400 Catchy Tea Party Names Ideas That You Will Like

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Here we’re going to take a look at some tea party names and the impact they can make in the world of politics.

The Tea Party is an ongoing social movement in the United States that was initiated on April 15, 2009, by activist investor billionaire David Einhorn to highlight perceived abuses of government power and corporate influence on Washington politics and the U.S. economy.

Let’s dive into it.

Tea Party Names

You can do so by starting a Tea Party. As an alternative to other political party names, a Tea Party group is a grassroots movement dedicated to the principles of limited government, individual freedom, and free markets. They believe in fiscal responsibility and are opposed to big government and the influence of big corporations.

Many tea party groups exist in different parts of the country. They are not affiliated with each other, but they share the same principles and similar goals. You can name your tea party group by choosing a domain name based on the principle and goal of your group.

Here are some tea party group names that you can use as inspiration for your new business.

  • Age Of Tea
  • Just Be Tealytical
  • Fragrancing Tea
  • Nature Close Tea
  • Elitefloat Teas
  • Balance The Tea Sheet
  • Love Life Tea Times!!
  • Feel The Tea Aura
  • Taste Of Tea Tales
  • Tea On The Nerves
  • Kit Tea Party
  • The Tea Hut
  • Mystic Burst
  • Get Two Tea Tickets Ready
  • Brew Tea
  • Morningvibe
  • Dawn And Tea
  • We Love Tea
  • One Two Tea
  • Blackcup
  • Venture Tea
  • Storytelling And Tea
  • Defence With Tea
  • Ring The Teasio
  • Ruinart Champagne’s Afternoon Tea
  • Pouring Tea
  • Jamming With Tea
  • Harmony Tea
  • I’m Tea +Ve
  • Shing Wang Bubble Tea Cafe
  • Brew Tea Professionals
  • Baked And Wired
  • 24 Hours Tea

Cool Tea Party Names

The tea party’s influence on elections and politics is undeniable. Many tea party groups have gained national prominence. Some, such as the Tea Party Express, have become well-known because of their involvement in congressional races.

Tea party candidates have won in some of the tightest races ever seen, including the 2010 Congressional elections.

Tea party names are easy to come up with. Many people know about the movement and are ready to help you get started. They can lend you tools and resources that will help you to establish your own tea party organization.

  • Herbby Twist
  • Dulce Tapioca
  • Tea Is In The Air
  • Shanghai Teahouse
  • Soothing Scents
  • Jing Tea Shop
  • Sparkling Star
  • Tealia Talkshow
  • Green Tea Warehouse
  • Better Brews
  • Little Teacup
  • You, Me & A Cup Of Tea
  • VIP Tea Table
  • Hubble Tea
  • Cherishing Chamomile Tea
  • Maxi Blitz
  • Tea-Rific Tea Tales
  • Freshyo Time
  • Eden Organic
  • The Cup And Saucer Tea Room
  • Jafferlyn
  • T2 Tea Soho
  • Sweetheart Cafe
  • Tappy Tea
  • Magic Leaves
  • Agents Of Tea
  • Lazarus Tea Time
  • Takeoff To The Tea Land
  • Greenvibe
  • Play Video
  • Hot Kettle
  • Time For Tea
  • Fuzionbay
  • Organic Leaves
  • Bon Thé, Bonne Nuit
  • Ten Out Of Ten Teas
  • Tea On The Clouds
  • Magnizeel
  • Milk And Honey
  • Cover Me Up With Tea
  • Well Clique Tea
  • Paint The Sky With Blue Tea
  • A Plot Of Tea
  • Trembling Teas
  • Red Diamond
  • Temptery
  • Holidayz Dots
  • East Or West, Tea Is The Best
  • English Breakfast

Best Tea Party Names

Tea party has become a popular political movement among the American public. The first Tea Party took place in Boston, Massachusetts in October 1773 when citizens protested the Crown’s tax policies. From then on, it began to spread across the United States. The goal of this movement is to create a government based on the principles of liberty and freedom.

