Slogans on Poverty: 200+ Quotes About Poor People and Hunger Quotes

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Here we have shared some powerful slogans on poverty. You can use these slogans to end poverty.

The person who has no or fewer resources is considered a poor man, and its state is called poverty. People are trying to end poverty because it suffers; especially, women and children.

There are lots of quotes about poor people that explain the efforts of the poor, their needs, and life. The saying and quotes are a splendid way of inspiration, but here we are writing slogans to do our best in ending poverty.

We are providing you with 60+ poverty slogans that will use for ending poverty and will be judged and viewed as the end poverty slogans.

Slogans on Poverty

Here are some cool and powerful slogans on poverty:

  • Once educate the poor, and then you will not give them.
  • Fight to abolish poverty, not the poor.
  • Poverty breeds crimes.
  • The problem is poverty, not the poor.
  • End poverty to enjoy a crime-free society.
  • Education is a splendid way to end poverty.
  • Don’t neglect the poor. End its poverty.
  • Don’t limit your financial growth, end poverty.
  • We can defeat poverty.
  • Help the needy. There will be no greedy.
  • Struggle for zero hunger. Then eat Zinger.
  • Poverty can be change.
  • Poverty causes a curse. End it, not the curse one.
  • Don’t debate over the poor. Work for its right.

Hunger Slogans

Below are the best slogans on hunger:

  • End poverty. It’s time.
  • If your politics is dirty, you can’t overcome poverty.
  • Educate the children of the poor. By this, you can end poverty.
  • Feed the hungry and overcome poverty.
  • Your help and charity can end poverty.
  • You can’t live safely in poverty.
  • Provide shelter to stay and food to eat. That’s enough.
  • Only the needy can tells the hardness of poverty.
  • Start sharing if you have an excess of food and items.
  • Get rid of those who exploit the poor.
  • Live a good life, and arrange it for the poor.
  • Fight for the poor.

Quotes About Poor People

Here are some creative and powerful quotes about poor people:

  • Poverty and development are impossible.
  • Don’t be money hungry. Just feed the hungry.
  • Hurry! Children are hungry.
  • Children are born to live childhood with happiness, not in tenderness.
  • No prosper when there is hunger.
  • Threat detected in a nation. It’s poverty. No development.
  • Want to end poverty? Promote education.
  • Unite to end. Hide to spend.
  • Don’t leave your brothers in poverty. Share some of your property.
  • Poverty needs your attention. Stop it and End it.
  • Poverty is not a crime, still poor bears punishment.
  • The medicine to cure poverty is education and knowledge.

Poor Quotes

Following are the best quotes on poor:

  • Knowledge is power. It can end poverty.
  • A poverty-free nation is a dream of everyone. Let’s true our dreams.
  • Provide for ending poverty.
  • The defeat of poverty is easy.
  • There is no freedom in poverty.
  • Let’s do the equal distribution.
  • Children are supposed to do homework, not to think about food on their plates.
  • The coins can’t change the life of the poor. Teach them how to earn these coins.
  • Stop politics on empty stomachs.
  • Poverty is an insane murderer.
  • Dear Politicians. Empty stomachs don’t want bridges and buildings. They need food.
  • Let’s help us with the change which you want to see.
  • Speak is not enough. Act on it.
  • Poverty is a strong and biting poor. Make the poverty poor.

Hunger Quotes

Here are some cool and catchy hunger quotes:

  • Clean water is a dream for a long time for millions.
  • Your kindness can change the world.
  • Your silence will make the rich richer.
  • Poverty kills hopes.
  • Hunger produces undesirable acts.
  • Education is necessary.
  • Fight those who use needy for their financial game.
  • The revolution is starting. Where are you?
  • Children can lift the load of bricks. They only left the burden of books.
  • Children are assumed to learn, not to earn.
  • Listening and acting on the cries of people can change the world.
  • To children, provide a helping hand. It’s is not their time of sale.

Slogans on Poverty

How to Write Slogans on Poverty

Slogans are few words phrases. It is the best way to influence and draw the attention of the people towards the event, company, business, or any other purpose.

The best poverty slogan is that one which persuades people to help the poor and know the life of the poor people. People are trying to end poverty, and for that, the end poverty slogans are used by people to move and persuade people to end poverty.

Slogans must be attractive, meaningful, and unique. The slogans on poverty, which are tedious and hard to understand, can’t persuade and attract people.

Therefore, we are providing some reliable tips that will help you in creating and writing the best poverty and end poverty slogans. Keep reading.

Brainstorm and Make a List of Poverty Slogans

Brainstorming is a splendid way of creating slogans. It is the technique of free writing of ideas and gets results from these ideas related to the purpose. How to do it?

Take a pen and page and start writing all the ideas related to poverty or ending poverty and make slogans based on them. Don’t limit your ideas and thoughts.

Make a list of all poverty slogans. And apply the below tips on that list. The following tips will shot your slogan list and helps you in finalizing your poverty slogan.

Tell your Strong Point

You want to create a poverty slogan or end poverty slogan, so pack up it with these topics. Don’t go diverse and keep consistency with your slogan topic.

Get Help from Quotes about Poor People

Read some quotes about poor people and get help from them for creating poverty slogans.

Keep it Simple and Sweet.

You are writing slogans to end poverty. It’s obvious; you will create a simple and understandable slogan. Why will you write a tedious slogan? To persuade people; create a simple and easy to understand poverty slogan.

Finalize your Slogan

After applying the above tips to your list, I’m sure you will come up with some splendid slogans. Create a poll on Facebook or ask family and friends to choose the best one and finalize your poverty slogan.


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