400 Best Photography Business Name Ideas

Here we will share with you some cool and creative photography business name ideas and suggestions that will inspire you. All the photography business names that we have shared are unique and you can use them anywhere you want.

But before finalizing any name, these are the qualities that you should look into your new name:

  • It should be short and simple.
  • The selected name should be memorable.
  • It should be easy to understand.
  • It’s better if the name has a meaning.
  • Don’t go above three words.

Let’s dive into the list.

Photography Business Names

Following are the best photography business names that you will ever find:

  • Shutter Up
  • Flutter Me Shutters Photography
  • Lensation Picture Studio
  • A Fine Portrait
  • A Lasting Impression
  • Picture Perfect Moment
  • Photo Pick Studio
  • Click and Shoot Studio
  • Prefect Capture
  • vivid snaps
  • Impression Photography
  • Imagix Photo Studio
  • Fleming photo studio
  • Bliss eleven
  • Mthree studio
  • Pixel studio productions
  • Focussed on You
  • Shutter Magic
  • Lens Trends
  • Photos for the Future
  • Well captured
  • Zooming Photos
  • PortraitPro
  • First-Choice Portrait

Photography Business Name Ideas

Here are some cute photography business name ideas and suggestions for you:

  • Pix Deluxe
  • Don’t Blink Photography
  • Honey-Lens Pictures
  • Creative Captures
  • Pleasing Portraits
  • Peace Camera
  • Flash Fiends
  • Passion Studios
  • Flawless Images
  • Moment Maker
  • Memory Makers
  • Personal Proofs
  • Pleasing Portraits
  • Trendy memories
  • We Create
  • Zed Perspective
  • ProfiPortrait
  • Fantastic Portrait Studio
  • Evolution Image
  • Photo Phactory
  • The People with the Lens
  • Photo Pick Studio

Photography Company Names

Here are some photography company names that you may like:

  • Photo Pros
  • Shutter Up Photography
  • Perfect Click
  • Picture Perfect
  • Better Mugshots
  • Picture Perfect
  • We Shoot Greatness
  • Strike A Pose
  • New Way Photos
  • Zeus Photo
  • Noir Photos
  • Celebrity Photo
  • Themed Photo
  • Polaroid Session
  • Perfect Portrait
  • Catchy Portrait Studio
  • Neo Photographer
  • Addison Hill Photo
  • Wild Image
  • Capture Crew
  • Lens Queen
  • Family Photography

Photography Studio Names

Here are some cool and clever photography studio names for you:

  • Color Shot Studio
  • Keepsake Keepers
  • The Dark Room
  • Moment Maker
  • Elegance Captions
  • Styles And Poses
  • Glam Pictures
  • Cute Impressions
  • Perfect Click
  • Portrait Pros
  • Sensational Shutters
  • Candid Clicks
  • Portrait Master
  • Catchy Camera
  • Love Photo Maker
  • Photo Artist
  • Vibrant shades
  • With Love Photography
  • Portrait Master
  • Lighted Lenses
  • Moments Made
  • Wedding Photographers

60 Snappy & Creative Photography Business Names

  1. Special Moments Studio
  2. Talking Head Studio
  3. Capture Captain
  4. Star Photography
  5. Belle Photography
  6. Capture Captain
  7. Picture Perfect
  8. Portrait Poses
  9. Lighted Lenses
  10. Posh Studio
  11. Smiles Photography
  12. Diva Shots
  13. Trendy Captures
  14. Visions Photography
  15. Cartoon Photo
  16. Polaroid Photos
  17. Portrait
  18. Portrait Session
  19. In A Flash
  20. Flash Fiends
  21. Single Flash Photography
  22. Lens Of Light
  23. Lighted Lenses
  24. Sensational Shutters
  25. Capture Captain
  26. Making Memories
  27. Memory Makers
  28. Strike A Pose
  29. Keepsake Keepers
  30. Photo Magic
  31. Picture Perfect
  32. Portrait Goals Photography
  33. Snapshot Photos
  34. Vintage Shots Photographers
  35. Art Kid Shots
  36. Portfolio Photography
  37. Split Image Photography
  38. Photo Artist
  39. Photo Expert
  40. Family Photo session
  41. Adventure Photo
  42. Portrait
  43. Friendly Photo session
  44. Ace Photo
  45. Adorable Tripod
  46. Adorama Camera
  47. Cliento Photography
  48. Creative Bells
  49. Daisy Pixels
  50. Foto Twist
  51. Foxy Snapshots
  52. Frame Fuchsia
  53. Frame Fusion
  54. Imaginative Photos
  55. In A Pinch Pictures
  56. Just Shoot Me Headshots
  57. Mad Crayon Studio
  58. Magic Pictures
  59. Memoclips
  60. Merge Memories

Whimsical Photography Names

Below are some whimsical photography names for you:

  • Own Filters
  • Paperkat Studio
  • Perfect Pixel
  • Photamora
  • Picture People
  • Picture Perfect
  • Picturequest
  • Service Photo
  • Shutter Surprise
  • Shutter Up
  • Shutter’s Moment
  • Shutters On The Members
  • Silver Pond Photos
  • Tilting Tripods
  • Trendy Memories
  • Trotter Photo Booth
  • Unleash The Creativity
  • Vibrant Shades
  • We Create
  • Wellfocused