Tea parties are held regularly today, and have been organized by several groups, including Independents, Libertarians, Constitution Party, Christian Coalition, and Oath Keepers. It’s estimated that over one million people attend a Tea Party every year.

  • French Twist
  • Red Blossom Tea
  • Breezy Tea Time
  • Le Bongai Tea
  • Get Some Action Tea Scenes
  • Tea Plus
  • Only In London
  • Select Batch Teas
  • Spot Of Tea
  • Meet Tea Family
  • Principal Teas
  • Serene Aromas
  • Bubble Shine Tea
  • Tea Partify
  • Macha Tea Company
  • Tea Traffic
  • Tracy’s Tea House
  • Tealiteful
  • Panda Boba
  • Tea For Two
  • Mandiocar
  • Masters In Teagenics
  • Secret Garden
  • Blissful Tea Time
  • Tea Tree
  • Brewed Aromas
  • Red Tea Cells
  • Forest Castle
  • Tea And Cup Jamming
  • Tea Being Served
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Tea Express
  • About The Brew
  • East Leaves
  • You Talk Culture! We Talk Tea!!
  • Bubbles And Boba
  • Tea In Xanadu City
  • Yorkshire Tea
  • Saffron Sip
  • The Tea Theory
  • Clear The Tea Cache
  • Tappy Tappy Tea
  • Tea N Talks
  • Palm Tea Place
  • Tea City
  • Essence Of Tea

Catchy Tea Shop Names

Tea Party is a political movement that came about after the election of President Obama. The Tea Party was founded by Jim DeMint, a former senator, who resigned his seat on March 4, 2013. Its focus is to reduce government spending, oppose the Obama administration, and fight against liberal policies.

According to Wikipedia, the first Tea Party protest took place in Boston in April 2010. Since then, the movement has grown to become one of the largest and most popular political movements in America

  • Bloomfest
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Mrdream Tea
  • Celestial Tea Room
  • Grace Tea Company
  • Mc Teavin
  • Tea On The Crossover
  • The Tea Orchard
  • Get Some Tea Shots
  • Add Tea To Saline
  • All Natural Tea Shop
  • Bring Blissy
  • Brew Splash
  • Full Cup
  • Team Up With Tea
  • Teazen The Wonder Time
  • Get Into The Tea Tunnel
  • Your Cup Of Tea
  • Takeout On Tea Time
  • Cheshire Cat
  • Honest Herbs
  • Roasting Works
  • Sip The Sassy Tea
  • The Superia Sip
  • Green Spot Of Tea
  • Tea For Thirty
  • Enjoy The Teascape
  • Are You Being Served?
  • Rosevear Tea
  • Me & Tea, The Perfect Match Ever
  • Tea Knightsbridge
  • Rain Cafe
  • Artisan Tea
  • Caraway Tea Company
  • Mystic Tea Time
  • Tea Crowns
  • Terrible Tea Dramas
  • Teaify The Music
  • Tea With Cupid
  • Thriving With Tea
  • Cozy Teas And Fine Pastries
  • Lavisdrop
  • Royal Tea Cafe
  • Trust Me On Tea

Funny Tea Shop Names

A tea party business would need to be concerned with political issues that may have an impact on their country. Your business can benefit from the movement as long as it doesn’t cross the line and become partisan.

Tea party businesses come in many shapes and forms; one such example is a tea party store. You can start up a business with the idea of selling teas or maybe just selling tea cups.

In terms of names, you could go with something like “Tea Party Store” or “Tea Party Store.” The name itself will help guide your branding efforts.

