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Personal Training Business Names: 400+ Personal Trainer Names

Here we have shared some cool and catchy personal training business names. All the personal trainer names that we have shared the best to get inspiration from as most of these names are short and simple.


We know that short and simple names are the best for your business if you want to attract more customers. This is because they are easy to understand and remember.

Let’s dive in.

Personal Training Business Names

Here are some catchy and clever personal training business names:

  • Nimble Fitness
  • Oculus Fitness
  • New York City Personal Training
  • Homebodies NYC Personal Trainers
  • Personal Trainers New York City
  • Progressive Personal Training
  • Naturally Intense Personal Training
  • Hanson Fitness – Union Square
  • Fyt Personal Training
  • Hanson Fitness
  • Maik Wiedenbach Personal Training
  • FOCUS Integrated Fitness
  • Elite Personal Trainers NYC
  • Ferra Fitness
  • Type A Training
  • Golden Touch Fitness
  • American Academy of Personal Training New York
  • Just Train by Joel Thomas
  • TS Fitness
  • FITCURE Personal Training and Wellness
  • Joey – Master Personal Trainer
  • National Personal Training Institute
  • Everus Fitness, Personal Trainers NYC.
  • BUF Personal Training
  • Focus Personal Training Institute
  • Absolute Fitness
  • Driven Fitness Bootcamp and Personal Training
  • Jamie Song Personal Trainer
  • Phyt Condition Personal Trainers
  • Definitions Private Training Gyms
  • Dakota Personal Training & Pilates
  • Sports Lab NYC
  • Bardsley Fitness
  • Garnet Henderson Personal Training
  • Michael Pernice Trainer to the Elite
  • Model Trainers Personal Training
  • Titan Fitness Studios
  • Willspace
  • Tasha Ingram Fitness
  • UpFit Training Academy
  • Independent Training Spot
  • Cary Raffle Certified Personal Trainer
  • Rich Barretta Private Training
  • Trainers in Transit (JGFITNESS LLC)
  • GS Fitness Boot Camp & Personal Training
  • Own Your Fitness
  • Gotham Strength
  • Pain Free Strength
  • Physical Equilibrium
  • Leo Results Fitness

Personal Training Business Names

Personal Trainer Names

Following are the best personal trainer names in the USA:

  • Variant Fit
  • Mike Monti Fitness
  • Barefoot Tiger
  • V Fitness Boxing and Personal Training Services
  • Fusion Fitness NYC
  • Julian Walker Studio
  • Marinejonfit
  • DiSalvo Performance Training
  • Structure Park Avenue
  • Rising Star Enterprises
  • YogaHealthLife
  • No B.S. Fitness Solutions LLC
  • Sky Health NYC
  • Dennis Hoop
  • Roderic Rosado
  • The Fitness Office
  • Robin L. Simpson Wellness Coach
  • Willspace Private
  • The Fort
  • Sculpt Theory
  • Brad Baldwin Fitness
  • Pure Strength NYC
  • Independent Fitness Training Gym
  • Body Evolved
  • Throwdown New York
  • Remorca Fitness
  • Velocity Sports NYC
  • Essential Fitness NYC
  • ATOMIC Total Fitness
  • Michael de Guzman Fitness
  • Professional Training Studio
  • NYC Fitness Addict
  • The Blackout Fitness
  • The Michaud Method
  • Pulse By Daniel Loigerot
  • Momentum Fitness
  • Ken Method
  • UWS Sports Massage
  • Nicole Winhoffer
  • Ultimate Fitness and Wellness
  • RUSH Total Body Training
  • Hype Gym Union Square
  • EPIC Interval Training
  • InForm Fitness
  • OPEX Riverdale NYC
  • Tribeca Health & Fitness

Personal Trainer Names

Training Program Names

Below are some unique and attractive training program names:

  • Reyna Franco
  • Ben Unger Fitness
  • The Champion Experience
  • Raise Fitness
  • Coach Jason Strout
  • Cordell Fitness
  • com
  • Mid City Gym & Tanning
  • Alex Erlikh, MS CEP
  • F45 Training Lower East Side
  • The Process Fitness
  • Refine Method Upper East Side
  • Equinox Wall Street
  • REP Athletics LLC
  • Elysium Fitness
  • Refine Method Upper West Side
  • Life Fitness Studio
  • Fit Club New York
  • Apex Human Performance
  • PROnatal Fitness
  • Work Train Fight
  • Refine Method West Village
  • Battery Park Fitness Boot Camp
  • Freedom Fitness NY
  • Equinox Bond Street
  • CompleteBody 19th Street
  • Performance Incorporated
  • Crunch Fitness – FiDi
  • North End Fitness & Training
  • Crunch Fitness – Tribeca
  • Remorca Fitness Gramercy
  • Planet Fitness
  • WillyB CrossFit – Tribeca
  • Crunch Fitness – Bushwick
  • The LIV Method
  • Equinox Greenwich Avenue
  • Crunch Fitness – Staten Island
  • NYC Sports Massage and Fitness
  • Orangetheory Fitness
  • Equinox East 85th Street
  • Brownings Fitness
  • Lucille Roberts- Grand Central
  • F45 Training Nomad
  • Crunch Fitness – 54th Street
  • Crunch Fitness – 38th Street
  • Fitness Blueprint
  • Crunch Fitness – Crown Heights

