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400 Cool Pencil Brand Names Ideas For Your Inspiration

You’ve probably seen countless brands using “Pencil” as their brand name. Some brands use the word “Pencil” to indicate the brand’s function or purpose, while others use it simply as a generic name for the brand. Either way, there’s no denying that the name “Pencil” is incredibly popular.

However, do you know the origin story behind this great name?

It was originally named “Pencil” in 1839 by a British company named “L. Smith & Co. Ltd.” This name was given to the brand based on the fact that it’s one of the most widely used writing tools.

In 1841, Smith’s changed the name to “Staedtler” after the famous German artist who had invented the brand’s iconic “Pik-pencil.” But before you go thinking that the name was created as a way to honor the artist, that’s not the case. Smith’s simply felt that the name “Staedtler” was a bit too long.

By the way, if you want to learn more about how the “Pencil” brand got its name, check out this article.

Pencil Brand Names

The pencil is a well-known writing tool used since the early nineteenth century. The pencil is manufactured using a graphite core which is encased by wood or other materials such as lead. As the demand for the pencil increases, manufacturers have added a variety of materials to make the pencil better.

Today, people use pencils for many purposes such as sketching, outlining, doodling, note taking, drawing, and more.

Since it is easy to draw on paper with the pencil, many artists and other creative individuals prefer the pencil over other writing instruments. It is not surprising to learn that the pencil was one of the first types of business to have its own trademark.

A few brand names that would work great for a pencil business include:

  • Pencil In Packing
  • Carbon Black
  • Braille Typers
  • Crown Classic
  • Paper Collective Pencil
  • Russell Pencils
  • Pencil Gallery
  • Deep Cave Stores
  • Hampers Stationery
  • Edge Coatings
  • Practical Pencils
  • Pomo Tip Pointers
  • Champs Stamp Pencil
  • Wheel Dive Pencils
  • Floss Pencil Fun Stores
  • Pencil Cooling Stationery
  • Old Gold Hands
  • Como Pencil Pint
  • Pencil Marcom
  • Pencil Coach
  • Spiral Notebook
  • Painting Clips
  • Upland Stationery
  • Pencil Vegas Ink
  • King Of Pencils
  • Dolls Heads Pencil
  • Wizard Scribble
  • Cleonett Stores
  • Identika
  • Palms Pencil
  • Springboks
  • Acme Knives Pencils
  • Matted Scribbles
  • Station Based Pencil
  • Mag Max Stationery
  • Captain Choice
  • Magic A Graphite
  • Just Cents
  • Dark Revolution
  • New Words Now
  • Paint Story
  • Colorful Days Stationery
  • The Antimony’s
  • Pencil Critique
  • Calligraphist
  • Pencil Advisor
  • Silver Cave Stores
  • Green Wish Stationery
  • Pencil Right Man
  • Tell Them
  • Glimmerlaza
  • Black Pencil Cover
  • Great East Pencils
  • Glimmeriva
  • Hycent Stationary
  • Writers Inn
  • Smart Pencil Element
  • One Step Up
  • Pavilion Sharp Penciling
  • Pencil Simple
  • Classic Hands
  • Cherry On The Canvas
  • Gift Circular
  • Pencil Pro Packaging
  • Kids Orron
  • Stud Fuzz Pencils
  • Peachy Collections
  • Just Cils
  • Pencils & Promotions
  • B & J Colson
  • Glimmer Whiteboard
  • Tringle Terex
  • Post Pencil Pad
  • Nuffix
  • Glider
  • Pencil Shape Core
  • Schoolboy Pencil Spring
  • Red Wings Pencil

Pencil Company Names

A pencil is an indispensable tool, and when it comes to pencil brands, there are many to choose from. The pencil market is a very competitive one, and it can be very difficult to compete with the big players.

For example, you might have a product that has a quality edge over the competition, but you can’t afford to go head to head with the big guys because they’ll just crush you.

If you want to make a successful business out of selling pencils, you’re going to have to work smarter than the big boys.

