Realm Names: 400+ Best Fantasy World Names Ideas

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Welcome to our blog article on “400 Realm Names!” In this post, we are excited to share with you a collection of creative and captivating realm names that will transport you to imaginative worlds. As J.R.R. Tolkien once said, “Not all those who wander are lost.” So, let’s embark on a journey through these realm names and discover the wonders they hold.

With three years of experience as a Naming Specialist, I have delved into the realm of fantasy character naming. It has been an enchanting and fulfilling journey, exploring the power of words to shape fictional worlds. From mythical creatures to majestic kingdoms, I have honed my skills in creating names that capture the essence of each realm. I am thrilled to bring you this curated list that showcases the depth and breadth of my expertise.

In this article, you can expect to find a treasure trove of unique names that will inspire your own creative endeavors. Whether you are a writer, gamer, or simply someone who enjoys immersing themselves in fantastical realms, these names are sure to ignite your imagination. So, get ready to be transported to extraordinary realms and let your imagination run wild with the enchanting possibilities these names offer.

Realm Names

Realm Names

  • Luminesca – Radiant and luminous realm.
  • Astraloria – Celestial and ethereal domain.
  • Arcanumia – Mystical and enigmatic realm.
  • Verdantis – Lush and verdant land.
  • Obsidian Reach – Dark and mysterious territory.
  • Zephyrion – Breezy and serene realm.
  • Solstice Peaks – Majestic and towering mountains.
  • Nexus Prime – Central and pivotal domain.
  • Elysium Haven – Blissful and heavenly sanctuary.
  • Emberfall – Fiery and tumultuous land.
  • Seraphia – Angelic and the divine realm.
  • Nexus Sanctum – Sacred and revered sanctuary.
  • Virelia – Flourishing and vibrant domain.
  • Solaraan – Solar-powered and radiant land.
  • Sablewood – Enchanting and mystical forest.
  • Etherion – Transcendent and otherworldly realm.
  • Aetherhaven – Resplendent and ethereal haven.
  • Chronosia – Time-bending and temporal domain.
  • Iridescent Isle – Shimmering and iridescent island.
  • Zephyrus Peaks – Windswept and invigorating mountains.
  • Celestoria – Celestial and heavenly realm.
  • Quicksilver Spire – Agile and elusive territory.
  • Zerithia – Enigmatic and secretive land.
  • Mythosium – Legendary and mythical domain.
  • Pyroclasia – Volcanic and fiery realm.
  • Umbralveil – Shadowy and enshrouded sanctuary.
  • Solstice Pinnacle – Apex of sunlight and warmth.
  • Arcanora – Arcane and spellbinding land.
  • Crystalara – Crystal-infused and crystalline domain.
  • Avalonia – Fabled and mystical realm.

Fantasy Realm Names

Realm Names

  • Draconia – Realm of majestic dragons.
  • Eldervale – Ancient and revered domain.
  • Mythosia – Abode of mythical creatures and legends.
  • Enchantara – Enchanted and magical realm.
  • Faerwyn – Mystical and ethereal land.
  • Celestria – Celestial and heavenly sanctuary.
  • Arcanthal – Arcane and powerful domain.
  • Eternara – Eternal and timeless realm.
  • Mythrendor – Epic and legendary territory.
  • Arcanehaven – Refuge of arcane knowledge.
  • Sylvanora – Sylvan and forested land.
  • Wyvernkeep – Stronghold of fearsome wyverns.
  • Valerian Reach – Valiant and courageous domain.
  • Magistaria – Realm of skilled and knowledgeable mages.
  • Faeblight – Realm illuminated by fairy magic.
  • Driftwood Vale – Tranquil and serene land.
  • Mythospire – Towering and legendary sanctuary.
  • Aetherholme – Home of ethereal beings and magic.
  • Celestine Peaks – Heavenly and majestic mountains.
  • Shadowfen – Realm cloaked in darkness and mystery.
  • Spellweave – Realm intertwined with magic and spells.
  • Starhaven – Stellar and celestial domain.
  • Elaria – Elven and enchanting land.
  • Thundertop – Realm resonating with thunder and lightning.
  • Frostholde – Frozen and icy sanctuary.
  • Chronora – Realm shaped by the flow of time.
  • Moonshade – Realm cast in the gentle glow of the moon.
  • Mythrilreach – Abode of mythical creatures and riches.
  • Stormridge – Stormy and tempestuous land.
  • Everglade – Endless and lush domain.

