200+ Powerful and Catchy Slogans on Eye Donation

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Here we have enlisted some of the best slogans on eye donation. Out of all the sensory organs, almost 80% of the stimuli come from the eyes. Eyes are the most vital organs out of the five Sensory Organs.

Not to say that the other organs are any less important. Eyes play a major role in how we perceive the world around us. In short, vision is a priceless gift which, unfortunately, is not shared by every human being. Today more than fifteen million people suffer from some kind of eye impairment.

To help those poor people and to encourage other people to help, there are many humanitarian agencies and organized groups put there. If you are someone who wants to make this world a better place by encouraging people to help humanity, and you are looking for some encouraging slogans to help motivate the audience of your campaign, then you are at the right place.

Slogans on Eye Donation

slogans on eye donation

Underneath, we have sixty best slogans on eye donation you can use to inspire others:

  1. Donate Your Eye After You Die.
  2. Make Dreams Come True.
  3. Live Through Someone else’s Eye.
  4. Leave an Eye Not Just a Will.
  5. Love Life, Give Life.
  6. Leave Your Vision Behind.
  7. No Greater Gift.
  8. You Can Make Someone Else See.
  9. An Eye For An Eye.
  10. See Through My eyes.
  11. Seeing is Believing.
  12. See The Future Through My Eyes.
  13. Give Light To The Blind.
  14. Eye Need Your Help.
  15. Leave a LegaSee Behind.
  16. Eyes Never Die.
  17. Donate Eye.
  18. Share Your Vision.
  19. Legacy Of Sight.
  20. Share Your Gift Of Sight.
  21. Donation Is Humanity.
  22. Donation Means Kindness.
  23. Be The Reason For Someone’s Happiness.
  24. You Can Make Your Eyes Live After Your Die.
  25. Be Kind Towards Blind.
  26. Give Relief By Donating Your Eye.
  27. Don’t Be Shy, Give An Eye
  28. Use Your Gift In Life And After Life.
  29. Let Someone See The Worlds Through Your Eyes.
  30. I’ll Keep An Eye Out For You.
  31. Vision is a Gift, Share It.
  32. To Donate is to Help Humanity.
  33. Eyes are Useless to Dead But Priceless To The Blind.
  34. Eyes Never Die.
  35. Don’t Let Your Sight Die.
  36. Don’t Turn a Blind Eye Towards The Blind.
  37. Donate Your Eye For Brotherhood, Donate it For Common Good.
  38. You Are Helping The World By Donating Your Eye.
  39. Give Your Vision A New Life.
  40. Nature Belongs To The Eyes That Can See.
  41. Donate Your Eyes. Help Humanity.
  42. Be A Donor Today, Be Someone’s Future Tomorrow.
  43. Live On Even When You Are Gone.
  44. You Can Literally Change Someone’s Life. Donate Your Eyes.
  45. You Have The Power To Save Someone Fron The Dark.
  46. Live Your Dreams Through Your Eyes.
  47. Make Someones’ Future Bright. Donate Your Eyes.
  48. Be Kind and Donate Your Eyes.
  49. Keep Your Eyes Alive, Even In Death.
  50. Leave Your Vision Behind.
  51. There is No Greater Gift Than The eyes.
  52. The Dead Have No Need For The Eyes. Donate Today and Give Vision To Someone In The Future.
  53. Give Your Eyes To Those Who Need Them.
  54. An Eye For An Eye.
  55. Your Eyes Can Save Lives.
  56. The Eyes Have It.
  57. Give Someone A Second Chance.
  58. Donation Comes Without Any Cost.
  59. We Don’t Die If We Donate Our Eyes. We Live Through Someone Elses’ Eye.
  60. Eye Need Your Help.

How to Write Slogans on Eye Donations

So, you have gone through the list but nothing has caught your eye or you are looking for some tips you can use to make your own slogan.

You have to understand that the slogans are the means to draw attention and attract more people towards your cause or towards your event. The purpose of a slogan is to benefit a campaign or a business by making said campaign or business stand out.

If you are trying to come up with an original slogan for your eye donation campaign then here are a few tips that you can use.

Understand your Motif.

You are trying to bring people together for the common good. You must make sure that the slogan you come up with is actually reflecting your cause in a good way so others are not dissuaded.

Using key-words such as Eye, Vision, See, Sight, donation, and anything that relates to vision in any way, in your slogan will make the slogan-making-process a lot easier and shorter.

The key-words will also make your purpose clear to your audience. There will be no doubt that the campaign you are initiating is related to eye donation and is working towards the good of humanity.

You can use puns and polite and harmless jokes to add a bit of humor and lighten the mood. Just make sure not to go overboard because impairment of any kind is not funny at all. It is not good to make an offensive or outrageous joke about such a sensitive matter.

Make sure that you are not being offensive towards anyone.

Whether they be the donor or the impaired. The slogans should not disrespect any of the parties involved. It will not help you or your campaign in any way.

Remember, that it is better to use simple words than to use difficult and exotic words. The true spirit of goodwill and the true purpose of the eye donation will be lost behind the fancy words. True that the pretty words are more appealing, but they serve no purpose when the meaning behind the slogan is lost on the audience.

Know your audience.

You have to understand how your audience thinks. What motivates and encourages them and what discourages them. you won’t be able to attract anyone when you don’t even know what and how they think.

The best way to attract someone towards your cause is by trying to understand and perceive the world through their eyes.


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