  • Red Pixel
  • Roomy Right Pencils
  • Pencil Polished Coatings
  • Papyrus Folks
  • Paper Pen And More
  • Purple Crest Stores
  • Wonder Of Writing
  • Blackjack Pencil
  • The Notepad Company
  • Mindlink
  • Little Pigpens
  • Open Creek Stationary
  • Static
  • Simple Authors
  • Ralphie Lambs
  • J P Pencil
  • Erasable Inks
  • Wiseman
  • Sharp Gibber
  • Braille Huffs
  • Pencils Perth
  • Modern Calligraphy
  • Pencil Sharpest
  • Avante Writer’s
  • Ancella Valley Pencil
  • Pencil Bright Side
  • Zip Write Stationery
  • Glimmer Thrive
  • Happy Writers
  • Wu’s C I P
  • Blue Cloud Pencil Co
  • Shimmery Tips
  • Pencil Nip Sharp
  • Glimmer Mosaic
  • Max Pencils
  • Pencil Deal
  • Schooly Spring
  • Book Zone
  • Bruno Pencil
  • Writer Hand Out
  • The Pencil Crimsons
  • Ink Society
  • Pencil Prime
  • The History Writer
  • Edinburgh Pencils
  • Engraving Essential
  • Pencillytical
  • Crown Custom Cakes
  • Paint Log
  • Dee Dee
  • School Tools
  • Pencil Fine Beast
  • The Pencil Lady
  • Yens Pencil
  • A1 Pencils
  • Little Writers
  • The Neat Pencil
  • Pencil Great
  • Paint Me Pencils
  • Pencil Succeed
  • Drawing Hands
  • Hubert Boss
  • Sunrise Pencil
  • Ottoman Pencils
  • Strokes & More
  • Gold Medal Puns
  • Scribble Line Pencil
  • Spear Pencil Pro
  • Glossy Tips
  • Parallel Pinking Shears
  • Supreme Pencil Journal
  • Tip Nibblers Paradise
  • Pencil N Ink
  • Glimmeradora

Pencil Names

Pencil brands don’t have to be exclusive, but it’s best if they are. This is why pencil brand names like “Wynn Pencil” are more likely to succeed than “Merry Penny”. The former sounds more exclusive, whereas the latter sounds like a cheap knockoff brand. If you can avoid the generic category, that’s better.

If you’re having trouble finding unique pencil brand names, I’ve put together a list below. You can grab it at the end of this article, or at least until the end of the day today.

  • Crest Pencil Stores
  • Glimmerlada
  • Glimmer Accelerate
  • Glint Pencil
  • Art Layers
  • Glimmer Cultivate
  • Delila Fine Sticks
  • Pencil Heaven
  • Paintball Group
  • The Tiny Tips
  • Pencil Toes To Go
  • Glimmer Method
  • Nexus One Pen
  • Hebron Dry Pencil
  • Special Pencil Art
  • Master Of Boards
  • Crown Point Pencils
  • Redaction Expert’s
  • Gazette Tips
  • Yugo
  • Thick Notebook Pencil
  • Paper House Essentials
  • Pencil Sketch Record
  • Tippers Flippers
  • Hugofrey
  • The History Black Led
  • Doodlers
  • Pencil Deck
  • Pencil Me Up
  • Cooling Stationary
  • Family Courage
  • Pencil Cutters
  • Kangaroo Stationery
  • The Art Of Pen
  • The Comic Pencil Crowd
  • Catch On Pencils
  • Fun Magazine
  • Beach Vivid Pencil
  • Greyline Pencils
  • Green Pages
  • Pencil Radiant
  • Classic Ccc
  • Cannel Pencil
  • Portrait Essentials
  • The Pencil Charm
  • Work Scribble
  • Dive Dots Stationery
  • Engraving Master
  • Pencil Creations
  • First Wish Stores
  • Classmate Stationery
  • Golden Feathers
  • Glimmer Menten
  • Bloom
  • Purely Paper
  • The Black Led Company
  • Residence Writer
  • School Supplies
  • Breeofly
  • Happy Handwriting
  • Store Hundred
  • Beuders
  • Tips Of Kid
  • Happy Crew
  • Yoga Writers
  • B & B Classical
  • Pencil Online Journal
  • Awards Ciao Pies
  • Pencil Authentic Art
  • Pinehurst Pencils
  • Write Sense Pencils

Names For Pencils

Many people have been asking for a pencil that is softer, cleaner, and has better lead for writing. That’s why many pencil brands have come out with different formulas and materials to create a better pencil for consumers.