Training Program Names

Other Names for Personal Trainer

Below are some other names for personal trainer that you can use:

  • Retro Fitness
  • Brick New York
  • Crunch Fitness – Ft. Greene
  • Equinox East 43rd Street
  • SLT Flatiron
  • Crunch Fitness – 23rd Street
  • E by Equinox Madison Avenue
  • Crunch Fitness – 19th Street
  • Equinox Gramercy
  • Equinox East 44th Street
  • Crunch Fitness – 81st Street
  • Mill Basin Fit Body Boot Camp
  • The Fit Hub NYC
  • Lucille Roberts- St. Nicholas
  • FITNESS 19
  • Crunch Fitness – 59th Street
  • Radical MMA NYC
  • Athletic & Swim Club
  • Equinox West 50th Street
  • Equinox Tribeca
  • The New York Pilates Studio
  • Shadowbox Flatiron
  • Equinox Williamsburg
  • Equinox West 76th Street
  • New York Sports Clubs
  • UFC GYM Long Island
  • Switch Playground
  • Tribeca Sports Center
  • SLT E 67
  • Mushin Mixed Martial Arts
  • DanceBody TriBeCa
  • DeRose Method Greenwich Village
  • F45 Training Dumbo
  • The Wat
  • Kirk Myers
  • new york sports club
  • Krav Maga Experts – Union Square
  • Dharma Yoga Center
  • Equinox Great Neck
  • Catalyst S.P.O.R.T.
  • F45 Training Boerum Hill
  • Chelsea Piers Fitness

Other Names for Personal Trainer

Personal Training Company Names

These are the best personal training company names in the world:

  • Shape Up
  • Life Time Sky
  • Orangeburg Fit Body Boot Camp
  • Blink Fitness
  • Chelsea Piers Fitness Brooklyn
  • Equinox Flatiron
  • Equinox Mamaroneck
  • StuyFitness on 14th
  • Fit Body Boot Camp Scarsdale
  • Equinox Sports Club New York
  • StuyFitness on 20th
  • Sheraton New York Fitness Center
  • Gold’s Gym
  • Lucille Roberts- Forest Hills
  • Equinox Rockefeller Center
  • The 14th Street Y
  • F45 Training East Hanover
  • Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA
  • 92nd Street Y
  • Allendale Fit Body Boot Camp
  • Chelsea Piers
  • UFC GYM East Rutherford
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • Central Park
  • Gold’s Gym Totowa
  • Tom’s Personal Training
  • The City College of New York
  • Club Fit Briarcliff
  • City University of New York
  • BioFit Personal Training
  • Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel
  • Sky – Luxury Apartment Rentals NYC
  • The Fitness Mill
  • Top Tier Fitness-In Home Personal Trainers
  • Fit2fly Mobile Personal Training
  • Norcalisthenics Personal Training
  • Bodyworks by Kat
  • OC Personal Training
  • Le’May Fitness – Mobile Personal Trainer
  • Ace In-Home Personal Fitness Training
  • Find Your Fit Personal Training
  • OC Personal Training Gym
  • South Bay Personal Training
  • FIGHT FIT Personal Trainers
  • Motivative Health & Fitness – Personal Trainer
  • Live Life Fitness & Personal Training

Catchy Names for Corporate Training Programs

Here are some cool and catchy names for corporate training programs:

  • Horncliff Personal Training
  • Chris Fernandez Personal Training
  • Personal Training with Laura Oceane
  • Personal Trainer San Diego
  • Clovis Personal Fitness Trainer Brandon Lucas
  • Hey Ronnie Personal Training!
  • Solid Personal Training
  • Custom Built Personal Training
  • Vibrant Personal Training
  • Placentia Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Fit at Home 1 on 1 Personal Training
  • Beverly Hills In-Home Personal Training
  • Next Level Personal Training
  • Troy Dameron Fitness
  • Jomo Personal Training
  • Anaheim Personal Trainer and Training
  • Personal Training by Sandy Balat
  • My LA Therapy – Personal Training
  • Paulette’s Personal Training LLC
  • Go Fit Now Personal Training
  • Ty Texidor Personal Training
  • FitnessTrainer Sacramento
  • A Traveling Trainer
  • New Sapiens Personal Training
  • On Demand Coaching
  • Mindful Motion Personal Training
  • Mario Sanchez, Jr. In-Home Personal Training
  • Erica’s Outdoor Fitness
  • NEXT LEVEL Personal Fitness Training
  • Elisabetta Gaiani
  • National Personal Training Institute
  • Placentia Personal Trainer Pros
  • Carly Maxwell Fitness
  • Fullerton Private Personal Training
  • Figures By Natalie
  • GYMGUYZ Coastal Orange County
  • CG Personal Training
  • Newbury Park Personal Trainer
  • Chris Keith
  • Deirdra Rogers
  • Supple 8 Fitness
  • The National Personal Training Institute
  • KICK WITH KELLY Personal Training
  • Royal Personal Training
  • Aftann Fit

