Spa Names: 400+ Professional Massage Business Names

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Over the last year, we have helped thousands of people name their businesses. And one of the most questions that we are asked is how I name my massage business. So, today we have collected more than 400 spa names and massage business names that will inspire you.

All the spa names that we are sharing are unique and can be used by anyone who wants to. You don’t need to give us any credit. But before finalizing any business name, you will need to check its availability. As thousands of people visit this site monthly, someone may have taken some names before you.

Before picking a name for your French spa, let’s find out what exactly is a good name:

  • Short, simple, and sweet.
  • Easy to understand and memorable.
  • Creative and unique.
  • Shares a story about the business.
  • Tells about your experience.

Let’s dive in.

Spa Names

Following are the most creative and catchy spa names that you will ever find:

  • Lotus Spa
  • Royal Massage
  • Healing & Love
  • Gentle Rubbing
  • Princess With Healing Power
  • Healthy Massage
  • Modern Concept
  • East Park
  • Fast Care
  • The Lucky Boy
  • Relax At First Sight
  • Bodies Repaired
  • The Human Mechanic
  • Massager
  • Mirror Mirror
  • The Beauty Spot
  • Urban Calm
  • La Bella
  • Love You Spa
  • Massage Away

Medical Spa Names

Following are the best medical spa names for your inspiration:

  • Spa Chicks
  • Terminal Getaway
  • Tranquil Garden
  • River Pebble
  • Sunny Stone
  • The Getaway
  • New Image
  • Orient
  • Purple Orchid
  • Golden Oaks
  • Graceful Touch
  • Infinity Laser Spa
  • Blue Marble
  • Body Rituals
  • Complexions
  • Soulspring
  • Sunny Spa
  • The Pampering People

French Spa Names

Below are some creative and unique French spa names for you:

  • Bellona
  • Blueberry Moon
  • Escape Reality
  • Spa Castle
  • Sunrise-Sunset
  • The Peninsula Spa
  • Soft Touch
  • Massage Marvels
  • Full Body Treat
  • Trusted Touch
  • Healing Hands
  • Heavenly Touch
  • Stretch Zone
  • Sun Spa Massage
  • The Massage Place
  • Power Hands
  • Premier Massage

Facial Business Names

Here are some catchy and professional facial business names:

  • Holiday Spa
  • I Massage
  • Just Yu Massage
  • Therapeia
  • Unique Massage
  • Wild Flower Sunrise Spa
  • Deep Tissue and Zen
  • Energy Healing & Massage
  • Exquisite Mobile Massage
  • Sunny Massage and Spa
  • The Massage Company
  • Healing Foot Spa
  • Healing Hands Wellness Center
  • House Massage
  • Unicorn Spa Massage
  • Waring Massage Spa
  • Thai Experience
  • The Delight Day Spa

Massage Business Names

These are the best massage business names that you will ever find:

  • Massage Studio
  • Massage Body Care
  • Wade Spa
  • Wilshire Centre
  • Zen Me Massage
  • Massage Escapes
  • Mindful Massage
  • Mobile Spa
  • Old Town Thai Massage
  • Zen Sanctuary
  • Zenfinity Body Care
  • Joy Foot Spa
  • Leisure Time Asian Massage
  • Unique Body care
  • Pressure & Love
  • Healing Power
  • Touch of Love
  • Inspiring Touch
  • Spa on the Mountains
  • City View Massage

Massage Therapy Business Names

Here are some cool and cute massage therapy business names for you:

  • Olympic Spa
  • Oriental Massage Therapy
  • Walking Soft
  • Massage with Gossip
  • Oxygen Provide
  • Fresh Air Massage
  • Feeling Better Now
  • Healthy Body
  • Pain Remover
  • The touch of Angels
  • Healing Centre
  • Revive Your Body
  • Luxury with Love
  • Helping Hands
  • Pain Killers
  • Comfort Zone
  • Relaxed & Loved

Massage Therapy Names

Following are the best and catchy massage therapy names that you will like:

  • New Vitality
  • Sunrise Spa
  • Inner Beauty Spa
  • The Hot Stone
  • Body and Mind
  • Massage Away
  • Lotus Center
  • Fitness Massage Therapy
  • Full Moon Spa
  • Health Remedy
  • Thai Helpers
  • Clean & Fresh
  • Explore the Fitness
  • Season Day Spa
  • Sunflower Massage
  • Hands-on You
  • Healing Path
  • The Body Tech

Spa and Massage Business Names

How to Name Your Massage or Spa Business

Starting your professional massage therapy business is a good step. People are earning a good amount of money from their spa. And now it’s time that you fulfill your goals and dreams by running a successful business that you have always dreamt of.

But in such a tough competition that is going on in the market, it will be a little tougher to make your business successful. But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible.

You will need to create a strong branding strategy to obtain the trust of people in your business. The first and the most important step in creating a strong impression on your customers to choose a strong spa name that will ensure that your business gets customers.

But how will you find creative and unique massage business names by yourself?

Here is the step by step process to find professional and unique spa names for your massage business:

1. Brainstorm spa names.

Pick a notebook and write down all the names that popping up in your head. It is obvious to we have a dew spa name ideas and suggestions in our mind when we think about that business.

When we tell our minds that we need some professional spa names, our minds start thinking about it and then start gathering names inspired by the famous business. All the massage business names that our mind suggests are usually inspired by the businesses that we admire the most.

Write them down on a piece of paper and we will start shortlisting based on the below points.

2. Consider adding your own name.

A lot of people love to add their own names in their business names. That’s the reason they are successful too. How?

When your business name has your own name included in it, this will increase the trust that your clients and customers put into your business. People usually don’t trust large corporations and companies, because they think that such big companies have very little time to manage a lot of orders.

So, they usually go with the small businesses around them.

Consider adding your own name if you want to turn your name into a brand.

3. Add your location name.

The location name in your business name tells a lot about your business. If you are located in “Woodland” and you add woodland in your business name, people will find you easily.

Let say I am on a visit to Woodland. And I am staying at this hotel in the woodland that I know nothing about. I would open my phone and search for a massage center near me, or a spa near me.

If a business name with Woodland included in it pops up in my list. I would definitely choose it for two reasons. First, it is near me and second, it has something special connection with the place that I am staying in.

4. Keep it short and simple.

Short and simple names attract the customers the most. There were hundreds of businesses that had long and boring names that changed their names once they were a little grown.

Because they found out this one thing that I am sharing with you. It is usually hard to turn a long name into a brand. On the other hand, it’s quite easy to turn a short and simple name into a successful brand.


Short and simple names are memorable and when someone visits you for the first time and they are satisfied with your services. They will surely love to come back to the same place next time.

But what if they don’t even remember your business name? Of course, you will lose precious customers.

And, such returning customers that are satisfied with your business services is a real gem for you. Because these are the people who recommend your services to their families and friends. Thus, they help you in growing your business.

5. Finalize your massage business name.

To finalize your business name, get ideas and suggestions from your family members and friends. You can also visit some experienced people in the field. People who are already running that business will give you creative and amazing spa names.

Here are some tips that you can get benefit from:

  • Think outside the box and choose a creative name.
  • Get suggestions from experienced people.
  • Tells your specialty in your massage business name.
  • Don’t add difficult words and hyphens.

Good Luck!


350 Esthetician Business Names

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