Here are some interesting pencil brand names you might want to consider.

  • Crepes Cushion
  • Header Lead
  • Radiant
  • Love Letters Stationary
  • The Standard Pencil
  • Journal Pages
  • Queen Crown Pencil
  • Piercing Pencils
  • Alphabet Graphy
  • Fliss Fun Stores
  • Little Wing
  • Kraft Paper Printers
  • Pelican Pen
  • Crown Pencils
  • Pro Pencil
  • The Scribble Nibble
  • Sweet Edge Pencils
  • Blue Pixel Pencils
  • The Lighthouse Stationary
  • Paper Pros
  • Solo Stationary
  • Paper Products
  • Mascot Writer
  • Norden Pencils
  • Nimby Fine Pencils
  • Ruben Pencils
  • Your Favourite
  • Effulgence Special
  • Mystical Hands
  • Colin Pencils
  • Calligraphy Writer’s
  • Daily Quest Pencil
  • Blackjack
  • Voldemort Tips
  • Graphite Pen’s
  • Deep Cascade
  • Gold Fox Stationery
  • Premier Pencil
  • Excalibur Fine Tools
  • Elite Pencils
  • The Erasable Wonders
  • Cent House
  • Aventine Stationery
  • Fountain Pencil
  • Pencil Sharp Design
  • Fitted One Pencil
  • Fountain Pen
  • Modern Color Co.
  • Pros Of Braille
  • Wise Pencil Paints
  • Pencil And Stitch
  • Sketchers Hand
  • Cali Graph Club
  • Incandescence Pencil
  • Pencilquipo
  • Penciling By Holly
  • Daily Quest
  • Pencil N Logo
  • Art Collab
  • The Antimony Pencil
  • Hyden Pencil Stationery
  • Lipstick Pencil
  • Pencil Engravers
  • Pointer Tip
  • The Trixie’s
  • Lead Ink
  • Aqua Prof
  • Proper Post Pencil
  • Crown Pens
  • Mandala Pencil Artist

Color Pencil Brand Names

When you think of pencils, it’s hard not to remember the brand names – but what does that brand actually do? The pencil manufacturing process is a fairly straightforward one, with a couple of exceptions.

There are several brands of lead (which is the material inside the pencil) that differ in color. Also, there are certain types of pencils that are made for certain types of writing.

For example, mechanical pencils are for use with writing instruments that have a rotating point, while lead pencils are meant for graphite and other types of pencils.

  • Paperie For Me
  • Chewy Art Supplies
  • The Maker’s Set Stationary
  • Calligrapher’s Home
  • Black Led Lab
  • Dare Pencil
  • Pencil Unite
  • Elsa’s Craft House
  • Pretty Words Stationary
  • Great Prism Pencils
  • Handheld Trading Co
  • Coffs & More
  • Long Back Stationary
  • Glimmer Guide
  • Proton Pencil
  • Gel On Pencil
  • Glimmer Home
  • Cosmic Stationery
  • Dunk & Stuff
  • Coastal Pencils
  • Glimmer Empower
  • Art Materials
  • Bags N Pencil
  • South Coopers
  • Vivid Pencils
  • Scale Tip
  • Elastic Encompass
  • Gurus Of Nibblers
  • Joe’s Fab
  • Pencil Cane
  • Pencil Wood
  • Pencils Plus Ink
  • Pencilsy
  • Holy Scribblings
  • Fountain Pencil Collections
  • Scripture Font
  • Kids Merch
  • Pencil Wiseman
  • Dad’s Favourite
  • Inked Stationery
  • Pink Flood Pencil Bar
  • Desk Pencil Toppers
  • Peen Nipped
  • Pen Nib Experts
  • Pencil Rise
  • Nix Vile
  • The Best Of Cotswold
  • Poets Society
  • Make Your Mark
  • The Gray Netbook
  • Paper Collective
  • Neon Pencil
  • For Me Paperie
  • White Notebook
  • Classic Small World
  • Color Amusements
  • Camlin Pencil
  • Catch Sharp
  • Gold Marks Stores
  • Newbie Author
  • Poets Pencil Society
  • Megapixel
  • Sunrise Stationary
  • Nipstick Pencil Plus
  • Silvery Shimmers
  • Graphite Brushes
  • Giant Pencils
  • Art Master
  • Classic Classiques
  • Tinny Winy Hands

