Record Label Names: 400+ Names for Record Labels & Music

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Here we will share with you some cool and creative record label names that will inspire you. We have also shared some music company names for those who are starting a music company.

You are free to use all the recording company names that we have shared. But before finalizing any name, make sure to find out if the name is still available or not. As hundreds of people visit this site daily. Some names might be taken by them.

Here are a few qualities of a good name for your record label:

  • Short, simple, and creative.
  • Easy to understand and memorize.
  • No longer than three words.
  • Tells a story.
  • Catchy and attractive.

Let’s dive in.

Record Label Names

Here are some cool and catchy record label names for your inspiration:

  • Independent Star Records
  • RetroMix Records
  • Record Player Label
  • World Records
  • Mask Records
  • Sidewalk Music
  • Track International
  • Mama Bear Music Group
  • Smile Entertainment
  • Drumbeat Music
  • Alloy Music
  • Opportunity Records
  • Passion Records
  • Oceanview Records
  • Spirit Music
  • White Rabbit Music
  • Matron Music
  • Track Distribution
  • White Feather Records
  • Third Dimension Records
  • Witness Records
  • Midnight Music
  • Ribbon Records
  • Echo Records

Record Company Names

Following are the best record company names for you:

  • Adoration Entertainment
  • Full Moon Records, Inc.
  • Fortune Music
  • Impulse Records
  • Mega Beats
  • Music Monsters
  • Music Rangers
  • Sound Boost Productions
  • HotBed Muxic
  • Syracuse Boom Sounds
  • Luminate!!
  • Loud House Music Studios
  • Acoustic Music
  • Sound Blast!
  • Sound Blends Masters
  • Genius Music House
  • Mix Masters and
  • Universal Records
  • Echo Records
  • Animation Music
  • Lightbulb Records
  • Spark Music Group

Hip Hop Names

Here are some creative hip hop names that you will like the most:

  • Güd Muzic Management
  • Penny Lane Music
  • Under Radar Records
  • Royal Descendant Records
  • First Dance Management
  • Saturday Drive Records
  • Recordeurs
  • Augustine Record Co.
  • Beatnik Records
  • Hit Mixer
  • Spot On Records
  • SingFace Management
  • Sweet16 Music Group
  • Renowned Record Co.
  • Orange Sofa Records
  • Top Charts
  • Chart Toppers
  • Trusted Tunes
  • The Music Machine
  • Music Machinery
  • Studio Supply

Record Label Name Ideas

Here are some record label name ideas and suggestion for you:

  • Hit Mixer
  • Unconventional Records
  • Absolute Records
  • Record Studio Records
  • Track Records
  • Discovery Music
  • Lucky Streak Music
  • Paradise Records
  • Snowflake Music Group
  • Wonder Records
  • Elegance Records
  • Memento International
  • Oceanview Records, Inc.
  • Pinnacle Records
  • Sunshine Music
  • District Records
  • Dragonfire Music
  • Red Lightning Records
  • Repro Records
  • Record Century

Music Company Names

Below are the best music company names for you:

  • Monolith Music
  • Signal Records
  • Pinnacle Records
  • Midnight Records
  • Music Labs Studios
  • Musica Blends
  • Everlasting Sounds
  • Morbid Sounds
  • Sound Roost Productions
  • Summer Aria Recording
  • Lil Ditty Records
  • Red Poppy Recording
  • Daily Sound Dose
  • Platinum Productions
  • Hip-hop Masters
  • Deluge Music
  • Discovery Records
  • Chariot Music
  • Public Record Co.
  • Big Treble Publishing
  • Fretting Guitar Records

Music Studio Names

Here are some cute and clever music studio names for you:

  • Summertime Soundtrack Group
  • Happy Harmony Records
  • Tiny Tune Records
  • Retro Mix Records
  • Record Head Music
  • Magic Makers
  • More Magic Music
  • Sound Systems
  • Record Player Label
  • Magic of Music
  • Music’S Master
  • Well Recorded
  • Tuned in Records
  • Turnt Up Music
  • Real Music Now
  • Swing time Music
  • Love Music Records
  • Modern Modes Music
  • Live Life Records
  • Aired Out Music
  • New Chord

Record Label Names

How to Name Your Record Label

Naming your record label in the right way is really important. It takes a little effort to create amazing names for it but in the end, the work you put in will surely bear fruits.

If we look at the successful businesses around us, we will come to know that people have worked really hard to turn their names into famous brands. And it is not just the services that make businesses successful.

Choosing your business name carefully helps in growing business a lot. If we choose a name that people aren’t even able to understand, how are we supposed to get customers with such a name?

So, it is important to choose a name that reflects your goals and missions. Here are some tips that will help you name your record label:

1.       Brainstorm record label names.

The first step is to create a list of names by brainstorming different ideas. Add all the names on your list that you have thought of yourself.

If you are running short of name ideas, start adding names from the above list of record label names that are available.

You can also get suggestions from your friends and family members who are interested or experienced in the music industry. You will get some good ideas and suggestions from them.

2.       Keep it short and simple.

Business names that are creative, short, and simple have a long-lasting effect on the readers.

We can see that from the business names of famous brands and companies. All of them have names that are really cute. This is because short and simple names are not only liked by people but also, they are memorable. This helps in bringing more customers.

3.       Analyze your competitors.

Make a list of all the famous and successful business names in your area. You can learn a lot from them.

If the name of your competitor is long and contains difficult words, then they have probably put thousands of dollars in making their name a brand.

On the other hand, simple names don’t need to be advertised that much.

4.       4.finalize your business name.

Here are a few things to do before you finalize your business name:

  • Register a domain name to make your online presence.
  • Get all the social media handles for your selected music name.
  • Use your own name or your location name.
  • Get suggestions from people who worked in the same industry.

Good Luck!


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