Fantasy World Names

Realm Names

  • Eldorath – World of ancient and powerful beings.
  • Mythoserra – Realm where myths and legends dwell.
  • Astralea – Celestial and astral plane.
  • Avalorn – A fabled and enchanted world.
  • Arcanis – World shaped by arcane forces.
  • Verdantia – Lush and vibrant land.
  • Luminae – Realm bathed in radiant light.
  • Ethermere – Transcendent and ethereal domain.
  • Elysara – Heavenly and blissful sanctuary.
  • Phantasmora – Realm of illusions and phantoms.
  • Zephyria – Wind-swept and serene land.
  • Mythoros – World of mythical creatures and beings.
  • Celestoria – Celestial and the divine realm.
  • Solara – Sunlit and radiant world.
  • Shadowmere – Shrouded and mysterious domain.
  • Arcanoria – Realm governed by arcane laws.
  • Terra Nova – New and untamed land.
  • Chronosphere – Time-bending and temporal world.
  • Glacia – Frozen and icy sanctuary.
  • Mysthaven – Mystical and enigmatic realm.
  • Astralyn – Astral and the celestial plane.
  • Empyria – Realm of boundless energy and power.
  • Wyvernthorn – World dominated by fearsome wyverns.
  • Mythrilwood – Ancient and magical land.
  • Stormhold – Realm of thunder and tempests.
  • Celestis – Celestial and heavenly world.
  • Everdawn – Eternal and everlasting domain.
  • Pyrosa – Fiery and volcanic world.
  • Umbralia – Shadowy and obscured sanctuary.
  • Etherealis – Transcendent and otherworldly realm.

Dnd World Names

Realm Names

  • Aetherius – World of arcane energies and wonders.
  • Mythrendale – Realm of epic adventures and quests.
  • Draconis – Domain of mighty dragons and draconic power.
  • Elysara – Celestial and heavenly land.
  • Shadowfel – Dark and foreboding realm.
  • Valerion – Valiant and heroic world.
  • Arcanium – Realm of ancient and powerful magics.
  • Wyvernspire – Towering and fearsome land.
  • Faewyld – Enchanted and mystical domain.
  • Mythosgate – Gateway to mythical realms.
  • Celestaria – Celestial and divine sanctuary.
  • Emberstorm – Fiery and tumultuous land.
  • Chronosire – Time-warping and chronomantic realm.
  • Verdantwood – Lush and vibrant territory.
  • Etheria – Transcendent and ethereal domain.
  • Stormhelm – Realm of thunderous storms.
  • Arcanholde – Stronghold of arcane knowledge.
  • Frostwynd – Frozen and icy sanctuary.
  • Mythrilguard – Guardian realm of mythical beings.
  • Draconholm – Homeland of mighty dragons.
  • Sylvania – Sylvan and forested land.
  • Celesthor – Celestial and the celestial plane.
  • Umbralreach – Shadowy and enigmatic world.
  • Mythosora – Realm of legendary tales and creatures.
  • Valorian – Realm of honor and valor.
  • Pyroclasm – Realm consumed by volcanic fury.
  • Etherealyst – Realm intertwined with ethereal magic.
  • Aetherreach – Vast and boundless domain.
  • Mysticthorn – Realm of enigmatic and mysterious powers.
  • Zephyroth – Breezy and serene land.

Fantasy Land Names

Realm Names

  • Arcanvale – Enchanted and arcane land.
  • Eldorathia – Ancient and revered domain.
  • Celestis – Celestial and heavenly sanctuary.
  • Sylvandale – Sylvan and forested realm.
  • Mythrendor – Epic and mythical land.
  • Veridian Reach – Lush and verdant territory.
  • Emberholme – Fiery and intense domain.
  • Zephyrhaven – Breezy and tranquil sanctuary.
  • Elysium Isle – Blissful and idyllic island.
  • Shadowfen – Mysterious and shadowy land.
  • Faewynd – Enchanting and magical realm.
  • Celestria – Celestial and divine domain.
  • Solaraan – Sunlit and radiant land.
  • Arcanwood – Mystical and enigmatic forest.
  • Etherealora – Transcendent and ethereal realm.
  • Verdantia – Flourishing and vibrant land.
  • Umbralveil – Shadowy and mysterious sanctuary.
  • Frostholm – Frozen and icy domain.
  • Mythosia – Realm of legends and mythical creatures.
  • Pyroclasia – Volcanic and fiery territory.
  • Driftwood Reach – Serene and tranquil land.
  • Celestine Peaks – Majestic and celestial mountains.
  • Mythrilwood – Ancient and magical forest.
  • Stormridge – Realm of thunderstorms and tempests.
  • Valerian Haven – Valiant and courageous sanctuary.
  • Wyverngrove – Habitat of majestic wyverns.
  • Astralis – Ethereal and cosmic realm.
  • Icelight – Glacial and radiant land.
  • Mysticshade – Enigmatic and mystical domain.
  • Emberhold – Stronghold of fiery forces.