Photography Names

Here are some cool and catchy photography names to inspire you:

  • Capture The Moment
  • Captured Moments
  • Celebration Photography
  • Kiss The Bride
  • Modern Wedding Photography
  • Momenta
  • Moonlight Photography
  • With Love Photography
  • Your Memories
  • All In The Family Photography
  • Blue Sky
  • Creativecrew
  • Duo Exposures
  • Flying Glaze
  • Focus Tripod
  • Square Frame
  • Sunset Calls
  • Tripod Buddy

Personal Photography Names

These are some personal photography names that you may like:

  • Vivid Snaps
  • Well Captured
  • Zooming Photos
  • New View
  • Open Sky
  • Peace Camera
  • Photo Tarantulas
  • Glamour Shots
  • Lovestruck Photography
  • Photo Phactory
  • Photo Pick Studio
  • Foto Feel Good
  • Foxy Flash
  • Freeze The Second
  • Get It Pics
  • X Apertures
  • Zenn
  • Zoom Worthy Moments

Elegant Names for Photography Business

Following are some elegant names for photography business:

  • Sweet Baby Studio
  • Take A Pi
  • The Art Lens Gallery
  • Snapperly
  • Soulful Memories
  • Soulful Memory Pixels
  • Rare Moments
  • Refined Golden Captures
  • Reflect Elements
  • Photopedia
  • Photostudio
  • Picture Bay View
  • Mom & Pop Photo Shop
  • Moments Wedding Pictures
  • Memories Stilled Photography
  • Kaptured
  • Keep Smiling Pictures
  • Lavender Pics

Photography Account Names

Following are the best photography account names for you:

  • Fun Family Portraits
  • Fusion Photography
  • Calumet Photographic
  • Camera Stop
  • Candid Diva
  • Gift Of Memory
  • Ginger Sliced Studio
  • Friends Photoset
  • Party Photoset
  • Best Moments Photographer
  • Ideal Photo session
  • Venus Photo
  • Zeus Photo
  • Photo Artworks
  • Catchy Camera
  • Expert Camera

Photographer Names

Here are some famous photographer names for you:

  • Picturesque Shots
  • Southern Shooters
  • This Guy Shoots
  • Better Mugshots
  • Pix Deluxe
  • Shot Clock Photos
  • Snazzy Snaps
  • Snap Perfect
  • Snap Service
  • Magical Moments
  • Candid Clicks
  • Forever Photos
  • Capture Crew
  • Candid Captures
  • Luxurious Lens
  • Modern Photo
  • Team Photoset
  • Profi Picture

Photography Page Names

Below are some cool and creative photography page names for you:

  • Camera Pros
  • Pix Deluxe
  • Portrait Goals Photography
  • Photo Pros
  • Snap Service
  • Flash Parties Photos
  • We Heart Shooting
  • Art Kid Shots
  • Carbon Copy Photos
  • Sixty two memories
  • Stylish Pics Studios
  • Tilting perspective
  • Photo Ready
  • Snap Perfect
  • Camera Crew
  • Making Memories

Photographer Nicknames

Here are some photography nicknames that you may choose from:

  • Bright Media
  • The Open Studio
  • Picsmania
  • Photo Magic
  • Theme Street Pictures
  • Adventure Photo
  • ProfiCamera
  • Artwork Photography
  • Family Photo Session
  • Snap Perfect
  • Magical Moments
  • Memory Lane
  • Flash Parties
  • Photo Pros
  • Snap Captures
  • Perfect Shutters
  • Picture Star

Photography Business Name Ideas

How to Name Your Photography Business

Naming your photography business in the right way is really essential for your business to succeed. If you are planning to get some serious customers that will hire you for big projects, then you should give your business a good start.

A successful business starts with a successful business plan. And, the first step is that a successful plan is your business name.

Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind while naming your photography business:

1.       Make a list of photography business names.

The first step is to make a list of all the names that you like from the above lists of photography names. You can also add all the names that you have created yourself.

Once you are done writing them, we will start shortlisting them.

2.       Don’t add difficult words in your name.

If your photography studio name is difficult to understand, then you may face some problems in the future. You will need to change it later. That’s why we would recommend not add any difficult words to it.

This is because if people can’t even understand your photography business name, how are they going to buy your services?

Think about it.

3.       Keep it short and simple.

If we look at some of the most successful photography companies around us, we will come to know a few things about them. One of them is that their business name is short and simple.

This is because such names are not only easy to understand and remember but also bring returning visitors.

Once you get returning visitors, your business starts sky rocking. Because such customers recommend your services to their friends and family and bring you more customers.

4.       Finalize your business name.

Here are a few things that you can do to finalize your photography business:

  • Add your location name if you are targeting a specific area.
  • You can add your own name if you want to.
  • Check if you can get the social media handles.
  • The selected name should sound good when said aloud.

Good Luck!


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