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400 Party Character Business Names Ideas

Here are some best and impressive party character business names. These are some creative party character business names that you can use for your new businesses.

These are probably the best and catchiest party character business names you will see on the internet.

So, let’s get into it:

Party Character Business Names

What should the name of your business be? This is a question that everyone seems to ask, and it’s also one that’s very hard to answer.

Instead of trying to come up with an answer, let’s look at some of the many factors that can come into play when deciding on a business name.

So, here are some party character business names for you:

  • The Party Fairy Inc
  • Plan4You
  • Little Beans
  • Unique Sweetness
  • Fab Birthdays
  • Décor Graphics
  • Dreamy Events
  • Birthday Centre
  • Always Great Parties and Decor
  • Cake Decorating Company
  • Fun Events Unlimited
  • Great Beginnings
  • Sweet Occasions
  • Art Of Wonderland
  • Funsational Parties
  • Cranberry and Champagne Party Ideas
  • Electric Dreamz Planners
  • Acorn Events
  • Party Dawn
  • Replay Events and Entertainment
  • Nightqueen Events
  • Mayberry’s Glittered Events
  • Set the Scene
  • 2 in 1 Party Decor
  • Featured Parties
  • Beau Decorations
  • Adventure Garden Bright Beans
  • Have a Ball! a Party Store
  • Birthday Fusion
  • You’re Invited

Catchy Party Character Business Names

Business names are extremely important in everyday life. They are often what people remember you by, or even what they know about you.

This is why it is important to make sure you have the best possible business name. When creating your business name, you want to have  fun with it. What are some ways you can have fun with your business name?

So, enlisted are some catchy party character business names for you:

  • Memorable Parties
  • Party Corner
  • The Children’s Patch
  • Sparkle & Glitz Events
  • Planned To Perfection
  • Dynamic Crush Event Planning
  • Giggle Beans
  • Details Decided
  • Dreams ‘n Themes
  • Excess of Everything, Inc.
  • Go Out With Events
  • Exquisite Events
  • Radical Chic
  • Ace Event Planning
  • Adventure Paradise
  • Atmosphere Celebration
  • Merry Mommy’s
  • Spectrum Light
  • Beautiful Party
  • Home Sweet Party LLC
  • Paper Hearts Events Corp
  • Bright Impression Party Store
  • Book-a-Event
  • White Glove Events
  • RavishingParties
  • HiParty
  • Party City Decoration
  • A Wedding Specialist
  • Fun Party Planner

Creative Party Character Business Names

The first thing you need to do when you are starting up a business is come up with a product or service that you think the public will buy.

For example, if you want to start a candy business, then you need to come up with a product that you are going to sell to the public.

If you are interested in starting a business that sells party supplies, then you will need to come up with a product that you are going to sell to the party guests.

So, followings are some creative party character business names for you:

  • Challenging Adventures
  • The Bliss
  • Party Decor and Rentals LLC
  • Bright Lights Party
  • Big Party Time
  • Birthday Parties Are Us
  • Halloween Event Co.
  • Booma
  • Party Sticker Ideas
  • Puttin’ on The Ritz Celebrations
  • PartyExperimenters
  • ButterflyParties
  • TitaniumBirthday
  • BirthdayGoal
  • TheEventCanvas
  • Event Professionals Inc .
  • Upscale Theme Parties
  • Extended Occasions
  • Creative Clouds
  • Festive Flair
  • BirthdayManiac
  • Comfortably Party Deco
  • PartyGoddess
  • RoyalBirthdays
  • Bravo Party Deco
  • Divine Planners
  • Lil Enchantments
  • Spectacular Occasions
  • Acme Events
  • Fantasy In Mind Inc.
  • Party Stores

Best Party Character Business Names

You can have your own business in which you create characters that people actually pay to see at parties. These characters are known in the party game community as “party characters”.

Writing your own party game character is not just fun it is profitable at the same time. There are tons of money to be made in creating your own character, to say the least.

You can create your own character and sell it to someone to play at their party, or even sell it to another party game company.

So, here we have some best party character business names for you:

  • Royal Occasions
  • Smoothy Parties
  • Imagination Paradise
  • Unique World
  • Majestic Birthdays
  • Party Delux
  • Family Reunion Planning
  • Colorful Party Supplies
  • Event Decoration Specialist
  • Party Hire
  • Treaty Party
  • Birthday Time
  • Stunning Parties
  • Pixieland
  • Blissful Parties
  • Celebrate with Style
  • Party In Style
  • Sugar and Spice Party Decor
  • Great Birthdays
  • Mystical Events
  • Mayflower Memories
  • Corporate Happenings
  • Juicy Birthday
  • Party Holics
  • Fabulous Party
  • Party Decor and Supplies
  • Party Chronicle
  • Jubilant Birthdays
  • The Queen of Parties
  • Vibrant Birthdays

What are some catchy party character business names?

  • A Plus Event Group
  • Wedding Party Decor Ideas
  • PartyZoid
  • Special Occasion Decor ​
  • Party Time
  • Design Birthday
  • Lil in Grounds
  • The Big Event Agency
  • Parties Galore
  • Planning Pros
  • Kids Patch Paradise
  • Stay And Play
  • Relevant Event Planning
  • Net Birthday
  • Decor Your Night
  • Birthday Care
  • Gown & Party
  • Party Mood
  • Juicy Events
  • Party Helper
  • Lucky Stone Solutions

What are some unique party character business names?