Minecraft Realm Names

Realm Names

  • Blockhaven – Realm of pixelated adventures.
  • Minecrafterra – Terraformed and crafted land.
  • Blockaris – Domain shaped by building blocks.
  • Pixeloria – Pixelated and vibrant sanctuary.
  • Cubicon – a World constructed of cubes.
  • Craftopia – Haven for crafters and builders.
  • Minehaven – Refuge for resource gatherers.
  • Realmcraft – Realm where imagination comes to life.
  • Constructia – Constructed and intricate domain.
  • Blocktopia – Utopian land of blocks.
  • Pixellight – Illuminated and vibrant realm.
  • Cubescapes – Scenic and picturesque landscapes.
  • Craftopia – Realm of endless crafting possibilities.
  • Blockhaven – Sanctuary for block-based adventures.
  • Pixelaria – Pixelated and immersive territory.
  • Brickholm – Domain built upon bricks and mortar.
  • Constructopia – Utopian realm of constructions.
  • Pixelprime – Prime and exceptional pixelated land.
  • Cubicopia – Abundance of cubical wonders.
  • Craftopia – Haven for creative crafting endeavors.
  • Blockarium – Vast and diverse realm of blocks.
  • Pixelhaven – Shelter for pixelated explorers.
  • Craftopia – Land where creativity thrives.
  • Blockshire – Serene and peaceful block-based land.
  • Constructopia – Realm fashioned with construction mastery.
  • Minecropolis – Cityscape built with blocks.
  • Pixelholme – Home for pixelated adventurers.
  • Cubesphere – Spherical and captivating domain.
  • Craftopia – Domain where crafting reigns supreme.
  • Blocklantis – Legendary and fabled city of blocks.

Cool World Names

  • Vortexia – Whirlwind of coolness and excitement.
  • Chromatica – Realm of vibrant colors and hues.
  • Zenithria – Peak of coolness and awesomeness.
  • Nebulora – Nebulous and captivating domain.
  • Frostfire – Fusion of icy and fiery elements.
  • Nova Vista – New and breathtaking vista.
  • Quasarus – Cool and stellar world.
  • Aetherion – Ethereal and cool sanctuary.
  • Electriq – Realm buzzing with electric coolness.
  • Spectravale – Valley of cool spectrums.
  • Zenithora – Zenith of coolness and brilliance.
  • Polarisphere – Cool and polar domain.
  • Chromosphere – Sphere of cool chromatic beauty.
  • Arcticora – Arctic coolness and wonder.
  • Nebulight – Cool and nebulous illumination.
  • Zenithreach – Cool and far-reaching territory.
  • Coolhaven – Haven of coolness and relaxation.
  • Frostflare – Cool and fiery fusion.
  • Quasarora – Cool and radiant realm.
  • Chromospire – Towering and cool spectacle.
  • Stellaris – Cool and stellar domain.
  • Aetherlume – Luminescent and cool sanctuary.
  • Glaciara – Cool and icy wonderland.
  • Nebula Vista – Breathtaking and cool vista.
  • Zenithria – The epitome of coolness and style.
  • Electrovale – Cool and electrifying valley.
  • Polariscape – Cool and polar landscape.
  • Chromasphere – Cool and colorful sphere.
  • Arcticora – Realm of cool Arctic wonders.
  • Nebulight – Cool and luminescent brilliance.

Names For Mythical Lands

Avaloria – Fabled and mythical realm.

Eldorath – Ancient and revered land of legends.

Mythosia – Domain of mythical creatures and beings.

