Thanksgiving Slogans: 200+ Best and Catchy Thanksgiving Phrases

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Here we have shared some cool and catchy Thanksgiving slogans and taglines for your inspiration. All the Thanksgiving phrases that we have shared are unique and free to use anywhere you want.

Thanksgiving is the most celebrated and prized occasion of the United States of America. It is celebrated on different dates United States of America, Canada, Saint Lucia, Grenada, etc. thanksgiving was started 400 years ago in the American States.

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States whereas in Canada it is celebrated on the second Monday of October. Other than this, this day has deep historical roots in religious and cultural folklores. These people of specific give thanks for everything they have blessed with.

In the United States, President Abraham Lincoln declared the 4th Thursday of Nov as a day of giving thanks in 1941. In this way, this day becomes a national holiday.

Every year, ten million people celebrate this day. People spend this day with their family, relatives, and beloved ones, express gratitude and share meal, and smile.

According to a research, 50% of the Americans celebrate this day as an important day while 70% of the American think that it is a day which they have to spend with their family and friends.

Many of the people share their thoughts in special words, share special quotes with their loving ones.

Thanksgiving Slogans

Following are some cool and catchy thanksgiving slogans for you:

  • Call the folks, eat the pumpkin, peas, and potatoes.
  • I will celebrate this day with blade and forks.
  • Gather here to spread smile enjoy.
  • Give a lot of expressions of love and gratitude.
  • Give thanks and cheers to God.
  • This put all in the best state of mind with a smile.
  • Feel grateful for having smile and family with you.
  • Got no banks no checkbooks, just a smile on the face.
  • Celebrate love, smile, giggling, cheer, and joy.
  • It’s Thanksgiving Day, give thanks to God for everything.
  • Don’t count calories on Thanksgiving Day, just eat and chill.

Catchy Thanksgiving Phrases

  • Say thanks, you got the sun in the morning, stars in the night.
  • Thanksgiving Day, a blessed period of 24 hours.
  • A blessed day, a blessed night.
  • Be grateful for the smile and joy you get.
  • Potato, cranberry, and peas, all these things appease.
  • This day, say thanks and be appreciative consistently.
  • Give thanks for everything you have, for every smile and delight.
  • Be grateful to God, be cheerful.
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to express gratitude.
  • I have many things to be grateful.
  • Thanks a million, be grateful for each minute.

Thanksgiving Marketing Slogans

  • Have a thankful heart, nothing is better than this.
  • Have a good get-together, eat and chill.
  • We share this day with friends and family as a Thanksgiving Day.
  • Don’t forget the appreciation, feel this day.
  • Demonstrate appreciation this big day.
  • Celebrate this festivity with love.
  • You know; you always have something to be appreciative of.
  • This day, Put your heart in the best inclination.
  • Get the opportunity to say thanks and eat.

Thanksgiving Taglines

  • Fell the smell of thanksgiving supper and feast.
  • Commend God with thanks and devour.
  • Keep your thanksgiving unending till your end.
  • Don’t jump in supplication, show thankfulness.
  • Let’s celebrate the day with a smile and gratitude.
  • Thanksgiving means having a meal together.
  • Enjoy tasty food in a Good mood and say thanks, dude.
  • Keep calm because it’s Thanksgiving Day.
  • Share your today, which means you share every day.
  • Together we smile, together we smile.

Funny Thanksgiving Slogans

  • Don’t feel alone this thanksgiving.
  • Care, love, joy, and food, for all this, is thanksgiving.
  • Having a meal together is nothing less than a blessing.
  • Thanksgiving is the right way to give thanks to God.
  • Feel the family joy on Thanksgiving night.
  • God gives, you celebrate thanksgiving, keep saying thanks.
  • Being thankful to God is the best deed.
  • It’s thanksgiving, forgive everyone and say thanks.
  • Thanksgiving looks simple but has the best outcomes.

Thanksgiving Safety Slogans

  • Give thanks for the blessings he bestowed upon you.
  • For all blessings you have in life, celebrate this day with forks and knives.
  • A thankful receiver gets a plentiful harvest.
  • Keep celebrating thanksgiving all the years, all the life.
  • Always be thankful, you will have more in the end.
  • This day, transform your all behavior into thanksgiving.
  • Gratitude changes whole life, putting words into appreciation as well.
  • Want to be thankful? Share all that you do.
  • A thankful heart always finds mercies and God’s grace.
  • Carry out the acts of kindness this day.

Thanksgiving Slogans

How to Write Thanksgiving Slogans?

A thanksgiving slogan helps you to create awareness regarding this day among the masses. A good thanksgiving slogan not only reveals all about this day but also describes its historical and cultural importance. It always carries the capacity to motivate the masses to give thanks to God on this special day.

Illustrating oneness

Try to develop a persuasion among the masses or targeted audience that your slogan is unique and carries the ability to raise awareness in masses regarding Thanksgiving Day. Dedication and professionalism reflected in your slogan can impress a reader.

Use appropriate vocabulary

After doing ample research regarding the slogan and plotting ideas, the next step is to choose the effective words to write the slogan. Remove all difficult or tongue-twisted words that can make a common man read your slogan 5 times to develop understanding. Keep in mind that an easy slogan takes a minute to diffuse in public.

Add some smile and humor

People don’t even bother to see a long or difficult slogan. It makes them uncomfortable to read. On the contrary, they feel comfortable in reading a small, easy and catchy phrase. Try to add some humorous words which in turn bring some smiles to their faces. A smile on the reader’s face means he will memorize your slogan in his mind for months or years.

Engage the audience

A slogan you have design should have the capacity to realize to the reader that he is missing something important in his busy life.


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