400 Shopping Mall Names Ideas and Suggestions

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Have you considered opening a shopping mall? If so, you should know that finding a suitable name for it can be tricky. This article contains a huge list of shopping mall names that could be perfect for your new business.

If you’re looking for a unique shopping center name, you’ve landed in the right place. This article features some truly impressive shopping mall names. They cover a wide range of niches, so you should be able to find something that fits your brand.

But where do you start when trying to come up with a great name? There’s a ton of information out there on the internet that will give you inspiration. So if you’re looking to come up with a great shopping center name, the search can be fruitful.

Shopping centers can generate a ton of revenue, which makes them an attractive investment opportunity. However, finding the perfect name for your business can be challenging. So when it comes to naming your new store, consider some of these shopping center names.

Shopping Mall Names

Malls are shopping centers with a variety of retail stores such as clothing boutiques, grocery stores, convenience stores, and restaurants.

Most malls also have a large entertainment section which includes movie theaters, bowling alleys, skating rinks, and arcades. A shopping mall can easily generate revenue through rent payments.

  • Amazing Date
  • Villa Del Sol
  • Village Square Mall
  • Raw Dog Clothes
  • Drop Five Digital Outlet
  • Subtle Shopper
  • Kitchen Stuff Plus
  • Universe University
  • Stop & Shop Super Mart
  • Hudson Market
  • Grow To Glow
  • Best Buy
  • Hudson Mall
  • Craft Retail
  • Get & Go Mall
  • Shop Soul
  • The Mega Store
  • Bellville Mall
  • Shopping Feel
  • Golden Goods
  • SPAR Mart
  • Mall Of Asia
  • Save More Mart
  • Corona Virus Mall
  • Lakeside Shopping Centre
  • Market 333
  • Not Just Groceries
  • Prop Shop
  • Market Select
  • Cherry on Top
  • Brandroot
  • Treasure Plaza
  • The Good Grocers
  • Kin Shing Market
  • Dual Mall
  • Supreme Good
  • Royal Reality
  • Delta Shops
  • Galleon Mall Place
  • Target Supper Mall
  • Good Store
  • Fun Knick Knacks
  • Root Shoots
  • Get way Mall
  • Excellent Supermarket
  • Sun, Ski and Surf Mall
  • Bayfair Mall
  • Pine Grocery
  • Happy Zone
  • Platinum Retail
  • Center Station
  • Shop Drop
  • Shoes Discount
  • City Acres Market
  • The Full Cart
  • Plum Market
  • Speed Apparel
  • Park To Shop Supermarket

Shopping Mall Name List

Shopping malls are a very lucrative business to enter, but it comes with a large investment. To build a successful mall, you need to buy land, build a facility, and hire staff. You may also need to invest in marketing efforts.

To find shopping mall names for your business, try using the keyword “shopping mall.” There are hundreds of different search results, and you’ll see that many people are already using this name to refer to a shopping center. For example, “ShopTown Mall” has over 2 million monthly visitors.

  • Center Pointe Mall
  • URBAN Mall
  • Shopper’s Shelter
  • The Shopping Guru
  • Green Palace
  • Bluebird Shopping Center
  • Bowls Of Summer View
  • Street Corner Grocery
  • Super Life
  • Shopping Valley
  • Wonder Land
  • Shop To It
  • Whitelaw Market
  • Marina Mall
  • Mega Shopper
  • Public Market
  • Maxi Babes Dresses
  • Fast Paced
  • Centennial Mall
  • Hearty Goods
  • New Life Natural Mart
  • The Residence Lounge
  • Metro Center Mall
  • Avenue 20
  • Grand Palace
  • Globe Store West
  • Happy Groceries
  • Renegade Gang Apparel
  • Shop & Save Market
  • Just One Supermarket
  • Roses Online Store
  • New way
  • Fancy Sixties
  • The Core Complex
  • Phenom Palace
  • The Mall Of Chicago
  • Betterbuy Carts
  • Yours Clothing
  • Suitcase Mall
  • Shopping City
  • Max Mall
  • Each & Every
  • Business Bustle
  • Shopper’s Shelter Mall
  • Eco Center Mall
  • Under One Roof
  • Golden Gifts
  • Bluewater Shopping Centre
  • Retail Super
  • Retail Reveal
  • Boulder City Mall
  • Figure To Figures
  • Food 4 Less Store
  • The Grocery Store
  • City Store
  • Shoppers Plaza
  • Retail Best
  • Shopping Done

Funny Mall Names

When it comes to commercial real estate, shopping malls continue to be popular. According to a recent study, malls make up 11% of the entire real estate market. There are around 5,000 malls in America. This number is predicted to double by 2030.

