  • The State Tribune
  • The Sun Bulletin
  • The Sun Gazette
  • Minneapolis Star Tribune
  • Detroit Free Press
  • Orange County Register
  • The Sun Record
  • Dallas Morning News
  • Chicago Sun Times
  • Boston Globe

Creative Newspaper Names

These are the most creative, good, old, and common newspaper names to inspire your ideas:

  • Weekly Unity Newspaper
  • Weekly World
  • Tribune Daily Newspaper
  • Union Daily
  • Morning Eyewitness
  • Morning Leader Newspaper
  • Union Daily Observer
  • Witness Daily
  • Life Daily Newspaper
  • Local Morning
  • Witness Morning
  • The State Sentinel
  • The State Times
  • Sunday News Newspaper
  • Sunrise Record
  • Public Record
  • Record Daily Newspaper
  • Record Morning
  • Pioneer Daily
  • Pioneer Time Newspaper
  • Sunup Sentinel

Fake Newspaper Names

Here are some fake newspaper name ideas and suggestions:

  • Local Voice Times
  • Lodestar Daily
  • Heritage News
  • Independent Daily
  • Lodestar Weekly Herald
  • Look Back Daily
  • Inside Press
  • Inside Tribune
  • Look Back Morning
  • Metro Observer Daily
  • Metro Star Tribune
  • Enterprise Time
  • Epoch Daily
  • Dispatch News
  • Dispatch Time
  • Epoch News
  • Metropolitan Daily
  • Modest News
  • Monday News

Different Newspaper Names

Here are some different names for newspapers:

  • Bulletin Daily
  • Business News
  • Newsville Observer
  • Filed books
  • Business Press
  • Capital Daily
  • Capitol Times
  • First Able News
  • Alex Herald
  • Capitol Weekly
  • Carpe Diem Daily
  • Citizen Time
  • Stoddert Times
  • On The Spot
  • Citizen Times
  • Community News
  • The Core Issue
  • Instant Monitor
  • Connection Evening Express

Funny Newspaper Names

Below are some funny names for newspapers that you may like:

  • Bulletin Mirror
  • Bulletin Observer
  • Telegram Evening
  • Telegraph Daily
  • Bulletin Sentinel
  • Business Time
  • Prime Evening
  • Prime Morning
  • Capital Observer
  • Capitol Mirror
  • Morning Watch Press
  • Morning Watch Time
  • Carpe Diem Gazette
  • Carpe Diem Journal
  • Morn Record
  • Citizen Herald
  • Global Morning
  • Citizen Record

Famous Newspaper Names

Below are some popular newspaper names in the USA:

  • Explorer News
  • Express Daily Dispatch
  • Headline Daily
  • Headline Press
  • Eyewitness Daily
  • Eyewitness Financial Times
  • Daily Capital
  • Daily Capital Review
  • First Light News
  • First Light Time
  • Early Post
  • The Thinker
  • First Light Tribune
  • Foundation Times
  • The Wishlander
  • The whiteFort Courant
  • Gazette Weekly
  • Global Daily
  • Category Express
  • Miss Morning Brief
  • Global Evening News

School & College Newspaper Names

Here are the best school and college newspaper names:

  • Mirrorless
  • Soar truth
  • Best posts
  • Huckle & Elm
  • Arlo & Dusk
  • Modern Fount
  • Explorer Record
  • The Dayspring Times
  • Morrow Weekly
  • Weekly Capital
  • The Saturday Reporter
  • The Ruby Bulletin
  • City Scoop
  • Disculture
  • New View Moniter
  • The Ultimate
  • The Sunrise Tabloid

Local Newspaper Names

Below are the best names ideas for local newspaper:

  • The National Herald
  • The National Journal
  • Oregonian
  • Miami Herald
  • The National Tribune
  • The New Journal
  • Baltimore Sun
  • St Petersburg Times
  • Atlanta Journal & Constitution
  • The New Telegram
  • The Northern Herald
  • World Press
  • Zenith Daily
  • The Northern Mirror
  • The Nova Journal
  • Record Time
  • Regional Star Daily
  • The Nova Record
  • The Observer Mirror
  • Post & Globe
  • Prestige Standard
  • The Paragon Chronicle
  • The Paragon Tribune

News Names

Here are the best news names that you may like:

  • Acorn
  • Advance
  • Advance Bulletin
  • Data Loop
  • Cover Source
  • Backstream
  • Chronicle
  • Citizen Portal
  • Constitution News
  • Courier Today
  • Observer News
  • The Golden Star
  • Beacon Times
  • Break of Day Chronicle
  • Break of Day News
  • Daily Vista Voice
  • Day Break Daily
  • Day Break News

Newspaper Name Ideas

Top 15 Most Popular Newspapers in the United States

Here is the list of the top 15 most popular newspaper in the united states:

  1. Wall Street Journal
  2. USA Today
  3. New York Times
  4. Los Angeles Times
  5. Washington Post
  6. New York Daily News
  7. Chicago Tribune
  8. Newsday
  9. Houston Chronicle
  10. Dallas Morning News
  11. Chicago Sun Times
  12. Boston Globe
  13. San Francisco Chronicle
  14. New York Post
  15. Arizona Republic

How to Name Your Newspaper

If we look at the most successful newspaper in our area, we will come to know that all of them have the most creative and unique names. So, in order to compete with them, you will also need a unique name.

Here we will share with you some tips that will make it easy for you to name your news:

1. Keep it short and simple

Last month, we analyzed more than a thousand successful business names. We came to know that most of them were short and simple.

Here is why. Short and simple names are easy to understand. Thus, people love names that are simple and tells a story about the business. Let say you are going to buy a new keyboard for your new PC. The first thing that you may do is to search “Computer shop near me”. The businesses that will have computer word included in the name will pop up first.

You will come to know that they are selling computers and stuff. You are most likely to visit the one that you liked from the names. But if you see a business name that you can’t even understand, you are not going to visit it anyway.

So, you should find a short and simple name for your newspaper.

2. Don’t Copy others

A lot of entrepreneurs made this mistake in the last year and ultimately did their own loss. People have this wrong mindset that if you copy a business name from the other successful brand, you will get more customers. Which is totally wrong. You should find a unique and creative name.

Copying from others will not only make you face legal consequences but you will also lose the trust of the customers soon.

3.  Make it memorable.

Business names that are memorable are more likely to get returning customers. And returning customers are the most important in the business. It’s like the head in the body.

To make your business name memorable, avoid the use of difficult words. Repeat your selected name a few times and you will come to know if it is memorable or not. If it fits in your mind, it’s for sure memorable.

4. Register your name and get a domain name.

If you don’t register your business name, someone will copy it and register it. And you will lose it.

Also, to start your business you will need to register it for which you need a business name.

5. Get suggestions from family members.

Sometimes, we get some great suggestions from family members, friends, and teammates. If we look at some old newspaper names, a lot of people have named them that way.

So, it’s not a bad idea to get suggestions from your family members.

I wish you good luck!


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