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Pet Store Names: 400+ Names for Pet Stores & Shop

Here we will share with you some cool and creative Pet store names that will inspire you. We have also listed some dog store names along with dog boutique names for those who are dealing with dogs as their pets.

Also, you can use any of the pet company names that we have shared anywhere you want. You don’t need to give us credit for using our names. Before you finalize a name for your business, make sure to check its availability. This is because some of the names might be taken by the user before you. And, a name once registered, can’t be registered again.

Here a few tips that you should follow while selecting a name for a pet shop:

  • It should tell a story about pets.
  • The name should be short and creative.
  • It should be easy to understand.
  • The selected name should be memorable and unique.
  • The name should be no longer than three words.

Let’s dive in.

Pet Store Names

Here are some cute and catchy pet store names ideas and suggestions for you:

  • Royal Pets
  • Maw and Paw
  • The Master of Pets
  • Wiggly wag
  • Pup Hub
  • Bark in Style
  • Colorful Pets
  • Animal Crew
  • Missing Fishing
  • Feathery Musings
  • Count the Chicks
  • Out of the Water
  • Leap Frog Pet Shop
  • Fly Away Feathers
  • Fido Fiddle
  • Animal Haus
  • Striking Feed
  • Collar Brains
  • No Cage, Only Perch
  • Dog Galore
  • Kennels and Beds
  • Brush my Fur

Dog Store Names

Below are some cool dog store names for you:

  • Gorgeous Puppies
  • Happiness is Pets
  • Tiles of the City
  • Tokyo Aquarium
  • Heated Enclosures
  • Pet Project
  • Animal Acres
  • Playful Petters
  • Tail Tales
  • Pets Unleashed
  • Puppies ‘N Love
  • Pawty Time
  • Life’s a Pawty
  • Bark Avenue Dog Wash
  • Bark Place
  • Precious Paws
  • Furry Friends
  • Black Dog Gelato
  • Just Food for Dogs
  • Chub’s Creatures
  • Coos and Claws
  • Le Petit Puppy
  • Luxury Puppies

Dog Boutique Names

Here are some catchy and clever dog boutique names for you:

  • Beasty Barks
  • Fancy Fur
  • Blue Collar
  • The Wild Kingdom
  • Wild Waggers
  • The Pet Kit
  • Indulge Your Dog
  • The Waggy Home
  • Waggy Waggy
  • Pet Nutrition
  • Pets & Mutts
  • Deluxe Darlings
  • Bark Park
  • Advanced Breeders
  • Happy Tails
  • Champ Nation
  • Pet Pampery
  • Puppy Park
  • Pets & Things
  • All Pet Center
  • Beauty & Beast

Pet Shop Names

Following are the best pets shop names that you will like the most:

  • Barkery Food
  • Grooming Paws
  • Freedom Farm
  • Free Paws
  • Puppy’s Paradise
  • Citizen Cat
  • Puppies N Stuff
  • Puppy’s Heaven
  • Happy Tail
  • All Things Birdy
  • Bow Wow Barn
  • Creature City
  • Cadet Creatures
  • Dog Works
  • Pet Zoo
  • For Furry Friends
  • Precious Pets
  • Pet Central
  • WildSide Pets
  • The Dog Guy
  • Love and Licks
  • Wet Noses
  • AniMall
  • Aquarium Fantasies
  • Bow-Wow Boutique

Animal Business Names

These are the best animal business names for you:

  • Animal Appeal
  • Cats and Critters
  • Aquarius Animals
  • Noe Valley Pet Co
  • Bark In Style
  • Woof Gang
  • Elia’s Pet Shop
  • A Pampered Pooch
  • Pet Masters
  • Dog Express
  • Olympic Pet Shop
  • Paraiso Pets & Supplies
  • Clever Pets
  • Open Farm
  • Project Pet
  • Kriser’s Natural Pet
  • Love Thy Pet
  • All About Paws
  • Pet Nanny
  • Help For Pets
  • Luxury Pets

Pet Company Names

Here are some pet company names that will inspire you to name your pet business:

  • Bird Buffet N Things
  • Klassy K-9 Sassy
  • Tropical Fish
  • PetSmart
  • Petland Montgomery
  • Uptown Pets
  • Wet Pets
  • Majestic Pets
  • Hollywood Feed
  • Right Meow Pet Shop
  • Simply Pets
  • South Bark Dog Wash
  • Doggy Style Pet Shop
  • Vivacious Vivariums
  • Wag’ N Tails
  • Woof or Wuff?
  • Freaking Hot Dogs
  • Glamorous Puppies

Pet Store Names

How to Name Your Pet Store

Naming your business in the right way is really essential for your pet business to succeed. If you are starting a pet shop, you should know that it’s good business. You can earn a good amount of money from the business but you will need to plan the business effectively before starting it.

While planning your business smartly, the first thing that matters the most is your pet company name. If your pet store name is catchy and unique, you will get a lot of customers. But if your pet shop name isn’t memorable and catchy, you will lose customers and your business can flop.

Here are some tips that will help you find a name that will make sure your pet stores get some serious customers:

1.       Brainstorm pet store names.

The first thing is to brainstorm various ideas and create a list of pet store names. When you have a lot of pet shop name ideas, it will be easy for you to choose the best one.

Here are a few questions that will help you create a list of names.

  • What kind of business will I be running?
  • Am I dealing with dogs only?
  • Who will buy from me?
  • Why will people prefer my company?
  • Am I providing something special?
  • What is my target audience?

When you make your mind clear about these questions, you will find it easy to create a name that will be related to your niche. Add about twenty names into your list by yourself.

2.       Try pet store name generator.

If you aren’t able to create pet company names by yourself, you can try pet store name generator. There are dozens of online name generators that will help you name your pet store.

You will get hundreds of name ideas and suggestions by putting only a few keywords in the name generators. The name ideas from the generators may not be perfect or good to use, as they are from artificial intelligence. But you will get a bundle of words to play around with and create your own names.

3.       Make it short and simple.

We have seen that people usually love short and simple names. This is because short names are not only easy to understand and memorize but they also help in increasing your customers.

This is because such names are memorable and they bring you returning customers. And once your business starts getting returning customers, your business starts growing fast. Because such customers will bring you other satisfied customers and the chain goes on.

4.       Analyze your competitors.

Another good way to name your pet store is to analyze the names of your competitors. What you have to do is to find around ten to twenty of the most successful people and businesses in your industry and create a list of names of their pet stores.

Now find out how they have named their pet stores and what qualities are added in their business names? I hope this will help a lot in finding a few good ideas.

5.       Finalize your pet shop name.

Here a few things that you can do to finalize your pet store names:

  • Get all the social media handles for your pet company name.
  • Buy yourself a domain name to make your online presence.
  • Register your business name so that no one can register it.
  • You can use your own name if you want to.
  • Get some suggestions from your family.
  • If someone in your friend circle is experienced in that business, get suggestions from him.

Good Luck!


400+ Dog Walking & Care Business Names

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