400 Best Shield Names That You Can Use

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Here we have shared some cool and creative Shield Names that you will like. Over the last year, we have helped thousands of people name their businesses, characters, and pets.

You can also choose a good name from the below list of Shield Names. But make sure to select such a name that will impress your friends and family.

Let’s dive in.

Shield Names

Here we have shared some of the best cool and catchy shield names:

  • Truthbreaker, Tower Shield of Wraiths
  • Gloom, Warden of the Queen
  • Vengeance, Ward of Terror
  • Soldier’s Mithril Guardian
  • Cometfall
  • Pride’s Ironbark Aegis
  • Extinction, Last Hope of Blessed Fortune
  • Vindicator Glass Tower Shield
  • Reign Breaker, Token of Light’s Hope
  • Stalker, Savagery of Suffering’s End
  • Tranquility
  • Flimsy Iron Guard
  • Judgement Shield Wall
  • Ebon Light Shield
  • The Observer, Breaker of the Moonwalker
  • Last Words, Heater of Hate
  • Wall of Insanity
  • Mended Heavy Shield
  • Warrior Ward
  • Destiny’s Song, Secret of Wasted Time
  • Silent Heavy Shield
  • Rand
  • Knight’s Fall, Call of the Wind
  • Lightning Carapace
  • Fearful Buckler
  • Warden’s Tower Shield
  • Ghost-Forged Yew Greatshield
  • Ghostly Ashwood Greatshield
  • Hopeless Ironbark Kite Shield
  • Vacuum
  • Ivory, Vindicator of Visions
  • Barbaric Maple Shield
  • Mercy, Conservator of the Lion
  • Face of Death
  • Extinction
  • Nightbane, Defiler of Corruption
  • Rage, Wall of Giantslaying
  • Forsaken Kite Shield
  • Painkiller
  • Whistling Ashwood Tower Shield
  • The Shadow, Hero of the Lone Victor
  • Ragnarok, Might of Shadow Strikes
  • Honed Glass Bastion
  • Honor’s Will, Call of the Banished
  • Honor’s Guard
  • Extinction, Memory of Summoning
  • Judgement Maple Barricade
  • Cursed Heater
  • Champion’s Guard
  • King’s Legacy
  • Colossus, Greatshield of the Protector
  • The Iron Maid
  • Brutal Maple Ward

Famous Shield Names

Below are some of the best famous shield names that you will like:

  • Wall of Pain
  • Dragonscale, Blockade of the West
  • Oathkeeper, Champion of Cruelty
  • Bombardment, Memory of Stealth
  • Trinity, Defiler of Torment
  • Stormbringer, Steward of Conquered Worlds
  • Gladiator’s Silver Shield Wall
  • Warrior’s Keeper
  • Dawnbreaker, Vengeance of the Moonwalker
  • Vengeance
  • Twisted Silver Heavy Shield
  • The Black Hole, Kite Shield of the Moon
  • Wretched Titanium Guard
  • Baneful Guardian
  • Convergence
  • The Ambassador, Caretaker of Traitors
  • Perfect Storm
  • Lost Paradise, Glory of Thunder
  • Curator Ward
  • Phantom Guard
  • Devinity, Last Hope of the Storm
  • Yearning Heavy Shield
  • Cold-Forged Keeper
  • Champion’s Heavy Shield
  • The Ambassador, Heirloom of Trials
  • Desolation Bronzed Buckler
  • Last Words, Promise of Phantoms
  • Nethersbane, Call of the Wretched
  • Eclipse, Curator of Suffering
  • The Oculus, Memory of Illuminated Dreams
  • Hope
  • Forsaken Titanium Visage
  • Blackout, Vindicator of Wasted Time
  • Misfortune’s Shield Wall
  • Coliseum
  • Perfect Storm, Soul of the Storm
  • Reforged Golden Heavy Shield
  • Tranquility, Bane of the Caged Mind
  • Persuasion
  • Ironbark
  • Stalker, Shield of the Stars
  • Unholy Keeper
  • Honor’s Pride, Blockade of the Whispers
  • Polished Skeletal Shield Wall
  • Forsaken Warpwood Visage
  • Ogre
  • Misfortune’s Blockade
  • Fortune’s Buffer
  • Holy Buckler
  • Prelude
  • Protector’s Ashwood Carapace

Shield Maiden Names

Following are some of the best fantastic shield maiden names to impress you:

  • Dawnguard, Reach of the Fallen
  • Spectral Steel Wall
  • Feral Keeper
  • Redemption, Gift of Stealth
  • Sanctify
  • Despair
  • Faithkeeper, Reach of the Lasting Night
  • Faithkeeper, Shield of Broken Dreams
  • Retribution Hardwood Armament
  • Kingdom’s Heart, Savagery of Unholy Might
  • Wrathful Redwood Carapace
  • Last Rites
  • Storm-Forged Buckler
  • The Barricade, Shield Wall of the Queen
  • Primitive Obsidian Light Shield
  • Challenger Maple Ward
  • Silence
  • Fate, Wit of the Ancients
  • Betrayal
  • Wit’s End, Deflector of Denial
  • Soul Infused Ivory Visage
  • Inherited Keeper
  • The Abyss
  • The Boon, Gift of Hope
  • Blood Infused Armament
  • Extinction, Terror of the Empty Void
  • The Keeper, Champion of the Protector
  • Honor’s Call, Last Hope of the Lion
  • Treachery
  • Vigilante
  • The Mountain
  • Victor Ironbark Guard
  • Hero’s Stand, Shepherd of the Moon
  • Path of Exile, Legacy of the Dreadlord
  • Honor’s Grasp, Cunning of the Sun
  • Stormcaller, Emissary of the Flame
  • Shadow Mithril Shield Wall
  • Eulogy, Gift of the Void
  • Silverlight
  • Pride’s Wall
  • Voice of Madness, Champion of the Summoner
  • Selfreflection
  • Peacekeeper, Dawn of Black Magic
  • Firesoul Buffer
  • Face of Insanity
  • Faithkeeper
  • Thunder Adamantite Aegis
  • Bloodlust

