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Travel Blog Names: 200+ Names for Travelers and Trips

Name is the basic recognition device or element for anything. It is the primary thing that conveys your thought process, service providence, and scope of your domain.  Choosing a blog name comes with this context too. In this regard, we have arranged a list of mesmerizing and enticing travel blog names.

The blog name is the first impression and highly important in terms of traffic to your web page and its success. Your blog’s performance matters equally to its name and content. Choosing an alluring and traffic attracting name becomes dire need to achieve desired objectives from the blog.

Take a look at Blog name ideas chosen after ample time exploration and deep research. Moreover, have a look at mind-blowing and stunning techniques and tips to come up with your own and unique blog name, at the end phase.

Travel Blog Names

Here are some cool and catchy travel blog names to inspire your ideas:

Travel Blog Names for Couples

Following are the best travel blog names for couples:

Road Trip Names

Below are some cool road trip names for your inspiration:

Travel Website Names

Following are the best travel website names that you will love:

Travelers Names

Following are the best names for travellers that you will like:

Travel Usernames for Instagram

Below are the best travel usernames for Instagram that you can take:

A Practical Guide for Naming your Travel Blog

In this portion, you will get an extensive guide to come up with your blog name.

First thing first, you have to mark the objective that you desire from the name of your blog. In successful cases, it should be attracting visitors to your web page. Moreover, it should serve aims like a depiction of your blog specialty and nature.

The following techniques will immensely help you to write a blog name that will be unique and a perfect fit for your blog.

Where to Find Travel Blog Names?

Everything comes with thinking and utilizing mind ability, you have to think and Follow the following steps.

Thinking out of the box

No other individual understands your blog motive, and therefore no one can think a name as effectively as you can. Expand your horizons and think beyond ordinary. Write all the ideas and names that come to your mind during this operation regardless of their effectiveness at this stage.

Get help from surroundings

To add in the list of your names, you can get help from your family and friends. Furthermore, drop an eye on your competitor’s blog names. It will be greatly helpful in this context. Make sure not to copy anyone. Try to get the ideas that you find unique and attractive.

Make a Precise List

Try to shortlist the names gradually in the context of their efficiency and effectiveness. By doing this, only the relevant and catchy names would be able to take their place on the list. You can look up to take help from the ones that have more experience in this niche. Proper guidance will increase your chance of getting an attractive and unique travel blog name.

Check online Availabilities

When you are done with selecting some quality names, check their availability online. Look for the domain name (most preferably .com) if it is available or not. Furthermore, search whether the social media handles of your picked names are available.

Traits of a Quality Travel Blog Name

The domain name must possess the following qualities and characteristics to be a good and productive one.

Precise and Concise

It is a common phenomenon that difficulties and hurdles are often ignored. Your name must be short in syllables, easy in readability, and should be understood. Likewise, it should be sweet and melodious to ears.

Convey Context

The name that you have picked among various must deliver an explanation of your blog in limited bit sound diction. It must convey the message and thoughts about your expertise.

Catchy and Unique

One of the basic and most important purposes of a blog name is to attract traffic. Only a unique and catchy name possesses the capability to do so. In other words, the blog name should be alluring and relatable to visitors.


Last but not the least, the characteristic that should be in your blog name is the ability to depict tourism. It will be helpful for your blog in terms of having recurring traffic. Comprehensively, if people memorize the blog name by relating it to particular places then there is a greater probability of their coming back.


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