Science Slogans: 200+ Science Phrases and Funny Science Quotes

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One can use Science Slogans for many purposes like for science schools, academies, laboratories, seminars, etc. We are providing you with 200+ Science Slogans. Keep reading.

What is Science? Science is the knowledge of the universe, which is obtaining from observations and experiments.

At an earlier age, the philosophers were giving predictions about nature and the system of nature. Democritus was a philosopher, and he described that all matter is composed of atoms.

Later, Dalton explained the atomic structure scientifically.

There are two categories in Science; Physical Science and Biological Science.

Physical Science is the study of the Inorganic world; Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, and Astronomy are the branches of Physical Science.

Zoology, Botany, and Micro Biology are the branches of Biological Science. Biological Science is the study of the Organic world.

Slogans are one of the best ways of delivering a specialty about things, events, and business. It draws the attention of the people.

Science rocked, but science schools, academies, laboratories, etc. need attention, and we can do it by Science Slogans.

There are many people in backward areas which don’t appreciate Science. They need motivation and attraction to Science and technology.

Let’s dive in.

Science Slogans

Following are some cool and creative science slogans:

  • Science is the secret of today’s living.
  • They copied the bird and invented the airplane. Now the birds and humans are flying in the sky.
  • Science began from philosophy, and now it is an art.
  • Every problem has a solution. I learned it from Math.
  • Don’t stop questioning. Science has no limits.
  • If you wonder about the motion of the sun and earth, then study Physics.
  • Enjoy the fruit of Science.
  • Think like a scientist.
  • Build the world with new inventions and discoveries.
  • Study Chemistry and makes valuable products from raw materials.

Science Phrases

Below are some cool and catchy science phrases:

  • Engineers apply the work of scientists. You have to take Science first.
  • Don’t be afraid of failure. In Science, it is fair before new things deliver.
  • Search for energy everywhere. By it, you can break a barrier.
  • Need is the mother of invention. Make, at least, give a prediction.
  • Around you, it’s all Science.
  • Science is a precious gift of nature to humans. Don’t distort it.
  • Conservation of energy will allow you to live more and comfortably.
  • Educate your children and teach them Science. In the future life will be nice.
  • Science opens the door to development.
  • Search for everything on the earth and find it and use it in the advancement of the world.
  • Science: A hope of the nation.

Funny Science Sayings

Here are some cute and funny science sayings:

  • It looks like magic, but it’s not. It’s called Science and Technology.
  • Don’t be silent. Always ask the question because you’re in the Science world.
  • The advantage of Science is; today’s technology.
  • When you reject Science, you will become the fool of the world.
  • Science gives with prove.
  • Want skills in your life? Learn Science skills.
  • Learn Science at any cost.
  • Knowledge is power, and you can get it by studying Science.
  • Science is the key to success.
  • The experience of Science is Universal. Get it.
  • Ignoring the Science, the undeveloped ages will again come.
  • Without Science, we are ignorant.

Science Quotes for Students

Following are the best science quotes for students:

  • Science adorns life.
  • Science works. It won and wins.
  • Science gives power to the armies.
  • When there is Science, then there is a price.
  • No one can ignore Science.
  • Science can produce many things. Respect it.
  • Science told the things which we didn’t know.
  • You can see bacteria and can kill them. Still not believe?
  • Study Science. Its fruit is sweet.
  • Science gives freedom to the human being.
  • You cannot support the poor on the arts subjects.

Funny Research Quotes

Below are some funny research quotes that will make you smile:

  • Take care of your scientist; it’s your future’s technology.
  • The organized knowledge of the universe is Science.
  • Don’t give up. Lots of scientists had seen lots of failures.
  • Everyone trusts in Science.
  • Science rocked!
  • In Science, you will learn or win.
  • Don’t Fear. Only Wear. It’s Lab Time.
  • Focus on your work. In Science, everything matters.

Funny Science Quotes

Here are some unique and funny science quotes:

  • Technology is Superpower. Science gives technology.
  • Fail. Learn. Repeat.
  • Don’t hold everyone back. Ready for Science, don’t be illiterate.
  • Science is the cause for living. Nowadays.
  • Everyone knows Science matters.
  • Don’t give up. You will win or learn.
  • You can develop your country, army, and people through Science.
  • Science is the language of reality.
  • Don’t be mice. Learn Science.

Science Slogans

How to Write a Science Slogan

A slogan is a few words phrase which attracts and persuades the people towards the event, business, or any other purpose. Writing a slogan is not as easy as writing a simple sentence.

A splendid slogan covers the specialty of the event, product, business, or any other purpose and consistent with providing and offers.

You have to cover the benefits, importance of Science in Science Slogans. We have provided you with 200+ slogans. Pick the one which fits best to your purpose or write it with your hand.

We are providing you with some tips that will help you in creating the best Science Slogans.

Brainstorm and Make a List of Slogans

Brainstorming is the best way of writing a slogan. The free writing of ideas about any purpose is known as brainstorming. Take a pen and a page and sit comfortably.

Start thinking about the benefits and importance of Science and Technology and write every related thought; don’t limit your ideas. Make a list of Science slogans based on your thoughts and ideas.

Ask From Family and Friends

Your family members and friends can give the best slogans about Science because today’s generation is aware of Science. In a home, every 2nd person studies Science. Ask those friends who are in touch with Science.

Keep it Simple and Sweet.

Simple slogans are meaningful and attractive. If you write a hard to understand and tedious Science slogan, you will only distract people. Therefore create a simple science slogan. And simple is always sweet.

Finalize your Slogan

First of all, shortlist your list of Science slogans by applying the above steps to your list. After that, it’s time to finalize your Science slogan. Create a poll on Facebook and lets people decide which is the best slogan on your list.


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