Pencil Brand Names Suggestions

When selecting a brand name for your pencils, you should select a name that will help your customers remember the brand. You might want to make sure the name is easy to spell and pronounce, so that your customers can find the pencils easily.

This means choosing names that use letters that customers can recognize. You may want to avoid using numbers that won’t be pronounced properly by your customers, such as 1-A-8 or 7-E.

For a more competitive market, there are several things you can do to set yourself apart from your competitors. You can create a custom logo or design that represents your brand, so that your customers know that you’re the one they’re going to choose for their pencil needs.

  • Alpha Grip
  • Fine Pencils
  • Crosley Pencil Co.
  • Glimmer Academy
  • Master Of The Pencils
  • The Blue Show
  • Pencil Gain
  • Penciling People
  • Flame Boy Pencils
  • Budget Outline
  • Flicker Pencil
  • Long Hand Specialist
  • Pencil Intellect
  • Scribble Company
  • Doodle Experts Pencil
  • Pencil Color Amusements
  • Classics Angel
  • Artist Pencil File
  • Crimson Pen
  • Pencil Sticker
  • Gleam Pencil
  • Gottlieb Publishing
  • Crown Cables
  • The Rainbow’s
  • Pencil Acrylic
  • Black In Love
  • Sketch Busters
  • Cents Co.
  • The Flower Tip
  • Nibbers Paradise
  • Atlas Shop
  • Pencil World
  • Drawbook World
  • Pistols N Pencil
  • Calligraphy Center
  • Flamingo Stationery
  • Papyrus And Pencils
  • Grid Level Pencil
  • Elemental Hands
  • The Stencilers
  • Exquisite Envelopes
  • Holography
  • Dream Calligraphy Write Up
  • Pencil Keenan Engravers
  • Glimmer Icon
  • Jack White Stationery
  • Platinum Edge Pencil
  • C-Town Cents
  • Lionel Pencil Experts
  • Pencil Nitz
  • Professional Choice
  • The Artists
  • Sketching Essentials
  • Holy Scriblings
  • The Happier Pencil
  • Up!
  • Modern Arts Pencils
  • Waterford Pencil Co
  • Always Remembered
  • Compact Disc Pencil
  • Glimmer Artisan
  • Bouvardu Fine Arts
  • Colona Stationery
  • Fun Book Pencil
  • Doubleray Stationary

Crayon Brand Names

Colored pencils are one of the most popular school supplies for children. They are a versatile art medium that allows students to express their artistic vision. Colored pencils are a great tool to get kids started in creative writing.

This particular business is a low-cost way to enter the coloring market. The only cost involved is purchasing color pencils for the students. You can either make them by the box or by the dozen. You can get creative by creating brand names for the boxes or even packages.

  • Zee Jeee
  • Nip Flinger
  • Esprit Stationery
  • Mystical Stationary
  • Kids Favourite
  • Black Bull Pencils
  • Say It In Stationary
  • Pencil To It
  • Paper Curves Stationery
  • White Curls
  • Skill Notebook
  • The Scribblers
  • Parabola Pencils
  • Paper Tips
  • Glimmer Anew
  • Written With Care
  • Sinclair Pencil
  • Geometry & More
  • White And Gold Stationary
  • Drawing Hands Pencils
  • Paper And More
  • Postmarked
  • Model Hobby
  • Classy Locksmiths
  • The Stationery Room
  • Drawings Top
  • Prozone Pencils
  • Crown Publishers
  • Slingshot
  • We Are Sticks
  • Pentium Stationary
  • Portrait Pencils Range Of Products
  • Gippsland Pencil
  • Come Alive Stationary
  • Long Back Stationery
  • Affix
  • Pointers Store
  • Arrow Pencils
  • Pencil Shoppers
  • Keen Pencils
  • Pencil Works
  • Pencil With Pride
  • Better Mind Pencils
  • Uptown Stationery
  • Blink Pencil
  • Well Student Pencil
  • Good Move
  • Glimmer Clever
  • Fudgy Favorites
  • Young Authors
  • Smooth Writer’s
  • Aqua Knight Pencils
  • Scholar
  • Epic Las Vegas Pencil
  • Elastic Pencil
  • Pens & Promotions
  • Cent Essentials
  • A+ Pencil
  • Yupp
  • Play Version
  • Graphite Pencil
  • Big Pencil
  • Tiny Tip Pencil
  • All Colors Inked
  • Small World Pencil
  • Skelton Pencil Nips

