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Tattoo Shop Names: 400+ Creative Names for Tattoo Shop

Here we will share with you some cool and creative tattoo shop names that will inspire you. We have researched some famous names that will make your mind clear about the type of tattoo shop name that you should choose.

All the tattoo artist names that we have shared can be taken by anyone who is reading this. You don’t need to give us any credit. But make sure to choose a unique name that no one has chosen before. As hundreds of people visit this site daily, some names might be taken by people who visited before you.

The best thing that you can do is to think outside the box and come up with your own tattoo shop name ideas. This will help in finding specific names for the specific community that you are opening the shop for.

Here are some qualities that you should put into your tattoo shop name:

  • It should be short and simple.
  • Make it memorable.
  • No more than three words.
  • Tell a message or share experience.

Let’s dive in.

Tattoo Shop Names

Here are some creative and catchy tattoo shop names for you:

  • All Out Tattoo
  • Artistic Encounter
  • Kings of Ink
  • Lions Den Tattoo
  • Marked Studios
  • Convicted Ink
  • Death or Glory
  • Empire Ink
  • Momentum Tattoo
  • No Regrets
  • Blue Collar Tattoo
  • City of Ink
  • Concrete Jungle Tattoo
  • Dovetail Tattoo
  • Skincredible
  • Stay Gold Tattoo
  • Stigma Tattoo Bar
  • Tattoo Café
  • Atom Bomb
  • Black Cat
  • Black Thumb
  • Cedar Springs
  • Chapter One
  • Custom Skin
  • Walk the Line Tattoo Parlor
  • Clean Line Tattoo
  • Paint Slingers
  • Seas the Day Tattoo
  • Gold Leaf Tattoo Studio
  • V Twin Tattoo
  • Shagro
  • Ink Well Tattoo Studio
  • Dagos Body Art
  • Carpe Diem Ink (Latin for seize the day)
  • Infinite Ink
  • Rampage
  • Flashy Ink
  • Passion for Ink
  • Skin Beaten Tattoo Studio
  • Saints Ink
  • Around the World Tattoo Parlor
  • Divine Ink
  • Celtic
  • Etched in Ink
  • The Vortex Tattoo Shop
  • More Than Skin Deep Body Art
  • Royal Inks
  • Thunderbird Tattoo
  • Boreal Tattoo
  • Daredevil Tattoo
  • Insanity Tattoo
  • High Caliber Ink
  • Sacred Art Tattoo Studio
  • Time-out Tattoos
  • Designer Ink
  • Raven Tattoo Parlor
  • Big Top Tattoo Shop
  • After Hours Tattoo
  • Tribal Tattoos
  • Blackheart Ink
  • Spirit World Tattoo
  • Black Dragon Tattoo Parlor
  • Berserkers Tattoo
  • Kingz Tattoo Parlor
  • Krol Body Art

Badass Tattoo Shop Names

Following are the badass tattoo shop names that you will like:

  • Let it Bleed
  • Loco Ink
  • Lucky Tattoo
  • Mermaids Tattoo
  • Paint Me Body Art
  • Rockstar Tattoo
  • Saints Ink
  • Silver Fox Tattoo
  • Smokin’ Guns Tattoos
  • Speakeasy Tattoo
  • Tattoo N’ Tapers
  • Ascension Tattoo
  • Big Cat Tattoo
  • Blackhouse Ink
  • Body Graphics
  • Boneface Ink
  • Mouse’s Custom Tattoo
  • Paint Slingers
  • Red Letter
  • Resurrection Tattoo
  • Rock Star Studios
  • Fame Tattoos
  • Fluid Ink
  • Good Vibrations Ink
  • Sin Ink
  • Angel Heart
  • Gaslight Gallery
  • The All Paws Tattoo Company
  • Blue Blood (or Bloody Red) Tattoos
  • Big Dogs Tattoo
  • Redemption Tattoo
  • Covert Ink
  • Revolution Tattoo Parlor
  • Deluxe Tattoo
  • Old Town Tattoos
  • Snazzy Tatts
  • Southside Tattoo
  • Electric 13 Tattoo
  • Knife & Fork Tattoo Shop
  • Revelations Ink
  • Branded by (your name)
  • Valhalla Ink
  • Paramount Tattoo
  • Dragon Tattoo Shop
  • Alloy Ink
  • Dreaming of Ink
  • Divergent Ink
  • Rockstar Tattoo
  • Star Foot Tattoo Ideas
  • Tree of Life Tattoos
  • Tomato Tattoo
  • Tattoo You
  • Iron & Ink Tattoos

