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Taxi Company Names: 400+ Uber Company And Business Names

If you are looking to open up a taxi company names you must choose an eye-catching taxi company name. Find out everything there is to know about it in this compact guide. Opening up a taxi company could be a valuable asset for you if it’s done right.

Good taxi company names matter a lot. They are one of the key factors when it comes to building or breaking up your company. Your taxis should feature a nice logo merged with an eye-catching and unique name to gather more audience. Your company name should make you stand out among your competitors.

Taxi Company Names

Here are the best and cool taxi company names for you:

  • Chase It
  • Glory
  • Green Signal Cab
  • Two minutes
  • Four Wheeler
  • Cool Cabs
  • Heaven Fly Cab
  • Cabking
  • On Time Taxi
  • Strem Smart
  • Fareies
  • Interlinks
  • Mr Speed
  • Express Now
  • Briskey
  • SuperTaxi
  • V-Taxi
  • Heaven Ride
  • Car Share
  • Call Up Cab
  • Follow That Cab
  • Desi
  • YourTaxi
  • Drive Thru
  • Allied Ride
  • Road Ready
  • Nimble
  • Swift Ride
  • Idol Taxi
  • Call Me a Cab

Taxi Names

Enlisted are the best and clever taxi names for you:

  • Carry King Cab
  • Trusted Taxi
  • Safe trip
  • Safe and Sound
  • Trip Maker
  • Haul Ass
  • MiniTaxi
  • FoundTaxi
  • Way Gear
  • Town Taxi
  • Trixxie
  • Welcome Wagon Cab
  • Total Flash
  • Flying Eagle
  • Mystiva ride
  • City Transfers
  • San Francisco Taxi Dispatch
  • Hey Taxi!
  • Aspire
  • Too Much Cab
  • Let us drive
  • Organic Taxi
  • Omega Cab
  • Anywhere Taxi
  • Mr Taxi
  • yellow Cab
  • CabDrive
  • Knight Riders
  • Two Happy
  • Welcome Wagons

Taxi Cab Names

These are the best and unique taxi cab names you will like:

  • Cautious Cab
  • FullStop Cab
  • On time
  • Driverless
  • Car Now
  • Golden Way Cab
  • Terby
  • EasyWay
  • Violet Taxi
  • We Drive
  • Cabnest
  • WindWay Cab
  • Alpha Cave Cab
  • Cab Corner
  • UltraTaxi
  • fast cab
  • Easy Fare
  • Altas Cab
  • CityWide Taxi Dispatch
  • Circle Hub
  • Calling Cabs
  • First Cab
  • Whitehood Cab
  • Catch a cab
  • iTaxi
  • Classic cabs
  • 24 Hour cabs
  • Abcab
  • Run The Road
  • Caring Cab

Uber Company Name

Following are the best uber company names that I have shared:

  • OttoMattic
  • Sure Texi
  • Seven Days
  • Travel Planet
  • The Arrow
  • Showfa
  • River Cab
  • Cab Town
  • Velocity Taxi
  • Safe Ride
  • Reach Fast
  • Trustworthy Taxis
  • Taxi Time
  • Road Kings
  • Epic Taxi
  • Prime tour
  • Astound
  • Red Thunder Taxi
  • Green Taxi
  • Behind the Wheel
  • Empower
  • Cut Cost
  • CabWay
  • Carry you
  • LowPriceTaxi
  • Tessor Cab
  • GodBird Cab
  • Speed Arrow
  • Cab Carriage
  • Take a Car

Uber Business Name

Here you will see the best and clever uber business names for you:

  • We deliver
  • Take Hire
  • Traveling Town
  • Emerald Cab
  • Across Street
  • Beamless
  • Reliable Rides
  • Fog City Dispatch
  • Let it Ride
  • Guild Taxi
  • Patriot
  • Take A Taxi Co
  • Race Taxi
  • Top Spped Cab
  • Fasttrack
  • Dexter
  • WindTaxy
  • Restore
  • Travel The Town
  • Briskle
  • Impact Cabs
  • Acute
  • Inferno Cab
  • Pick n drop
  • Bobay Street
  • Door 2 Door
  • The Party Van
  • Carriage Cab
  • Cabby Shack
  • Groove Cab