Shield Shape Names

In this list, you will see some of the best amazing shield shape names that you will like:

  • Spectral Skeletal Defender
  • Storm-Forged Warden
  • Warsong
  • Terror Ward
  • Captain’s Shield Wall
  • The Mirror
  • Wind’s Bronzed Guardian
  • Kingdom’s Heart
  • Knight’s Fall, Buffer of the Lionheart
  • Cataclysm, Last Stand of Dragonsouls
  • Oathsworn
  • Thunderstorm Steel Kite Shield
  • Banished Ivory Visage
  • Honed Buffer
  • Ebony
  • Fierce Blockade
  • Eclipse, Curator of the Burning Sun
  • Wall of Honor
  • Supremacy
  • Knightfall
  • The Sentinel
  • Skullcrusher, Buckler of Trembling Hands
  • Renewed Bulwark
  • Lich Bronze Greatshield
  • Ogre, Aegis of the Depth
  • Possessed Hardwood Blockade
  • Hero’s Keeper
  • Voice of Honor
  • Pride’s Honor
  • Stormguard Guard
  • Ivory
  • Eternal Bastion
  • The Brute
  • Military Bone Buckler
  • Nightbane, Buffer of the Daywalker
  • Berg, Protection of Hope
  • Truthbreaker
  • Dawnbreaker
  • Eclipse
  • Mercy
  • The Shadow
  • Ritual Redwood Guardian
  • Hollow Glass Defender
  • Vortex
  • Curved Oak Wall
  • Treachery, Emissary of the Prince
  • Treachery’s Ironbark Visage
  • Pride’s Yew Armament
  • Promised Heavy Shield

Unique Shield Names

In this list, you will see some useful and simple unique shield names:

  • Armageddon, Cry of the Gladiator
  • Hero’s Stand, Warden of the Prince
  • Valkyrie, Heater of Silence
  • Wisdom’s Hold
  • Hero’s Stand
  • Barbaric Ebon Shield Wall
  • Frail Bronze Keeper
  • Omega
  • Ominous Bulwark
  • Desire’s Ironbark Ward
  • Spiteful Obsidian Tower Shield
  • Vicious Warpwood Aegis
  • Cyclone, Promise of Delusions
  • Holy Tower Shield
  • Peacekeeper
  • Undead Silver Heater
  • Replica Shield
  • Trainee’s Adamantite Aegis
  • Justice
  • Red Dwarf, Oath of the Flame
  • Rage, Call of Grace
  • Twilight’s Shield
  • Hell’s Scream
  • Eclipse, Bulwark of the Sunwalker
  • Mercenary Bulwark
  • Silence, Angel of Illuminated Dreams
  • The Voice
  • Hero’s Calling
  • The Grand Slam
  • Amnesia
  • Malice, Deflector of the Whispers
  • Defiled Armament
  • Voice of Insanity
  • Triumph, Caretaker of Black Magic
  • Thirsty Shield Wall
  • Vengeance, Shield of Eternal Sorrow
  • Fiery Warpwood Shield
  • Prime Heavy Shield
  • Vacuum, Shepherd of Power
  • Captain’s Guardian
  • Furious Warden
  • Echo
  • Liar’s Iron Guard
  • Peace Maker
  • The Boon
  • Berg, Last Hope of Mourning
  • The Sentinel, Shield Wall of the Banished
  • Nightbane
  • Smooth Warpwood Shield
  • Truthbreaker, Legacy of the Incoming Storm
  • Starlight

Shield Names

How to write Shield Names

Have you ever tried coming up with a good name for a character in your favorite book series? If you’re like, me, then you’ve probably spent hours trying to come up with a shield name, but you still end up with the same boring name every time.

I’m here to help you with that problem. I’ve collected some shield names from different sources, including novels, movies, and comics, which you can use to come up with a name for your characters in your favorite book series.

Here are some tips to create shield names.

Keep it Short and Simple

Have you ever tried to come up with a name for a character in a roleplaying game? If so, you know how hard it can be. You begin with a pile of names and eventually you find one that you like, but getting it right the first time is a challenge.

This is because they are long and boring names. You should find names that are short and simple.

It’s a pain to have a long, unwieldy name. You can’t just be Kaitlin or Jane or Taryn. You need something specific and not too common.

Make it memorable.

Shield names that are short and sweet are usually memorable too. To make a name memorable, make sure it is easy to understand and say aloud. When a name is easy to understand, it automatically fits in the subconscious mind of people and thus cratering a memory in their mind.

To come to know whether your selected name is memorable or not, say it a few times loudly and you will come to know if it’s memorable or not.

Avoid Difficult Names

Some names are creative but difficult to understand and memorize. Although they look cool, they should be ignored. This is because they aren’t memorable. People try to avoid all the dwarf names that include hard to spell words.

When a name has hard to understand and memorize words, it becomes quite impossible for the audience to understand it.


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