Best Pencil Company Names

It is estimated that people spend close to $1.3 trillion annually on color pencils. In fact, the total market value of the color pencil industry in 2015 was $21.6 billion. These colorful writing instruments have been around for decades and continue to gain popularity every day.

Pencils are very popular because they’re affordable, easy to use, and fun. People often choose them because they’re small, convenient, and portable.

If you’re looking for a new business name for your color pencil brand, check out the list of suggested names below.

  • Hint Pencil
  • Glimmer Academic
  • Creative Memory
  • Raleigh Pencil Topics
  • Designer’s Collection
  • Stylus Write Up
  • Sharpie Tip Nibber
  • Coffs Tooth Pencils
  • Big Notebook
  • Pencils Plus
  • Pencil Enhance
  • Comics Pencil
  • Desk Toppers
  • Best Pencil Clicks
  • The Pen Guru
  • Felt Tip Fountains
  • Pegasus Stationary
  • Enamel Peckers
  • Padfoot Pro
  • Bliss Mind Pencil
  • Pencil Attack
  • Colorful Days Stationary
  • Pencil Palette
  • Rightpoint Pencil Co
  • The Pencil Guru
  • Choice Of The Children
  • Kerry Pencil Nail Art
  • First Hand Choice
  • Groove Pencils
  • Neat Netbook
  • Parchment
  • Nip N Ink
  • Paper Pencil Mark
  • Rock N Cutter
  • Pencil Form
  • Pencil Lenders To
  • Journal Tutorial Pencil
  • Coiled Pencil Away
  • Ability Making
  • Record Sport
  • Floyyd
  • Smoky Stationery
  • Green Hands
  • Glimmer Flagship
  • Series Pencil
  • Media Artist
  • A Scott Pencil
  • Glimmeraholic
  • Glitter Notes
  • Glimmer Elite
  • Art Pencil Collab
  • The Stationary Room
  • Inked Stationary
  • Limoni

Pencil Company Names List

When you’re considering starting up a pencil company, keep in mind that pencils make a great business idea because they are one of the oldest product lines sold to consumers.

The market is already established and you will be competing against many established players such as Paper Mate, Ever shine, Penndel, and BIC.

It’s best if you have previous experience in the pencil business as you can help others develop their products. You can also benefit from the fact that the industry is mature and you won’t have to deal with many start-up issues.

There are countless pencil company names below, but here are a few suggestions that you can use to help get inspiration for your pencil company:

  • The Rainbow
  • Shi Pencil Parlor
  • Elder Wand Scribble
  • Glimmer Bohemian
  • Aqua Foss Pencils
  • Activity Forum
  • Sharp N Pencil Co
  • Glorious Tips
  • Color Sketch
  • Niko Pencils
  • Red Flag Pencils
  • Knoxville Pencil
  • Glimmer Skill
  • Sketch Record
  • Graphon Pencils
  • Jusst
  • Pencil Spur
  • Crazy Ace Penciling
  • Pencil By Hand
  • Glimmer Mentor
  • Smooth Writer
  • Glimmer Mente
  • Green Pencil Pages
  • Pencil Express
  • Painting Buzzers
  • Nimbin Fine Pencils
  • Canvas Tips
  • The Fashionable
  • Fairytale Pencil
  • White Tipp
  • Parchment Paper
  • Range Of Writing
  • Clutches Pencil
  • Glimmer Classroom
  • Sharp On Color
  • Pencil N’ Ink
  • Tinting By Tim
  • Kraft Pencil
  • Terrapod
  • Pencil Cone Edge
  • Glimmer Balance
  • Pencil Ease
  • Crown Confections
  • Pencil For You
  • Dreary Stationery
  • Pencil Manship
  • Looking Paper
  • Parchment Tippers
  • Square Mate Pencil
  • Fujitsu Pencil
  • The Sketchers Day
  • Classicist Pencil
  • Artful Copying
  • Glimmerbes
  • Art Pencil Materials
  • Comics On Main
  • Sharp Line Pencils
  • Garrisons Stationery