  • Hip-Hop-A-Roo
  • Pasi’s Party Plus
  • Events Corner
  • Birthday101
  • Kara Booms
  • Grillz and Gownz
  • Wedding Wishes
  • Decor to Go
  • Event Fling
  • Dream Party Productions
  • Balloons Galore
  • The Birthday Delivery
  • Party Around Town
  • Fun and Games Music Group
  • Junior Execs
  • Monkey Joe’s
  • A to Z Banner and Décor
  • 1st Class Decorations
  • The Planning Paradise
  • Crayola Parties
  • Inspired Events

What are some famous party character business names?

  • Fun House
  • DeepBlue Events
  • GeekyParties
  • Festive Events
  • TheEventDay
  • Last Details
  • BirthdayToday
  • Splendid Soirees
  • Paper Showers
  • Anything Events
  • Exotic Birthday
  • Perfect Birthdays
  • Bridal Party
  • After Party Inc.
  • Party Wirral
  • Party Decor
  • Galaxy Parties
  • A Wonderful Decor
  • Prep-Birthday
  • Decorate My Party
  • Party People

Party Character Business Names

How to Create Unique Business Name 

In order to succeed in a certain business, you have to take care of each and every aspect of its branding. The first step that your branding strategy should have is creating a unique name that will attract more and more customers into your business.  

After turning random people into customers, the goal should be to turn them into returning customers. These customers are called satisfied customers; they mainly suggest your product to their friends and family. 

Here is a list of few simple tips that will help you create such a name that will not only attract more people into your business, but also turn them into returning customers. 

  1. Choose an Easy to Understand Business Name 

Choosing a name that everyone is able to understand will help your readers a lot in memorizing your business name. And we truly can’t explain how important it is to make your business name memorable. 

If your business name is memorable, people will visit you again and again. It will be a lot easier to suggest your name to other people. This is the best part here. 

Here is the list of easy to understand party character business names:

  • Ranch Events Management
  • Cliques & Co. Event Planning LLC .
  • Event Experience Ltd.
  • Love the Moment Events
  • Bay Area Weddings
  • Party Central Station
  • The Party Shop
  • All-Season Parties
  • Corporate Connection
  • Harmonious Events
  • Rose Petal Events
  • Idea Event Planning
  • Flameless Luminaries
  • Party Planner
  • Refreshing Events
  1. Make It Short and Simple

Over the last year, we have suggested over a million business name to different firms and small businesses. In fact, we have got hundreds of mails from our visitors sending us thank you emails. This is because, it feels so good to get help from someone when you are stuck at something. 

And most of our visitor come here when they are looking for a business name that they can’t finalize. 

The point here is that almost all the names that we have suggested to our clients are super simple and short. Names that are longer than three words are boring often. 

Here are some short and simple party character business names:

  • Party Hopper Inc.
  • Christmas Party Ideas for Kids
  • Event Wedding Planning
  • 12th Man Productions
  • The Right Touch
  • Elegant Party Planners
  • Harmonic Birthday
  • Ultimate event planner
  • Your Perfect Planner
  • Party Themes
  • Abbotts Event Planning
  • Party Rock Events
  • Best Party Place
  • AstonishingBirthdays
  • Party Time Entertainment
  • Party Mates Enterprises
  • Your Bright Idea!
  1. Don’t Go for a Funny Name

There are a lot of firms that started their businesses with a funny name and they did quite well in the beginning. But the real problem starts when people don’t take your business serious anymore. 

Here are some example of funny party character business names:

  • Occasions and Celebrations
  • Bigger and Better Events LLC
  • Enchanting Events
  • Budget & Beyond Events
  • Hello Party Supplies
  • Get-A-Party
  • Elegant Outcomes
  • Party King
  • Armor Party Rentals
  • Birthday Vision
  • Moon and Stars Party Planners Inc
  • Event Planner
  • ThepartyLa
  • Magnificent Birthdays
  • Sparkling Events
  • On The Rocks Party

If you are starting a small business that is limited to a small community or just targeted audience, then a funny name is okay to use. 

But if you are going to start a business that you want to scale up, go for a general name and avoid funny names. 

  1. Try Business Name Generators

There are a lot of business name generators that will help you in naming your business. These generator are made in such a way that they will help you by providing thousands of business name ideas in just a few clicks. 

Here are some names from the party character business name generators that you can use;

  • Full Service Celebrations
  • Super Venus Entertainment
  • The Party Nook
  • The Party Solutions
  • The Urban Birthday
  • Birthday Unlimited
  • Party People Rentals
  • Pink and Green Party Shop
  • Ultimate Party Planners
  • Style Organizers
  • Classy Affairs
  • Children’s Eden
  • Elegant Details
  • Prosperous Birthdays
  • Birthday Port
  • Lofty Parties
  1. Finalize Your Business Name

To finalize a business name make a list of all the names that you liked from the above list. Then delete all the names that are either difficult to spell or difficult to remember. 

Make sure they name you are selecting are easy to pronounce and feel good when said aloud. 

Good Luck! 

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