Malls tend to be profitable businesses that generate a significant amount of revenue per square foot. They also benefit from high foot traffic, which increases the number of potential customers in the mall.

Here are some shopping mall business name suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Ecart Teens
  • New Plaza
  • Treat Retreat
  • Shopping Date
  • Shopping Arcade
  • Shift Gifts
  • Complex Shop
  • Conveniently Yours
  • Forever Shopping Mall
  • Utterly Good
  • Fine Wine Supermarket
  • Shop Merchant
  • Everything Store
  • Richwell Mall
  • Sunmoon Clothes And Accessories
  • Prospect Market
  • Aura Retail
  • Tip Top Shopping Center
  • Seven-Eleven Mall
  • The Everyday Store
  • Latin Grocery
  • The Harvest Store
  • Best of British
  • Retail Recall
  • Care Zone
  • Blueberries Shopping Center
  • Shark Bay Mall
  • Woolworths Mall
  • Clicked In
  • Amazing Mall
  • Joe Tarder
  • Sky Shopping City
  • Wear Mall
  • The Everyday Grocery
  • Prime Retailers
  • The Mall of the Dead
  • American Style Center
  • Alterra Rosemary
  • Happy Faces Draperies
  • Fairway Market
  • Mason Square Mall
  • Sally Beauty Supply
  • Heaven Day
  • AllStar Retail
  • Extra Large
  • Scottsdale Mall
  • Fashion Bug
  • Eco Market

Shopping Center Names

A shopping center is a place where people can go to shop for goods. They may sell anything including clothing, shoes, food, and even computers.

Shopping centers range in size from a few thousand square feet to several million. Most shopping centers have a variety of different stores that operate in the same space.

  • The Saving Mall
  • Luxury Lines
  • Playful Products
  • Grand Food Mart
  • New Boutique
  • Best Natural
  • Sun Sun Apparel
  • The Royal Reality
  • Frank’s Market
  • Shopping Line
  • Pieces Clothing
  • The Queensway Mall
  • Handmade & Precious
  • Golden Mall
  • Street Mall
  • Butterfield Market
  • Spectlect
  • The Empire Shopping Mall
  • Freedom Market
  • Prime Deals
  • City Shopping Center
  • Stop & Shop Mall
  • Spring Mart
  • Wide Spread
  • Netcost Market
  • Orion Corner shop
  • The Empire
  • Lion City Mall
  • Corner Merchants
  • Fresh Market Place
  • Piper Glen Mall
  • Parkway Mall
  • Great Goods
  • Reykjavik Mall
  • Park Square Mall
  • River City Market
  • Metro West Macy’s
  • Shop Together
  • Holy Roots
  • Retail Delight
  • Discount Grocery Store
  • Family Mall
  • Glorious Goods
  • The Classic Store
  • Value Market
  • Sarinah Mart
  • Trader Shopping Center
  • The Specialist
  • Smile Loves
  • Freshway Market
  • Bloom Stock

Mall Names

In addition, shopping centers may include a parking lot, a bank, a gas station, restaurants, or other businesses.

Shopping centers may be privately owned, but they are usually publicly traded corporations. In the United States, shopping centers were once considered to be a small business that operated in rural areas.

Now, however, it is becoming more common for large shopping centers to be located in urban areas, making them part of the city infrastructure.

  • Standard Mall
  • Wally Waffle
  • Green Yard
  • Sunrise Mart
  • Save-A-Lot
  • RedSky Mall
  • Best Products
  • Retail Anywhere
  • Shopper Serenity
  • Retail Sale
  • Space Market
  • Stone Road Mall
  • Natural Drop
  • Merchant Galleries
  • Grapevines
  • Spice Corner
  • Galaxie Bay
  • Times Supermarket
  • The Blue Collection Cart

Good Names For Malls

Shopping centers have been around for many years. People from all walks of life spend time in them on a daily basis. Whether it is to buy a product or do other shopping related things, these centers are usually crowded at peak times and are very popular.

  • Uptown Save Shopping
  • Royal Arcade
  • Platinum Shopping Mall
  • Gift Fun
  • Kings Walk Shopping Mall
  • Blink Plaza
  • The Blue Collection
  • Lux Fashion
  • Biz Corner
  • Platinum Mall
  • Blue Diamond
  • Quality Things
  • The New Leaf
  • Golden Knights
  • Flavor Us Market
  • Battery Place Market

Mall Name Ideas

Malls are a great place to shop and they’re also great places to work. Some people find it hard to go shopping because they’re tired or stressed out.