  • Get Some Tea Talk Time
  • Thinking Cup
  • Study The Tea Atlas
  • Garam Chai
  • Tidbit Tea Tape
  • Windy City Tea
  • A Ching’s Taste
  • Native Taste
  • Mexico Brand
  • Tea Team
  • Delightful
  • Cantalope Tea
  • Teatrebb
  • Trust On Tea
  • High Tea
  • Clean Green Tea
  • Capital Tea House
  • Mayersip
  • Beyond The Tea-Logue
  • Taste Tea
  • Green Blossom
  • No Tears, Only Tea
  • Articles Of Tea Treasure
  • Refreshiya Sip
  • Blend Blue Brews
  • Miss New One
  • Earlywish
  • Yogi Tea
  • Premium Teas
  • Sparkling Over
  • Welcome To The Tea Kingdom
  • Tea Paradise
  • Teaoont Nightlaza
  • Click The Tea Browser
  • Exotixbee
  • The Garden Gate Tea Room
  • Primo Tea
  • Tea-Onus Days
  • High Tea Tides
  • Tingle With Tea
  • Wild Sippers
  • Trusting Tea
  • Sip In The Tea Room
  • Twenty Teas
  • Teacup Collection
  • Tea-Quipments On The Table
  • Golden Tea Shop

Unique Tea Shop Names

Tea parties are political gatherings which take place all over the United States and other parts of the world. These events are usually held in support of a particular political movement and its ideology.

They can be small or large, but one thing they all share in common is their common purpose: to change politics in America.

The tea party movement started out in 2008 when Sarah Palin took the stage at a rally organized by Ron Paul. As soon as it was announced that Palin would speak, crowds flocked to the event.

When Palin made her remarks, she declared that “we are a nation of Patriots.” This comment struck a chord with many Americans, and the Tea Party movement was born.

  • Honest Tea
  • Sweet Teachnology
  • Boston Tea Company
  • Green Dinner
  • The Hooker Tea Co
  • Dancing To Dandelion Tea Vibes
  • Bits And Bites Tea Room
  • Count The Tea Bytes
  • Aravalli Aromas
  • Spotontea
  • Assam Secret
  • Let’s Brew
  • Lady In Paris
  • The Coffee Bean
  • Soothing Teaverse
  • Float Teas
  • The Taste Heaven
  • Tea, The Solution
  • Hot Cup Café
  • Pink Wave Cup
  • Mybless Tea
  • Glorious Tea Fables
  • Subtle Tea
  • Creative Tea
  • The Tea Dash
  • Travel To Tea Bar
  • Caramel Tea Hub
  • Teasense
  • Days Of Tea Addiction
  • Subtletea
  • Elefantea
  • Adoring Tea Time
  • Refresh Sip
  • Tea Time Out
  • Tap Tap! It’s Tea Here
  • Tempting Tea
  • Born The Tea Boss
  • Sweet Essence
  • One Angel Tea Square
  • I’m Teafluent
  • Bureau Of Tea
  • Curious Tea
  • Splendid Sips
  • Keep Calm, Tea Time
  • Tea In Greens
  • Tea For You
  • Orga Tea

Cute Tea Shop Names

Tea party organizers have used Twitter to reach out to supporters and rally them to events. Since the advent of social media, social media marketing is a key tool to build your brand. As a result, you can create a successful tea party campaign using social media.

You can find plenty of tea party names below that will help you start your tea party campaign.

  • Slide The Tea Thread
  • Motivestone
  • The Little Teapot
  • Meeting The Tea-Man
  • Tea Time
  • I Feel Teaish
  • Hometown Teas
  • Tea Hype On
  • One More Cup
  • Greendew
  • Chocolate Bistro
  • Tea Is Trending
  • A Tea Date To Tinder Swipe
  • Hope & Glory Tea
  • Taste Inspired Teas
  • New Era Tea
  • Ephavescence
  • Premium Tea Leaves
  • I Tea You
  • You, Me And Teatime
  • Teacup Time
  • Que Herbal Tea
  • Happybrews
  • Primed Tea Time
  • Morning Fizz
  • Meet Dr. Tea
  • The Tea Kettle
  • Happy Cup
  • Flying Leaf Tea
  • Special Chaye
  • A Musical Tea Night
  • Mighty Leaf Tea
  • Mermaid Tea
  • Sidamo Coffee And Tea
  • A Soothing Tea Party
  • Tealicious
  • Brewstar Tea
  • The Tea Garden
  • Tea For Me
  • Sun Shining The Tea Sip
  • Tea, Tummy, And Netflix
  • Greengreat
  • Treasure Green Tea
  • Tea-Riffic
  • Timeless Tea Talks
  • Steam Beans