Arcanthal – Arcane and mystical sanctuary.

Mythrendor – Epic and legendary territory.

Faerwyn – Enchanted and magical land.

Celestria – Celestial and heavenly domain.

Sylvari – Sylvan and mystical realm.

Mythriloria – Land of mythical riches and wonders.

Draconia – Realm of majestic dragons.

Verdantara – Lush and vibrant sanctuary.

Wyvernhaven – Haven for noble wyverns.

Valerian Reach – Valiant and courageous domain.

Magistaria – Realm of skilled and knowledgeable beings.

Faeblight – Realm illuminated by fairy magic.

Driftwood Vale – Tranquil and serene land.

Mythospire – Towering and mythical sanctuary.

Aetherholme – Home of ethereal beings and magic.

Celestine Peaks – Majestic and celestial mountains.

Shadowfen – Realm cloaked in darkness and mystery.

Spellweave – Realm intertwined with magic and spells.

Starhaven – Stellar and celestial domain.

Elaria – Elven and enchanting land.

Thundertop – Realm resonating with thunder and lightning.

Frostholde – Frozen and icy sanctuary.

Chronora – Realm shaped by the flow of time.

Moonshade – Realm cast in the gentle glow of the moon.

Mythrilreach – Abode of mythical creatures and riches.

Stormridge – Stormy and tempestuous land.

Everglade – Endless and lush domain.

Lovecraftian Names

Cthulhulith – Ancient and eldritch domain.

Nyarlothepia – Realm of unknowable horrors.

R’lyehora – Sunken and abysmal sanctuary.

Shoggotharis – Land of amorphous and shapeless entities.

Yog-Sothoth – Realm where dimensions converge.

Azathoros – Chaotic and maddening domain.

Dagonshire – Cursed and watery territory.

Hasturhame – Domain bound by the King in Yellow.

Innsmouthia – Twisted and corrupted land.

Deepshade – Realm veiled in eternal darkness.

Carcosa – Surreal and enigmatic sanctuary.

Shub-Nigguroth – Realm of writhing and tentacled horrors.

Yuggoth – Alien and unknown territory.

Necrothule – Land of necromantic abominations.

Dunwich – Haunted and cursed domain.

Miskatonic – Domain of forbidden knowledge.

Azathoria – Realm of eldritch and unfathomable entities.

R’lyeh – Sunken city of ancient dread.

Yuggoth – Alien and unfathomable domain.

Carcosia – Surreal and nightmarish land.

Hasturbrook – Brooding and sinister territory.

Nyarlonde – Realm twisted by cosmic horrors.

Lengshire – Mysterious and desolate sanctuary.

Shoggothra – Land of shapeless and abhorrent creatures.

Innsmouth – Cursed and fish-infested domain.

Necrotide – Realm consumed by necrotic forces.

Dunwich – Haunted and forbidden land.

R’lyehora – Abyssal and maddening sanctuary.

Yuggoth – Alien and incomprehensible domain.

Miskatonia – Forbidden and eldritch territory.

Mythical World Names

Eldoria – Realm of ancient mythical beings.

Enchanteda – Land infused with enchantment and wonder.

Mystiqua – world shrouded in mystery and magic.

Celesterra – Celestial and ethereal domain.

Arcanym – Realm of arcane secrets and powers.

Mythosium – Sanctuary of mythical wonders and tales.

Draconica – Domain ruled by majestic dragons.

Valerion – Land of valor and mythical prowess.

Seraphora – Realm inhabited by celestial beings.

Shadowelde – Mysterious and shadowy land of myths.

Faevaria – Enchanted realm of mystical creatures.

Magistara – Sanctuary of wise and powerful beings.

Sylvania – Sylvan and magical land of nature spirits.

Stellarium – Celestial and starlit world.

Chronosia – Realm where time weaves its mythical tapestry.

Luminae – Luminous and radiant domain.

Wyverndale – Haven for noble wyverns and mythical beasts.

Etherialys – Ethereal and otherworldly sanctuary.

Mythrendia – Epic and legendary land of heroic tales.

Astralora – Realm where astral energies converge.

Valorian – Domain of honor, chivalry, and mythical quests.

Phantasmora – Land of illusions and ethereal spectacles.

Drakonia – Kingdom of mighty and awe-inspiring dragons.