Catchy Names for Corporate Training Programs

Catchy Training Names

Here are some cool, catchy, creative, and unique training names:

  • Move With Rubi
  • BodyAde Fitness
  • KSFIT Online Personal Training
  • National Personal Training Institute
  • Hawai’is Holistic Personal Trainer
  • Sarah E Beckwith
  • Function First Personal Training
  • Placer Personal Training
  • Genesis Fitness Training
  • Cally Nunes Personal Training
  • JR Personal Training
  • Rhondas personal training
  • Evolution Trainers
  • Vicki Taylor Fitness
  • David Temple Training
  • Healthy Results Personal Training
  • World Gym of Palm Desert
  • HardKnock Fitness
  • Flinn Fitness
  • California Peak Fitness
  • FitnessTrainer Riverside Personal Trainers
  • R12 Fitness Personal Training & Bootcamps
  • Self Made Training Facility Corona
  • Mike’s Fitness
  • Personal Trainer Certification
  • CW Health & Fitness
  • Erica: Soul Defense & Kickboxing Fitness
  • Master Trainers of California
  • Ground Zero Fitness
  • Everyday Fitness and Training
  • JS Strength Academy
  • Pangsanity Personal Training
  • Goals Sport and Fitness Center Inc.
  • Bay Area Trainer
  • Athletic Performance Training
  • Next Level Sports Performance
  • Fitness Grind and Performance Training
  • Whole Body Fitness

Catchy Training Names

Catchy Fitness Names for Instagram

Following are some cool and catchy fitness names for Instagram:

  • Empower Fitness Training
  • Fitness for Life
  • BodyMasters Coaching
  • Accelerate Performance Personal Training
  • Lifetime Fitness
  • Kenny Williams CFT
  • Training Loft
  • Mannys Fitness Program
  • K Williams Personal Training
  • Crunch Fitness – Murrieta
  • Drew Van Zee Oakland Personal Trainer
  • Body Effect Fitness & Performance
  • C-fit Personal Training
  • THP Fitness
  • Dale Maynor Fitness Training
  • Body IN Mind Living
  • Fuelcraft
  • In-Shape Health Clubs
  • The Perfect Workout Redondo Beach
  • Cirkl Specialized Training
  • Banger Built Fitness Training
  • San Diego Fitness
  • GYMGUYZ Santa Clara Valley
  • Valley Fitness Solutions
  • The Perfect Workout Pasadena
  • The Perfect Workout SW San Jose
  • Pure Form PFT Stockton
  • Headquarters Boxing Garage/personal training
  • Training Camps
  • Elite Triangle Fitness
  • The Perfect Workout West LA
  • Jake Kaufman Personal Trainer
  • California Family Fitness
  • Manzo Fitness
  • The Perfect Workout Oakland/Piedmont
  • X-Factor Fitness
  • Inspire Fitness
  • Essential Pep
  • Film Fit
  • 661Fitness
  • Cen-Cal Fitness
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Strong Made Simple
  • Brent’s Bodies For Life
  • True North Training
  • Holly Roser Fitness Studio

Personal Training Business Names

How to Name Your Personal Training Business

Personal training business can give you a handsome amount of profit even if you adopt it as a part-time business. There are many factors that play an important role in making a personal trainer successful.

It may seem a good profession but the personality of a trainer, capital investment, and location of a business also has a great effect on this business.

If you have decided to pursue a career in the fitness sector and want to start a personal training business then you have to decide the business name first.

Before designing a business plan and effective marketing strategy you have to invest enough time in developing a name for your business. Here, you also need to show some patience and follow a business naming process.

Remember, naming a business is not an easy task. It can prove a daunting process but, in the end, it will provide you a successful business generating big revenue.

A good and fascinating name can rank your business high. A great name reveals all about your services and the values you hold.

You can’t judge a book by its cover but here, the scenario is different. People always judge your business by your name.

It is the first impression of your business that attracts potential customers. A business name carries the capacity to make or break a business.

You can follow the given points if you feel the ‘naming process’ a difficult task.

Own Name VS Personal Training Business Names

Some entrepreneurs recommend using your own name which in turn makes your business successful.

While others call it a bad idea because it will be a common name not carrying the ability to attract the potential customer.

If other personal training centers in your areas are made up of personal names then you can follow the trend.

One can also use his/her name if he/she is the most successful personal trainer on the national or regional level. If it is, then your name can make your business a brand.

Don’t try to box yourself in

You may incorporate your area or city name into your business name. But what if you have to expand your business in the future.

Your name will not work when you want to open branches in other cities or regions. In this, you will have to come up with a new catch name.

If it happens, you will have to redesign all your marketing plans. So, try to select a name carrying a room for your future plans.

Test and tweak

Once you have developed a catchy name for your business, now it’s time to check your name. You may ask your friends, family, colleagues, or business contacts for suggestions or initial reactions.

You can also create a poll on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Surveys could also be the best source of feedback from a specific community.

For this purpose, design a questionnaire and distribute it. You may survey the community near your business location. I hope you liked our list of Personal Training Business Names.


400+ Gym Names

400+ Fitness Club Names

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