Photography Business Names: 179 Names For Photography Business

If you are starting your own photography business, then you will love this page. Here we have shared more than 450 photography business names and suggestions that will help you name your studio.

All the name ideas we have shared are snappy and unique. You can use them anywhere you want.

But before picking a name for your photography, let’s talk about what exactly a good name is:

let’s dive into the list of cute photography names.

Photography Business Names

Personal Photography Names

Clever Photography Studio Names

Elegant Names for Photography Business

Whimsical Photography Names

How to Pick a Name for Your Photography Business.

Now, before we jump into the list of photography business names, let’s discuss how to pick one of them.

Use Your Name?

A lot of people out there are using their names for their photography business with the word photography or events included. Which helps them a lot. In general, to do so you have to use your first/last name + photography with it. But the name should be short.

Such names usually give your potential customers an idea about the owner of the business. Also, people after reading reviews about you from the other clients will easily get satisfied.

This is because you are the owner of the one-man company that you are running. And you are rocking in your photography.

But wait for a Second!

What if your business increased after some time and you are going to hire some other photographers too?

Now, in this case, people will not be satisfied with the photographers you are hiring. How?

Let say, you have a business name “Lin and Jirsa Photography”.

People are going to hire you because they know you guys rock in photography. But what if a client hires you for an amazing photoshoot and you send your employee photographer?

The client will not accept him as he knew your photography name/work through you.

So if you put your name in your photography business, your clients are not going to accept your employees. Thus you will regret your business name once you scale your business up.

What to do instead of that?

We all know that photography business names are usually famous because of the owner.

But if the name of the owner is not included in the business name that means that there is a good chance that you are running a business with more than one photographer.

For such Business ideas, we suggest choosing names like Seamless Photography or Timeless Photography.

These are just a few examples from Instagram. You can choose your favorite from the below list of Snappy Photography Business Names.

Here’s is a problem!

Photography names that don’t have the name of the owner included are really hard to turn into a brand. There is high competition out there in the market. So you would need investment to market your name.

Others Factors to Consider:

For Example:

How To Finalize A Cute Photography Business Name:

here is how:


277+ Creative Photography Names for Instagram

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