Tattoo Artist Names

Below are some cool and catchy tattoo artist names for you:

  • Platinum Ink
  • Rat-a-tat-tat
  • Sacred Heart Tattoo
  • Sin Inkorporated
  • Solid Tattoo
  • Stingray Tattoo
  • The Tat Cat
  • Take it Off Tattoos
  • Masquerade Tattoos
  • Evol Ink
  • Fine Line Tattoo
  • Gold Dust Tattoos
  • BuzzArt
  • Pinpoint Art
  • Crimson Door Tattoos
  • HydrosTATic Tats
  • Guru Tattoo
  • Heart in Hand
  • Inborn Tattoo
  • The Electric Needle Parlor
  • Conspiracy Theory Tattoo Shop
  • Eternal Ink
  • All Out Artworks
  • Barn Owl Tattooing
  • All About Ink
  • Tattoo Wizard
  • Atomic Tattoos
  • Tattoo This
  • Lucky 7 Tattoo
  • The Idle Hand
  • Ink Time Tattoos
  • Family Tattoo
  • Rusty Bones Inc.
  • Picture Machine
  • The Ink Scribe
  • The Joker
  • Circus Tattoos
  • Avant Garde Ink
  • Mystic Ink
  • Mad Teddy’s Tattoo Emporium
  • The Ink Advisor
  • Dovetail Tattoo
  • Ironclad Tattoo
  • High Horse Tattoos
  • Mystic Owl Tattoos
  • Inkspire
  • Crazy Bee Tattoo Shop
  • Crimson Door Tattoos

Tattoo Designer Names

Here are some of the best tattoo designer names for you:

  • Tattoo Nation
  • Ignite Ink
  • Inkjection
  • Dragonborn Ink
  • Apocalypse
  • VIP Tattoo
  • Diablo Tattoo Studio
  • Funky Ink
  • Anarchy Ink
  • Kingdom of Ink
  • Misfits Tattoo
  • Eternium Tattoo
  • Mantra Tattoo
  • Wicked Tattoos
  • Hidden Gem Tattoos
  • Mayhem Tattoo
  • Celtic
  • Wild West
  • Sailor
  • Viking
  • Reclaimed
  • Boho Ink
  • Inked Out Tattoos
  • Chet (Rivers)
  • Blondie’s Tattoo Shop
  • Mama Tried Tattoo Social Club
  • Modern Ink
  • Slap Chop Tattoo
  • Thunderbolt Tattoo & Piercing
  • Charlie Skulls
  • Black Flag Tattoo Parlor
  • Only You Tattoo
  • Rusty
  • Art History Tattoo
  • Color Theory
  • Junior
  • Sea of Ink
  • Forever Tattoos
  • Savage Tattoo Shop
  • Omega Tattoo
  • Inked Up Tattoo Shop
  • Monster Tats (like monster trucks)
  • Avalanche Tattoo
  • 2nd Degree Tattoo
  • Stars & Stripes Tattoo
  • Glamour Tattoo
  • Good Times Tattooing
  • The Lucky Spot
  • Sabbath Ink Studio
  • Over the Moon Tattoos
  • Logan Square Tattoo
  • Wow Tattoo Place
  • Whimsical Tattoos
  • Tapout Tattoos
  • Cosmos Tattoo Art
  • Uptown Ink
  • Wounded Soul Ink
  • Inked & Adorned Tattoo

