Tennis Slogans: 200+ Funny Tennis Sayings, Phrases, and Captions

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Here we have shared some cool and catchy tennis slogans and tennis sayings. All the tennis sayings and phrases that we have shared are unique and can be used anywhere you want.

Tennis is also known as racquet sport which is played between two individuals and teams. Each player uses a racket that is strung with a cord to hit a rubber ball into the opponent’s net. Ann individual or tennis team tries to strike the ball in a way that an opponent becomes unable to hit the ball in a valid way.

Tennis in its early times in the 19th century was designed as garden tennis. At that time tennis was famous among the rich English-speaking population as it was originated from Birmingham, England.

With the passage of time, it was played almost all over the world with millions of its players. It is an Olympic sport which is played in all the societies of the world. Even a wheelchair user can play this game where you just need to hold a racket in your hand.

With an estimated total worth of $5.4 billion dollars, tennis has become the best game among the humans of all the age ranging from 10 years to onwards. Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open are among the famous Grand Slam tournaments of tennis. Each of the four tournaments is played on different courts.

Tennis Slogans

The followings are the best tennis slogans that you will ever find:

  • Champions refuse to lose.
  • Be nice and love the tennis player.
  • play tennis, a bad day in-game is better than a good working day.
  • Love the tennis, support your team.
  • Attitude is everything, have a belief to achieve.
  • Try to bring out the best with a tennis game.
  • Have dedication and motivation, defend till you succeed.
  • Urge me to come to the net if you have the courage to face the defeat.
  • Go hard, every strike should be the best power shot.
  • Fight hard until the victory or Go home.
  • Refuse to lose, you are not a loser.

Tennis Sayings

Here are some cool, catchy, creative, and unique tennis sayings:

  • Live once and get the opportunity to serve twice.
  • Tennis in Blood, tennis in passion, tennis in mind.
  • Play tennis the way your life relies on it.
  • Talk with your racquet while you play hard.
  • Dreamwork originates from Teamwork.
  • Practice removes the flaws; disciplines bring excellence.
  • United we win, united we got the success.
  • Stand up, don’t lose, never surrender.
  • Love with games brings promising results.
  • A player who wins, first embraces the defeat.

Funny Tennis Slogans

Here are some cute and funny tennis slogans that you will like:

  • Love is nothing if you love playing tennis.
  • Tennis- an intense game with no draw but the flaw.
  • Utilize all you have, Just Start from zero, soon you’ll be a hero.
  • Someone addicted to tennis has a hard-square shape in the heart.
  • respond same to the win and defeat, a major achievement.
  • Champions continue to play till they get a good win.
  • Tennis- an ideal mixture of love and strike.
  • let’s play, you born for tennis.
  • Born for tennis, Tennis in blood.
  • Keep your eyes, nothing can stop you from success.
  • Tennis is the drug for me, tennis is addictive.

Tennis Headlines for Yearbook

Following are the best tennis headlines for yearbook that you will like:

  • Play tennis, it’s good for your mood.
  • Play tennis and promote education.
  • Put tennis above all.
  • Keep loving tennis, one day you will die.
  • Never quit tennis, World loves tennis.
  • I am the only player that can beat me in tennis.
  • Grab a racquet and ball, let’s play tennis.
  • Tennis is a key to a successful life.
  • There is nothing in life if there is no tennis in it.

Funny Tennis Sayings

Here are some of the most creative and funny tennis sayings and phrases:

  • Work hard and serve the talent.
  • I love tennis, I breathe tennis, I embrace tennis.
  • Tennis is today, tennis is tomorrow.
  • Play like a champion to be champion.
  • You play, you lose and you succeed.
  • My racquet, my strikes speak about my talent.
  • I am in a complicated relationship with the court, ball, and racquet.
  • Tennis is smile, tennis is happiness, tennis is life.
  • Respect the tennis and get the respect in turn.

Funny Tennis Captions

Here is the list of funny tennis captions for you to use anywhere you want:

  • Time, speed, and accuracy all matters in tennis.
  • Only my racquet can make the best dialogue with you.
  • Good players respect the court, racquet, and ball.
  • Tennis is my love; tennis is a blessing and tennis is religion.
  • Playing tennis makes the future prosperous and strong.
  • Nothing is the alternative to hard work; nothing can replace tennis.
  • Play fair- the only mantra of success.
  • Every opponent is a hard opponent.
  • Don’t play tennis, enjoy tennis.

Tennis Slogans

How to Write Creative Tennis Slogans?

A well-designed slogan always served as a representative of your business and product. It answers all the questions like who are you? And why you are here?

Do some brainstorming

Don’t show haste while designing a slogan for your business. Instead, think and write some random line matching your slogan idea. After writing, make a list of those ideas. Select one or two from the list and try to develop the best and catchy tagline.

Verbalize your slogan

After you have written a slogan read it aloud. While you are reading it aloud, must check its musicality. Keep in mind that a perfect slogan always carries some rhyme in it. your slogan should not have any pause, tongue-twisted word, or complex syllable pattern in it. On the contrary, if you feel that your slogan lacks some natural aspect in it, revise it.

Don’t Quote your tagline

Before putting your slogan into quotes, must think about the reason that why you are going to put quotes in your slogan.  If you put quotes in your slogan it will not look like a fact but an “as-if” statement.

If you are writing a slogan about tennis, you will not write it as the “coolest” game on the earth.

It’s not Us…. It’s you

Try to talk about you in your tagline. Avoid using the words like Us, we, I, or ours. You should get the opportunity in your tagline to talk to your customers.


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