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Pest Control Company Names: 400+ Funny Pest Control Names

Here we have enlisted some cool and catchy pest control company names ideas and suggestions. We have worked hard and handpicked the best pest control names that you can use anywhere for free.

Make sure to select a catchy name, that will be able to attract more customers to your business.

Let’s dive in.

Pest Control Company Names

Here are some cool and catchy pest control company names:

  • Eco Pest Control
  • Pest No More
  • Gadfly Curb
  • Cuss Dominance
  • Pesterer Operate
  • Complete Pest Control
  • Absolute Extermination
  • Pest Advisors
  • The Verminators
  • Biological Bug Control
  • Best Of The Pests
  • Whole Control
  • Careful Control
  • Petrified Pests
  • Pest Exit
  • Efficient Exterminators
  • Contemporary Control
  • Elimination Station
  • Expert Eliminators
  • Abolish Pests Now
  • Remove Pests
  • X-Out Pests Control
  • Uproot Pests

Funny Pest Control Names

Here are some funny pest control names that will make you smile:

  • Revenge Of The Humans Pest Control
  • Snuff Out Pests
  • Raid Pest Homes Exterminators
  • Insect Vanish
  • Zero Insect
  • Insect Remove
  • Termite Remove
  • Pest Remove
  • Pest Move Out
  • Insect Move Out
  • Without Pest Service
  • Pest Problem Clue
  • Kill A Pest
  • The Pest Poison
  • Ivy Bugs Out
  • Snipe Out
  • Save A Crop
  • Pest Crackers
  • Bugocides
  • Buggy Kila
  • Allied Exterminators
  • Allied Pest Management
  • All-Pro Pest Control

Bug Company Names

Below are the best bug company names ideas and suggestions:

  • Critter & Pest Defense
  • Dame Pest Solutions Inc.
  • Eagle Eye Pest Control
  • Green Solutions Pest Control
  • Green Team Pest & Mosquito
  • Guaranteed Rodent Removal Services
  • RS Rodent Stoppers
  • Safer Pest Control
  • SEW Pest Control
  • Pest Problem
  • Perfect Plan
  • Larger Pests
  • Critical Part
  • Bugs Remove
  • Ant Out Now
  • Apocalypse Now
  • Avoid Insect
  • Best Control
  • HomeTeam Pest Defense
  • Home Protection Pesticides
  • Green Solutions
  • Abode Pest Solutions

Pesticide Company Names

Following are the best pesticide company names ideas and suggestions:

  • Wipe Out All
  • All Killed
  • Your Local Exterminator
  • Your Pest Hitman
  • Zero Mosquito
  • No Rodent Nest
  • Permanent Control
  • The Pest Answer
  • No Pest Result
  • Kill Pests Dead
  • No More Bugs
  • Problem Clue
  • The Pest Killers
  • Cleaner Pros
  • Control Ideas
  • Control Partners
  • Detect & Kill

Pest Control Brand Names

Below are some cool pest control brand names for you:

  • Zero Pests
  • Zero Termite
  • Kill Rodents
  • Insect Away
  • Pest Management
  • Pest Problem
  • Trusted Control Pest
  • Management State
  • Pre Problem
  • You Operations
  • Pest Operations
  • Saving Pest Control
  • Pest You
  • Management State
  • Specialist Ist
  • Pro Control Specialists
  • Pro Management Pest
  • Problem Pest

Bug Related Names

Here are some bug related names that you can use anywhere you want:

  • Pest Operations Researchers
  • Pest Control Port
  • Top-Notch Control Pest
  • Rewarded Control
  • Pest Operational
  • Management Revamp
  • Problem Researchers
  • Specialists Warriors
  • Pest Negotiators
  • Control Specialists Warriors
  • Management Pest Warriors
  • Problem Pest Warriors
  • Management Pestly
  • Problem Pestly
  • Operations Pestly
  • Zero Insect
  • Pest Control Services
  • The Terminator
  • Green Palm
  • Good News Pest Solutions
  • First Choice Fertilization

Pest Control Company Names

How to Name a Pest Control Company

Pest control is a business that helps in eliminating harmful insects from residents, commercial and other properties. It can be a lucrative business that can provide you with a handsome profit.

These days the pest control industry is flourishing with an 11.4 billion dollars annual income. The Pest industry has seen the highest growth because of rising pest issues.

Starting a pest control business can be the best idea for a passionate and dedicated entrepreneur.

Before you come up with a good marketing and advertising strategy and an effective business plan, you need to develop an attractive and catchy name for your business.

Try to invest ample time while creating a fascinating name for your newly born venture.

Keep in mind that a business is not group words displayed on the door of the company but an essence that stands out your business among your opponents in the market.

A name is the first impression of a business. The first impression is a single source that carries the potential to attract the customers whereas a bad impression turns your clients away.

A good business name reveals all about your services and products. It creates your recognition and trust among the consumers. Remember, the name carries the capacity to make or break a business.

Here are some points which can be useful in the business naming process.

Make A List of Pest Control Company Names

Once you have decided to start a pesticide company or pest control business, it’s time to look at other pest control businesses in the market.

Make a list of pesticide companies and analyze what are the aspects in their business names and how they do it. Write down all the ideas and compare them with the list.

It will also help you to know all about your competitors in the market. You can use a generator to get ideas for pest control names. See in this image.

Pest Control Company Names

Set the tone

Make sure you have added in your business name what is relevant to your company or brand. A consumer should be able to understand the message of your name through its tone.

Use a simple name – It is strong

Try to keep your business name simple and short. A simple and straightforward name speaks about your services and products loud and clear. It creates a positive impression on potential customers which in turn sends them to visit your business at least once.

Choose a creative and cool name

Remember that name is a critical part of your company or brand. So, try to add some creativity to your business name because such names work more than a general or serious name. A creative name attracts more customers which in turn makes your new business earn a handsome profit.

Get the .Com Domain Name

If you are interested in bringing your customer online then you should think about developing an official website for your company or brand. For this purpose, you need a domain name. While deciding about a domain name, try to get the .com domain name. This way you will get a number of customers online.


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