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Scavenger Hunt Team Names: 400+ Catchy Names for Treasure Hunt

Here we have shared some cool and catchy scavenger hunt team names that you will like. All the catchy names for treasure hunt that we have enlisted are free to use.

The most basic team names are just the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of your friends, like the Pink Ladies from Grease or the Peanuts gang.

Other times, team names are based on a shared interest, like the Harry Potter Alliance, or a fandom, like the Voltron Alliance. Or maybe you come up with a pun that becomes your team name, like the Pun-ishers.

Let’s dive in.

Scavenger Hunt Team Names

Here are some cool and catchy scavenger hunt team names to inspire you:

  • Jesus Lizard
  • Gadget Gurus
  • Mighty Ducks
  • Head Honchos
  • Black Mambas
  • Black Antelopes
  • Agua Minions
  • Ready, Set, Scavenge
  • The Un-Quarantineables
  • Win Diesel
  • Hydroxychloroqueens
  • Tentin Quarantino
  • No More Medals Please
  • Also-Rans
  • Scavenging Slingers
  • Homebound Ninjas
  • Gumshoe Greats
  • Chicky Puzzle
  • Slam Dunkers
  • King Vultures
  • 5 for Fighting
  • The Warriors
  • Jay Hawks
  • The Irene Adler Investigators
  • Quarantine Crew
  • Bottom Line
  • Mudder Runners

Scavenger Hunt Names

Following are the best scavenger hunt names that you will ever find:

  • Fat Ugly and Stupid
  • Sherlock Stay-at-Homes
  • Men of Steel
  • No Love-Love
  • The Two Cans
  • Head Hunters
  • Vincent Van Garrote
  • Bengay for Years
  • Your Pace or Mine?
  • Strapped for Cache
  • The Voldemorticians
  • Running on Empty
  • The Turf Burns
  • Zoomzeum Quaranteam Champs
  • My Corona
  • Looking High & Low
  • Merica
  • Scavenging Slagners
  • Wild Goose Chasers
  • Koalified Bears
  • Indiana Yankees
  • Sleuth Dog
  • Killer Instinct
  • Hoops I Did It Again
  • Juan on Juan
  • The Cuomosexuals
  • Van Goghing to Catch You
  • Slime Balls
  • Won Direction
  • Rooftop Revelers
  • The Crafty Clue Crew
  • Off in Church
  • On the Trail
  • GPS This
  • Number Crunchers
  • The Mind Readers
  • Here for the Exercise
  • Every Day We’re Brusselin’
  • Team Innovation
  • Just Scratching Around
  • Ideas R Us
  • Hide and Seekers

Catchy Names for Treasure Hunt

Here are some creative and catchy names for treasure hunt:

  • Black Hawks
  • 99 Problems But a Pitch Ain’t One
  • Bedroom Lookers
  • Clueminati
  • Nut Crackers
  • Freedboofs
  • The Hawk Eyes
  • The Searchers
  • Twisted Blisters
  • Rogue Reveals
  • The Team That Shall Not Be Named
  • Hurricane Hazard
  • The Rummager
  • Bring Me In
  • Business As Usual
  • Deer Stalkers
  • Win or Booze
  • The Slaying Ninjas
  • Zoom Me Up Scotty
  • Freakin’ Awesomes
  • From a Distance
  • The Think Tank
  • Cannonball Runners
  • The Pistols
  • Hey, Hey We’re the Muggles
  • Drama Llamas and a Unicorn
  • Divas & Doughboys
  • At a Fast Pace
  • Been Scavenging
  • Dutiful Detectives
  • Peas in the Pod
  • Black Anacondas
  • Red Hot Trivia Peppers
  • Tech Pirates
  • The Amazonians
  • Don’t Drink the Lake Water
  • QuaranTEAM
  • Boys That Cried Wolf

Treasure Hunter Names

Below are some unique and cute treasure hunter names:

  • Wolf Pack
  • The Foragers
  • Buckeyes Suspended Again
  • Thunder Gods
  • Looking for Clues
  • Single Belles
  • Blue Wave
  • Goal Diggers
  • Van Gogh Get ’Em!
  • Web Dominators
  • Millangelos
  • Risky Quizness
  • Gold Miners
  • Alien Potatoes
  • Oedipus and the Motherlovers
  • The More Articles
  • We Thought This Was Bingo
  • With Soap
  • Scavenger Society
  • Condor Community
  • Big Dills
  • Hold My Bleach
  • The Hunter Games
  • Green Eggs and Ham
  • Too Much Mustard
  • Sore Winners
  • Slowa and Steady Wins the ARace
  • Red Demons
  • Lock Down Winners
  • Nicki Minaj’s Anacondas
  • Slumdog Slingers
  • Carlo’s Spicy Weiners
  • Spoiler Season
  • Corona Convicts
  • The Smarties

Drinking Scavenger Hunt Team Names

Here are some drinking scavenger hunt team names that you will like:

  • Richard Parker Swims Again
  • The Mudlarks
  • Here We Go Again!
  • Wookiees of the Year
  • The Silt Sifters
  • Love in Alderaan Places
  • The Hunter Games Mystery Inc.
  • Tech Geeks
  • The Shackled Sharks
  • Work from Homies
  • Deal Seekers
  • Dream Team
  • The Emma Watson Adventures
  • In Pursuit
  • Temple of Zoom
  • Avo-Cardio
  • Rising Cache Stars
  • Gatherers Guild
  • Game of Throw-ins
  • Keep Calm and Curry On
  • Seven Stars
  • The Untouchaballs
  • No Limit Seekers
  • This Space Left Intentionally Blank
  • Follow the Leader
  • Everybody Loves Raisins
  • Crazy Chaps
  • Team Apartment 13
  • The Concept Crew
  • Slytherin through the Met
  • Case of the Runs
  • Granger Danger
  • Set to Scavenge
  • Creative Juices
  • Hawkshaw Heroes
  • Team Prosperity
  • Fast but Not Furious
  • Masked Hunters

Road Rally Team Names

Following are the best road rally team names for your inspiration:

  • Quality Control
  • The Finding Fathers
  • Free Foulin’
  • That’s So Ravenclaw
  • Vision Quest
  • Mayhem Driven
  • Furious George
  • Team Zone
  • Free-Range Chickens
  • Chips and Guac
  • Waffle House
  • Scavengers of the Year
  • Looks Like a Hat Day
  • Clue-minati
  • Hallway Lookers
  • Piece of Cakes
  • Finance Wizards
  • The Capitalists
  • Dumbledorable
  • The Brain Trust
  • Sleuth Dogs
  • Its Business Time
  • Darth Taters
  • Lord of the Rims
  • The Dream Builders
  • The Quarantine Contessa
  • A T-Rex Ate My Team Name
  • Amazing Racers
  • The Beastie Balls
  • Pride of Lions
  • Chafing the Dream
  • Jedi Flunk Outs
  • Been Scavenging?

Hunter Group Names

Here are some of the best hunter group names for your inspiration:

  • Bosses in Charge
  • Homerun Hitters
  • Treasure Seekers
  • The Private Eyes
  • Where’s the Gift Shop?
  • 357K
  • Hunters for Hire
  • Don’t Stop Ballieving
  • Vamanos!
  • We Got the Runs
  • Recovery Rebels
  • Stay at Home Hunters
  • No More Debt
  • Bennie and the Nets
  • Double Dare Dutches
  • The Bleacher Boys
  • Identity Theft Is Not a Joke
  • The Inquiry Agents
  • The Scavenger PIs
  • Dynamic Detectives
  • 3 Hours Behind
  • Flying Monkees
  • Track, Trail, & Tail
  • Unearthers
  • Quarantine Queens
  • Degas Nothing on Us
  • It’s a Mad Mad Team
  • Masked Bandits
  • Discovery Derelicts
  • Always An Adventure
  • WL Crushers
  • The Win Sprints
  • Bag of Chips
  • Let’s Get Quizzical
  • The Covid Counting Beans
  • Quarantine Qrew
  • Product Pushers
  • Egg-cellent Team
  • Eye Spy
  • Freaky Finders
  • Virtual Explorers
  • Smells Like Team Spirit
  • Pollution Pirates

Scavenger Hunt Team Names

How to Create Names for Scavenger Hunt Team

Are you interested to form a scavenger hunt team and searching for an attractive name for it? Following are some tips that can prove useful in forming an attractive name for your scavenger hunt team.

