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Selling Photos Online: Make Money Selling Your Photos (8 Ways)

Is there a natural tendency in you to click pictures? Do you enjoy roving with the camera hanging around your neck? If yes and you want to know how to make money by selling photos then you are on the right page. Selling photos online isn’t that hard.

Earning money with the help of breathtaking snaps is something every talented photographer can do. The best use of your photos is to sell them. Selling these photos will help you put your hands on a handsome amount of money.

The only criteria your pictures have to fulfill are that they have to be an eye-catching, sensational, imaginative, bright color and are of decent contrast.

How To Sell Photos Online

The best-case scenario in this regard is to sell these photos in the online market.

In contrast to most online earning platforms that require training and specializations, this method provides beginners with equal benefits as that of experienced ones to present their photos.

There are various opportunities and most of the time you don’t need any authorization or authentication to post your images and get noticed.

Several ways can be utilized by Potential photographers to make money by selling photos.

Here are several ways for photographers to sell their photos online for money:

1) Photo Stock Websites

sell my photos online for money

One of the key domains for the photos to generate a handsome amount from them is online advertising websites.

Various businesses, companies, and bloggers require a bundle of photos to advertise themselves.

A beginner who wishes to make money online by selling photos have to look for some of these websites and advertising agencies to get paid for his clicks.

Although numerous websites offer this kind of earning for photographers. There are some on which chances of photos to sell out are marginally greater like “123RF”,” Adobe Stock”,” Getty Images” and “Look Photos”. All you have to do is to sign up and post your images and your account will be credited when someone downloads your photos.

2) Social Media Platform

make money taking picture

As a Photographer, the best chance for you to make money by selling photos is to get noticed by a vast audience and there is no place or platform better than to stop eyes on your clicks better than social media sites.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ provide its users with an opportunity to post their photos. These images can be seen by a diverse audience and the photographer can get a response on these photos.

Even a beginner can make money by selling photo prints to the people who like their photos posted on social media websites. Determine the prices to photos and post them to as much diversity as you can.

3) Selling photos to e-Magazines

websites to sell photography

The long term, engaged and recommended method to make money by selling photos is posting of these in magazines.

Magazines require photos to cover their story as photos provide visual imagery along with the alluring diction.

Along with these magazines are the source of the advertising industry for many local as well as international businesses and entrepreneurs.

Magazine Publication houses can provide photographers with contacts of these companies and agencies from where they get photos for publications.

4) Photography Contests

where to sell photos

As a beginner, understandably your belief on yourself is not up to that extent where you think of your skills good enough to win a photography contest. Remodel this thought as there are not just the experts only who join these contests.

The contest in which you are participating will surely contain a blend of photographers with different levels of experience and expertise. Don’t drive yourself to the road of low confidence by this mere thought that you are a beginner.

Beginners can make money by selling photos by participating in these kinds of contests as they have nothing to lose, even if you as a beginner don’t win the prize, the contest will help you to achieve the exposure and confidence.

There are plenty of contests ongoing, look for the one with free or lower entry fee.

5) Become a paparazzo

how to sell your photos

As a beginner, most of you are unfamiliar with the term “paparazzo” till this point of time but anymore.

Paparazzo is an independent photographer who takes pictures of high-profile people, such as athletes, actors, politicians, and other celebrities.

There are places that are known as celebrity hotspots. These are areas where celebrities often make appearances, discuss business. And sit together for refreshment or any other purpose are the working boundaries for a photographer to capture the latest photos of these celebrities. Then sell them online on various platforms to make money by selling photos.

6) Description with photos (Selling Photography Prints)

Just like every other marketplace seller have to facilitate buyers by communication both one way (description) and two way, the client only engages himself with the buyer in two way communication if he gets impressed by the one-way description (one-way communication).

To sell your photo prints to make money mostly on social media platforms you have to compel the buyer to communicate with you directly and this can be done if your description with your photo (quality one of course) is strong enough to generate a desire in the buyer’s heart.

Writing descriptions with alluring diction helps you to make money by selling photos.

7) Smartphone Apps

We are living in the era of smartphones and what can be the best way to make money by selling photos than using smartphones.

Several apps are utilized by photographers to make a decent amount of money by their clicked snaps. AGRO Images, Foap, Dreamstime and Snapwire are the most common of them.

By using this mode of making money you just a Smartphone with a healthy internet connection and of course a good photographic eye.

8) Establish Contacts

This comes late in the list as this is only relevant to making more money. Carrying the sense that you are already making money by using any of the above-mentioned platforms. Contacts with the clients lead to further clients.

The basic but the most important thing to do to prolong your work activity and make money by selling photos continuously is to keep interacting with your clients from time to time not letting them go any other seller.


If you are passionate about photography, use these ways to sell your photos and make money.

Try every option and see which ones work best for your skills, schedule, and lifestyle. Most importantly stick to at least two of them for better production of money.

Be an obvious choice for the people and don’t let them search away for photos. I hope this article has helped you to gain enough knowledge on how to make money by selling photos.


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