Clever Tea Shop Names

Tea Party leaders were inspired by former US president Ronald Reagan’s famous speech, “A Time For Choosing.” They also used the term “tea party” from its use in the Boston Tea Party, when colonists protested taxation by dumping tea into Boston Harbor.

If you are interested in starting up a Tea Party store, look at the list of Tea Party names here. You may also look at the businesses that already operate in this market.

  • Tea Authority
  • Take Time For Tea
  • Meet The Tea Catalyst
  • We’re Tea Impulsive
  • Coffee And Tea Lovers
  • The Tea Squad
  • Bare Tea
  • Black Pearl Cafe
  • Blinking With Tea
  • Last Cup
  • Special Tea Company
  • Heaven Pulse
  • Your Tea Party
  • All Things Tea
  • Aroma Coffee & Tea Co
  • Top Ice On Tea
  • Yours Brewly
  • Family Tea
  • Tragic Teas
  • Take A Sip
  • Sassy Tea Night
  • Morning Dew
  • Tropical Tea Pearls
  • World Of Tea
  • Feel Good Tea
  • D Bubble Authoritea
  • True Taste
  • Get Into The Teaopedia
  • Cocoa Brew
  • Whistle Sip
  • The Exotic Teapot
  • Arcadia Tea Time
  • Tea Trance Party
  • Charleston Tea
  • A Spot Of Tea
  • Bebe Bloom Tea
  • The Tea Tales
  • Got A Tea Asset
  • Velvet Touch Tea
  • Red Rose Tea
  • The Boba Spot
  • A Shining Tea Party
  • Lucy Sips The Tea
  • Enjoy Tea Therapy
  • Ligh Tea

Tea Party Names

How to Name Your Tea Party Business

Have you ever heard about a tea party? Do you know what a tea party is? Then here’s what you need to know: Tea parties are a social gathering where people drink tea, eat snacks and talk about anything. Tea party is a place where everyone comes together and celebrates each other’s life.

Nowadays, tea parties are being held across the globe. So, if you’re looking for a name for your tea party then no need to worry because we’ve got you.

So, when planning a tea party choose a name that is as simple as possible while retaining uniqueness and appeal. So, if you want to start a tea party then keep these tips in mind to ensure you get a perfect name.

Choose A Simple Name

A tea party needs to stand out in the crowd. So, if you’re planning to hold a tea party, you need to make sure that your name will attract people’s attention. Choose a name that is simple and simple. Simple names are easier to remember and use. It helps you convey your message in a short span of time.

Pick An Unusual Name

When naming a tea party make sure to pick an unusual name that people are bound to remember. When choosing an unusual name, think of something that will stand out. If your event is a birthday tea party, then choose an unusual name like “Happy Birthday”. This is sure to grab people’s attention and give you a better name.

Avoid Names That Are Too Complicated

Try to avoid names that are too complicated. People will be confused by long names and may not know how to pronounce it. Make sure that your name is easy to pronounce so that you can reach out to a larger audience.

Keep Your Name Short And Sweet

Another important thing that you need to consider when naming a tea party is that your name should be short and sweet. Long names are difficult to remember and use. Try to keep your name to 15 characters and be creative. A simple name will be easier to remember and use in your marketing.


400 Fancy Party Names