Tattoo Shop Name Ideas

Following are some cute tattoo shop name ideas and suggestions:

  • Old Town Tattoos
  • Long John Silver’s
  • Remnants
  • Prohibition Ink
  • Omega Tattoo
  • Portrait Ink
  • Just Ink It
  • Diversity Tattoo
  • Tattoo X
  • Mermaids Tattoo
  • Custom Skin
  • Body Embroidery
  • Golden Gate Tattoo
  • Tattoo You!
  • Petals and Thorns Tattoos
  • Freestyle Ink
  • Game Face Tattoos
  • Albany Avenue Tattoo
  • Afterthought Designs and Ink
  • Third Eye Tattoo
  • Blckside Studio
  • Dakota
  • Crossbones Gallery
  • Lowbrow Art Productions
  • Snake
  • Keep Calm and Tattoo on
  • Tattootastic
  • Prison Break Tattoos
  • Matador Tattoo
  • Liberty Tattoo
  • Ready, Set, Ink
  • One Nation Under Ink
  • Lal Hardy Ink
  • Haunted Hands
  • Tantalizing Tattoos
  • Pirate Tattoo Shop
  • Tattoo City
  • Dan Dracula
  • The Inkshop
  • Masterful Designs Tattoo Studio
  • Mantra Tattoo
  • Spiritwalker Tattoo Studio
  • Exotic Art
  • Signature Tattoo
  • Star Tattoo
  • Talk of the Town Tattoos
  • Above & Beyond Tattoos
  • Paradise City Tattoo
  • Nomad Ink
  • Wolf Head Tattoo
  • Hot Kixx Tattoo
  • Ultimate Design Studio
  • Cedar Springs Tattoo
  • Get Inked
  • Fine Needle
  • Tattootastic
  • Ink it Out
  • Skin Deep
  • Tit for Tat
  • Tattooties
  • Just in Time Tattoos
  • Idol Ink
  • Chronic Ink
  • Noteworthy Tattoo
  • Toned up Tattoos
  • Body Adornments
  • First in Line Tattoos
  • Second Skin
  • Body Murals
  • Compelling
  • Aces High
  • High Caliber Ink

Tattoo Shop Names

How to Name Your Tattoo Shop

Naming a tattoo shop in the right way is essential for your business to succeed. As thousands of businesses are starting every day in the country, the search for the more and more unique names has started.

You need such a name for your tattoo shop that will make a good impression on the readers. This will help you in getting more and more clients. The first step toward finding a great business name is to make your mind clear about the type of business you are starting.

  • What kind of shop are you going to open?
  • Who will buy from you?
  • Why would people prefer you?
  • What’s so special about your business?

After making your mind clear, you will find a name easily. Here is the step by step process to name your tattoo business:

Brainstorm Tattoo Shop Names.

The first step is to write down all the tattoo shop name ideas that you have in your mind. You should gather your team if you have one or sit with your family members to start finding names for your shop.

Make a list of different names. Make sure to share your specialty in your business names.

Try Tattoo Shop Name Generator.

If you are out of name ideas, don’t worry. There are dozens of business name generators online that will help you in finding the best and the most creative tattoo business names. You just need to insert a few keywords and they will give you hundreds of ideas in seconds.

The ideas from the generators give you hundreds of words similar to your business that you can play around with.

You should mix different words to come up with a unique name.

Keep It Short And Simple.

Short and simple names are liked more by people. If we take a moment and look at some of the successful brands near us, we will come to know one thing. Almost all of them have short and simple names.

Brands put thousands of dollars in advertising their products. And all that starts with a creative name. You should invest some good time and energy in finding a creative name for your tattoo shop.

Finalize Your Tattoo Shop Name.

Here are a few things that you can do before finalizing your tattoo shop name:

  • Add your location name if people love it.
  • Consider your own name to make it a brand.
  • Check all the social media handles if they are available.
  • Get a domain name too.

Good Luck!


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