Veridora – Verdant and lush land of mythical creatures.

Stormhelm – Realm of thunderstorms and tempestuous powers.

Celestoria – Celestial and divine sanctuary.

Evergladea – Eternal and enchanted land of mystical wonders.

Pyrothos – Fiery and volcanic domain of mythical forces.

Umbralyn – Shadowy and the enigmatic realm of hidden secrets.

Etherealis – Transcendent and mystical world of ethereal beauty.

Realm Names

How To Choose A Good Realm Name

In the vast realm of fantasy, the choice of a realm name holds great significance. It is the gateway to a world brimming with imagination and wonder, where epic adventures unfold and characters come to life. In this article, we delve into the art of choosing a good realm name, exploring the understanding of realms, reflecting the essence, incorporating symbolism and mythology, utilizing geographical features, embracing cultural influences, and considering linguistic elements to create a realm name that is captivating and memorable.

Understanding Realms

Before diving into the process of choosing a realm name, it is essential to grasp the concept of realms in the realm of fantasy. Realms are the expansive domains in which fantastical stories unfold, each with its own unique characteristics and inhabitants. They can range from magical kingdoms to mystical dimensions or even alternate realities. Understanding the diversity of realm types helps in creating a name that aligns with the specific world you wish to create. Realms hold immense power, and the name chosen for a realm plays a vital role in shaping its identity.

Reflecting the Essence

A good realm name should capture the essence of the realm it represents. It should evoke emotions, imagery, and a sense of wonder. By considering the theme and atmosphere you wish to convey, you can align the name with the realm’s overarching concept. Whether it’s a realm of ancient magic, ethereal beauty, or uncharted mysteries, the name should embody the core elements that define the realm’s nature and allure.

Symbolism and Mythology

Incorporating symbolism and drawing inspiration from mythology adds depth and intrigue to a realm name. Symbols carry inherent meanings and can evoke a range of emotions and associations. By infusing symbolic elements into the realm name, you create a name that resonates on a deeper level with readers or players. Drawing from mythology allows you to tap into rich storytelling traditions and connect your realm to ancient tales and archetypes, adding a layer of depth and familiarity.

Geographical Features

Geography plays a crucial role in the identity of a realm. By utilizing geographical references, you can create a name that instantly transports the audience to the realm’s unique landscape. Whether it’s majestic mountains, enchanted forests, or mystical rivers, incorporating these features into the name enhances the realm’s sense of place. By highlighting the distinct landmarks or terrain, you provide a glimpse into the realm’s world and set the stage for captivating adventures.

Cultural Influences

Cultural influences play a significant role in realm creation. Reflecting cultural identities within the realm name adds authenticity and richness to the world you are building. Embracing folklore, traditions, and mythical creatures from different cultures can infuse the name with unique flavors and depths. By honoring diverse cultural elements, you create a realm that is inclusive and invites exploration of various backgrounds and traditions.

Linguistic Considerations

Crafting a good realm name requires careful consideration of linguistic elements. Exploring phonetics, wordplay, and uncommon terminology can elevate the name’s impact. Creating a melodic and memorable name enhances its ability to resonate with readers or players. Uncommon terminology adds originality and sets the realm apart from others. By weaving together unique linguistic elements, you create a name that lingers in the minds of those who encounter it.


We have explored the fascinating world of realm names and compiled the ultimate list for your reference. Naming your realm is an essential step in creating a captivating and immersive experience, whether you’re a writer, a gamer, or a role-playing enthusiast. With our extensive collection of realm names, you now have a diverse range of options to choose from, each with its own unique flair and appeal.

From mystical lands like Eldoria and Avaloria to futuristic realms like NeoVortex and Technopolis, our list encompasses a wide array of themes and genres. Whether you seek a name that evokes ancient legends, vibrant fantasy worlds, or even dystopian futures, our compilation has something for everyone. Each name on our list has been carefully curated to spark your imagination and add depth to your creative endeavors.

Remember, the realm name you choose sets the stage for your adventures, be it in a novel, a video game, or a tabletop campaign. It serves as the gateway to a universe of possibilities, where heroes rise, civilizations fall, and epic tales unfold. So, let our ultimate list of realm names be your guide as you embark on a journey of creativity and wonder. Unleash your imagination and breathe life into your realms with a name that captures the essence of your vision. Happy exploring!


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