First, consider the venue

While creating a scavenger hunt team name, one must think about the venue or the place where the scavenger hunt game will be played. When you add the name of the venue to your team name, it will help you to create an amazing name having a pure resemblance to the game.

For example, if you are going to attend a scavenger hunt in any national park or museum, try to create a scavenger hunt team name having a venue name in front of it.

Who are you?

This is one of the important questions, you need to answer in your scavenger hunt team name. This concept carries the capacity to create a team’s identity among the audience or other competitor teams. It reveals everything about you like who are you? Why you are here? What makes you different from the other teams? And who you want to be.

Sometimes, it seems a little bit corporate but if your team’s name is not able to reflect the identity of the team among the audience, how can you expect big fame for your team.

When you put some effort into creating a name carrying the potential to identify your team, you will get sponsors easily who will like to invest in your team. On the contrary, if you do this half-heartedly or pay no heed to the naming process, you can face a big failure, doesn’t matter how hardworking your team is. You need perfect bondage between your team and its name.

Think about an animal name

When you are struggling to select a suitable scavenger hunt team name, thinking about the imagery can be the best idea to get some help. Animal names are the best way that can inspire you.

If you think about the animal names like “Lion” or “Leopard”, the words that probably come into your mind would be Power, Bravery, and strength. On other hand, the animal name like “fox” will bring the words like skill, sneaky and cunning.

Feel free to use these names for your team, famous players from any other sport or team can also help you to create a good scavenger hunt team name.

Use location

Adding some descriptions like using the name of your country, state, city, or town in your team name can give it more power. Using location also make team name a unique thing. After you have selected a name for your scavenger hunt team, add the name of your city before it.

If you are living in New York, Sydney, or Cape town, you can “N.Y”, “C.T” or Sydney in front of your team name. you can see that after adding location, your team name will become localized, unique, and different as compared to the others.

By adding a perfect adjective, you can more beauty into the scavenger hunt team name. Using an adjective before your team name will help you to reveal the unique traits of your team among the audience. Avoid using too general or vague adjectives like “wonderful” or “amazing”. Remember, these adjectives will also make your team name a general thing, no matter how much effort you have made for generating a creative or catchy name.

Color your team

All the sports teams wear uniforms of different colors having some resemblance with their name or traits. So, you also need to select a color looking perfect with your team name and Logo. Keep in mind that you have to develop the right match between your team name and uniform color.

For example, if you have added an animal name like Leopard in your team name, you may select a uniform color matching the skin color of the leopard.

The team logo is another thing that you should not forget while selecting a color for your team’s uniform. Developing asymmetry between logo and uniform color can be a daunting task to accomplish. But once you have done with this process, you will have a great scavenger hunt team name with beautiful uniform color matching with the logo.

Moreover, you need to be very heedful in this process. Even a small error can spoil all your effort and time you have invested.

Don’t make it offensive

An offensive team name can break your team and also put an unending bad impression on the audience. While forming a scavenger hunt team name, you need to be careful that it is not offending any individual or group of people belonging to any other religion, race, or ethnic community.

If you have done it mistakenly, think about another catchy or try to remove that specific aspect that is making your team name offensive.


If you are feeling it difficult to form an attractive scavenger hunt team name, you may take help from brainstorming. It is considered a key part of the naming process. Before starting a brainstorming, you need to know that it is not a process that will complete in 5 to 10 minutes. It can hours to complete successfully, so you need to patient.

Take a pencil and pen and start thinking about the ideas and words having a relation with a scavenger hunt or which can be useful in creating a perfect scavenger hunt team name. Don’t stop your pen, think and write every aspect and idea related to the scavenger hunt game. You may form a list of ideas that you have written in this process.

After forming a long list, narrow down it to 4 to 5 ideas and start working on it. You can also mash or combine two ideas to form a creative name for your scavenger hunt team.

Be creative

Try to add some creativity to your team name. The more you add creativity to your team name, the more it will be the right scavenger hunt team name.


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