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Scrum Team Names: 400+ Best and Fun Agile Team Names

Scrum Team Names

Here we have shared some cool and catchy scrum team names that you will like. All the agile team names that we have enlisted are free to use anywhere you want.

Scrum adopted the concept of “product backlog” which is a list of items, features, requirements, enhancements and bugs that a product owner wants to include or complete in a software release.

It is the responsibility of the product owner to manage this list during a sprint planning meeting. During this meeting, the product owner prioritizes all product backlog items for the upcoming sprint.

Let’s dive in.

Scrum Team Names

Here are some cool and catchy scrum team names that are good to use:

One Word Scrum Team Names

Following are the best one word scrum team names for you:

Kanban Team Names

Below are some creative and unique Kanban team names for you:

Fun Agile Sprint Names

Here are some clever and fun agile sprint names that will impress you:

Agile Team Names

Following are the best agile team names of all time:

How to Create Scrum Team Names

Are you still trying to create a catchy and attractive name for your team? we know how to name a scrum team in a perfect. Following are some important points that can help you to form fascinated scrum team name.

Keep it simple

While creating a name for the scrum team, you need to keep in mind the simplicity of the team name. Avoid creating a difficult or complicated name. The more your team name is difficult, the more it will be hard to remember and pronounce.

A long or complicated name is not easy to spell. Such a team name carries the capacity to create misconceptions or misinterpretations among the audience.

Be very careful while designing a team name because the name can make or break your team. It is considered a key asset of a team, nothing can replace it. It is the only thing that speaks on your behalf.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter whether your team name is easy to spell or pronounce or not. For example, when it comes to a quiz competition, you need a scrum team name that is easy to spell and pronounce whereas; for the fun contest and gaming, it is not important either a team name is easy to pronounce or not.

Say goodbye to an offensive name

The name you have created for your scrum team should not carry an offensive word or idea which can hurt an individual or group of people belonging to a specific religion, race, ethnic community, opinion or any of your team member. Must consider the members of competing while developing your team name or before giving a suggestion.

On other hand, it can be fun to develop an offensive name but you must know the limit. You should draw a boundary line before doing so. Don’t forget that if you are creating an offensive team, you are simply going to insult your audience or team member of yours or competing, team.

How can you expect that your team will get big support or a brilliant win if you don’t know how to play with words while selecting a scrum team name?

If you mistakenly formed an offensive team name, change it or start working on selecting a new one. Remember that changing a team name is not an easy task to accomplish it required the same effort and time you have invested in forming a new name.

Is it catchy?

After you have formed a scrum team name, you need to assess either it is catchy or not. You don’t need a confused or boring name for your team.

You can test your team name by asking your family and friends that how its sounds. Also, ask them to give you suggestions regarding your team name. creating a poll on social media Like Facebook and Twitter is also the best idea to know about your team name.

If you have a big budget for the naming process, you can also go for a survey by building a perfect questionnaire. Otherwise, you can email your questionnaire to your target audience.

If you want to get some feedback, you need to develop 4 t 5 creative and unique names and ask your friends and family to select the right scrum team name. Before doing so, ensure that all these names sound good when they have spoken aloud. Sometimes, names look good on paper but feel awkward when they have spoken aloud.

Make sure your team is happy

This is one of the important points of the naming process. After you have derived a scrum team name, ask your team members are happy and satisfy with this name. Keep in mind that name is the only thing to keep your team members encouraged and motivated all the time. it urged them to work hard for a big win against their rival team.

Your team name is of no use if it doesn’t carry the potential to push or inspire all the team members for great success. It may sound awkward to know about the happiness of team members but it is true that “happiness comes first”.

How can you think about a team name which is not comfortable for your team members? It is the only asset that creates a team’s identity among the audience, nothing is more effective than your team name.

Should convey a message

A good team name always has a positive message hidden in it but it is also of great importance that your team name should convey a message. No matter what name you have selected for your scrum team, it should convey a message.

An opposite team name

It is also a good or cool way to create a team name carrying the ability to conquer the name of your opponent team. For example, if the name of the opponent team is “Brave Angels”, you can choose the name “Dare Devils” for your team. If they are “Christ” you can be the “Christ-killers”. Hope you have got the point.

Put together a committee

Creating a name for a team is not an easy process, it can be a daunting task to accomplish if you don’t know how to create a perfect team name. if you are facing it difficult to form the right scrum team name, you can put together a team that will work together to generate a perfect name for your team.

Ask your team captain to choose 4 to 5 experienced and expert members for the committee. Also, select a committee leader to make decisions.

After a committee leader has selected the members, ask them to form a list small list of 5 to 7 name or ideas which can be useful in developing a team name. In this way, you will have a large number of ideas and words to form an attractive scrum team name.

After a committee leader has narrowed down the list, start working on it. You can also mash or combine two names to form a catchy scrum team name.


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