Minibus Company Names

Enlisted are some of the best and amazing minibus company names for you:

  • Rayspeed
  • Cab Excel
  • Xotaxi
  • Loyal Push
  • Car care
  • Yellow Mobile
  • Esteem
  • Cab Street
  • Trackerzee
  • Prince Cab
  • City Shine Cab
  • Orange
  • Welcome Wheel
  • call A Car
  • Green Energy Taxi
  • Zeus Taxi
  • King Riders
  • A To B Taxi
  • Backspace Cab
  • OTS- On The Spot
  • Ezy Cab
  • OneWay
  • Street Treat Taxi
  • Organic Road
  • Town Trips
  • AAA cabs
  • Ride easy
  • Solar
  • Patriot Cabs
  • Takxxi

Taxi Names Funny

Following are the best and cute taxi names funny that you will ever see:

  • Town Car
  • Action Plus
  • Road Care Taxi
  • Groove Cab
  • Cityride
  • Sure taxi
  • Dear Dedicate
  • Guild Taxi Fit Cabby
  • Fisrt Drive
  • Yellow Car
  • Angella Cab
  • OneRoad
  • Hire Board
  • Road Rotory
  • Expresso
  • Street Smarts Taxi
  • Safe cabs
  • Roadster Cab
  • Save Time
  • Speedex
  • Solar Road
  • Spirit Swift
  • Keep Fleet
  • Ride in Pride
  • Peace
  • Town Taxi Dispatch
  • Cabby
  • New York City Taxis
  • Book It
  • Fast Service

Taxi Company Names

How to Name Your Own Taxi Company

Today, any taxi company is worth of million and the competition is increasing day by day. Therefore, you must have a distinct and prominent characteristic in order to stand out. We have put together a list of tips and suggestions that would assist you in generating a compelling and unique name.

1. Brainstorming on the Taxi Company Names

Before you go ahead and start any kind of business, the first thing that you ought to look after is fully understanding your business, its ups and downs, and every aspect of it. Once you have done that, start brainstorming on the words that would go well with this specific business. Feature your name with words like “Fair Cab”, “Drive”, “Taxi”, etc. There are hundreds of other words that would look awesome upon merge. Such words will assure your customers about the quality of your services.

2. Shortlisting the names

Once you are done with gathering the bunch of names onto the list, it is time to analyze it and extract the useful information, and select the best possible name from it. Some possible ways of elimination are given below.

  • Eliminate the words that do not go well when you merge them.
  • Eliminate the words that are harder to pronounce, the names which are filled with hard and complex words lose their essence.
  • Select those names which depict and represent your brand values and services.
  • Your name should give a relevant meaning.
  • Your name should allow you to stand out among your competitors. Eliminate the words which are already in use by your competitors.
  • In this specific regard, try to use the words which point out the quality of ride services.

3. Involve your Friends and Family and have the early feedback.

Naming a company is a tough task, but if you choose to involve your friends and family, you can overcome this tough task in no time and come up with good taxi company names. Multiple minds working on a single task get way better and diverse results. Once you have got your desired list, you can spread them among people from the same industry or among your customers. Ask them what’s their first impression when they hear this name. In this way, you can short the list even further and feature it with the most suitable names.

4. Eliminate the already in use names

Today, the competition is increasing drastically in almost every field. Therefore, there’s a great chance that your list features some names which are already in use by your competitors. You are ought to eliminate them. You can learn from the mistakes of your competitors and can learn what was it that made them successful.

5. Final Thoughts

Opening up a taxi company is a promising business. Even then, you can lose the potential of such businesses if you don’t look after its important aspects. The naming is one of them. A compelling taxi company name merged with the branding strategy and the quality services can put you on a successful path.

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