People come to the mall to feel calm and relaxed. Malls also have the advantage of being easily accessible to many different people who may be interested in shopping there.

  • Cleo Dress Point
  • Grand Central Market
  • One New Change
  • More to BUY
  • Greenleaf Food Market
  • Kingsway Mall
  • Dream Mall
  • Marvel Things
  • GetSome Supermarket
  • Posh Central
  • Crazy Delight
  • Cybershop
  • South York Mall
  • Comfort Shopping
  • Local Market Foods
  • The Cool Kids Collection
  • Moon Shine Apparel
  • Buy Enjoy
  • Grocery Cart
  • Fun Mall
  • Natural Market
  • Retail Wizard
  • Dearborn Shopping Center
  • Bliss Shop
  • Centrale Shopping Centre
  • Dream Store
  • Happy Star
  • Whitgift Centre

Cool Mall Names

Many businesses make money from the customers who visit their stores. A mall offers a convenient location for all the stores that are located within the mall. This means that if you choose to open a store in the mall, you can offer your products to the entire shopping community.

  • Junction Shopping Center
  • Without Fail Retail
  • Neptune’s Corner
  • Vinyl Nest
  • Blue Oaks
  • Royal Shopping Center
  • Fine Fare Mart
  • Centric Mall
  • One Deal
  • Old World Market
  • Great Mall
  • The Shopping Haven
  • Magic Mar
  • City Place Mall
  • Happy Pool
  • Silver Creek Shopping Center
  • Red Roof Galleria
  • Wayout Bush Store
  • Retail Wonders
  • Glad Rags
  • Royal Supply
  • The Most
  • Sun lives
  • Humble Retail
  • Fresh Thyme Market

Unique Mall Name

There are two types of malls. There are indoor malls and outdoor malls. Indoor malls are located inside buildings that house several stores. Outdoor malls are found outside. If you’re planning to open a business in a mall, you can choose to open in an indoor or outdoor mall.

You can start a business that will sell merchandise to the shoppers who enter a mall. As you build up a good reputation, you may be able to get more retail space in a mall. That means more opportunities for you to earn more income.

  • Shoppable
  • Chain Store
  • Blacklight Mall
  • Fat Lee Supermarket
  • Crawler Store
  • Mall Inlet
  • Thrill Mall
  • Fearless Mall
  • Retail Mill
  • Organic Orchard
  • Kirwan Mall
  • Rags And Tags
  • Fresh Mart
  • Sweet tea store
  • Sweet Spot
  • Happy Buy
  • Bloom Store
  • Trinkets And Treats
  • Search For Merch
  • Spring Foods
  • Warm Store
  • Virtual Shoppe
  • Windy City Shopping Center

Shopping Center Names Ideas

There are more than 7,000 shopping centers in the United States. They are places where customers spend time and money.

Shopping centers are usually built to serve a particular community. The typical mall offers a wide variety of stores, including department stores, clothing stores, discount stores, and toy stores. You’ll find most malls located within an easy driving distance of each other.

  • Truly Bigger
  • Fashion Valley
  • Golden Plaza Mall
  • Super Corner Shopping Center
  • Charm Farm
  • Charm Shopping
  • Storefront Solutions
  • Blue Town
  • Desert Shopping Center
  • Anytime Buys

Shopping Mall Names

How to Name Your Shopping Mall

Shopping malls are a big attraction for consumers who come to purchase clothes, accessories, and electronic gadgets. Therefore, there is a need to give the shopping mall a catchy name. Here are some tips to help you name your shopping mall.

Check Your Competitors

You can find some popular and catchy names by going online to the name of the mall itself. Many shopping malls have very catchy names.

In case there is no such name, use your imagination to come up with one. It may not be as catchy as the ones mentioned above but you can still get some creative ideas from it. Don’t forget to check with your competitors if you can’t come up with something unique.

Use Your Imagination

When naming a shopping mall, use your imagination to find a catchy name. Remember that you are aiming for an attention-grabbing name. So make it catchy and memorable.

Choose A Colorful Name

You can get some creative ideas by choosing a color for the name of your shopping mall. Some malls choose names like ‘Orange’ or ‘Magenta’. This is because these colors are the most common colors among their competitors. This will help in attracting the target audience.

Use Short and Simple Words

A shopping mall should have a catchy name to grab the attention of the shoppers. It should be short and simple. Use words that are easy to remember and are catchy.

Avoid Long or Difficult Names

Don’t name your shopping mall after something difficult to remember. Remember that your target audience is the consumers who frequent your mall. Therefore, the mall name must be easily remembered.


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