Pencil Brand Names Ideas

Pencil manufacturing is one of the oldest industries in the world. However, it wasn’t until the 1980’s when the pencil market turned into a big boom. Since then, pencils have become one of the most popular writing tools for students and adults.

If you want to start a pencil company, there are many business name ideas that you can use. Some of these include: pencil, pencil maker, pencil sharpener, and pencil wholesaler. You can easily change the name if you think that it isn’t appropriate for your pencils.

  • Inline Products
  • Fusion Stationery
  • Pencil Artisanal
  • Classico Pencils
  • Know How Tips
  • Red Star Classics
  • Crown Tip
  • Pencil Novelist
  • Pencil Fortune
  • Fayette
  • Flapjack Pencil
  • Magic Tips
  • Mettle Man
  • Avante
  • Exeter Stores
  • Art Archives
  • Sinful Penguin
  • Charming Cents
  • Collage Book Pencil
  • Pencil Shredding
  • Brown Ink Pencil
  • Impression Pencils
  • Como Pen Pint
  • Allison Ville Shoppe
  • Pencil White Curls
  • Sinclair Pen
  • The Grace’s
  • Try Write Pencil
  • Supreme Hand Writer
  • Vibrant Pencils
  • Elin Burgh Pencil Works
  • Charcoal Wonders
  • Sophisticated Station

Pencil Brand Names

How To Name Your Pencil Brand

Have you ever thought of creating your own brand of writing instruments? If so, you might be interested in our article on the top pencil brands. In this post, we will present the following information on this topic

A pencil is one of the most common writing instruments around. It’s affordable and widely available, so it’s a great option if you’re looking for a new product that won’t break the bank. You can also easily create your own brand of pencils, and you can also sell them online and offline.

But first things first – what do you need to know before launching your own pencil brand?

So let’s go over the basics! Here is everything you need to know about making your own pencil brand and starting your own business.

If you want to start your own pencil brand, here are all the steps you need to take:

Pick a product

Your product choice will depend on what you’re looking to create. If you’re planning to create a writing instrument, you’ll need to choose something that works well with your pencil brand’s purpose.

If you’re planning on selling your pencils online, you’ll need to look at the pencil market and make sure your product stands out in a crowded field.

For example, if you’re planning on creating a pencil that’s meant to be used by kids, it will likely have to be made from softer material than an adult pencil.

But even if your pencil is intended for children, you’ll still want to focus on being able to sell it online, because it’s much easier to sell online rather than in stores.

Create a brand identity

Your brand identity is essentially a visual representation of your brand’s purpose and goals. This means you’ll need to come up with an image, logo, tagline, and color palette.

You might think that the best way to come up with a brand identity would be to ask friends or colleagues for their opinions.

This is a great idea, and you might even get some fantastic insights. However, if you don’t have any connections with others in the industry, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the task.

Instead, I recommend using online resources for inspiration. Here are two great tools that can be very useful for creating a brand identity.

Create a name

A good name is an essential part of creating a brand identity. It’s the basis of your brand’s name. If the name doesn’t connect with your audience, you’re going to have a hard time selling your products.

Make it memorable

If you’re planning on launching your brand online, it’s probably a good idea to choose a name that you can use on your website and social media channels. This way, when people see your brand’s name, it will automatically trigger memories of your business.

A good example of this would be Amazon’s name. It has a very catchy name and connects well with the company’s purpose. The same goes for Starbucks, whose name is very memorable.


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