Union Slogans: 200+ Best Labor Slogans & Sayings

Here we have shared some cool and catchy labor slogans and sayings. You can use these union slogans anywhere you want.

Labor unions commonly work for the rights of laborers or workers. These unions raise workers’ concerns related to their wages and other working conditions. Unions work like democracy work in a country and are mostly specific to the industrial workers.

Slogans play an important role in defining and raising workers’ demands or conditions. Writing an effective slogan is not as easy as it sounds. It can be a daunting task to accomplish. We have compiled a list of best union slogans that carry the potential to encourage the workers or a campaign.

Union Slogans

Here are some cool and catchy union slogans that you can use:

  • United we can achieve all that looks hard to get.
  • Divided we have nothing but bad days.
  • Unions support and give the right to talk.
  • Union can make your future safe and bright.
  • Unions support labor in the country.
  • In the 20th century, Union is a gift for labor.
  • Change misery into progress and hope.
  • Having a union is your right.
  • Union fight for the rights of labor.
  • Nothing has the power matching the power of the union.
  • Support the social class, support your mates.
  • Union raise the living standards of millions.
  • Labor create the place for big businesses.
  • Labor raise the level of production around the world.
  • All the world’s wealth is the product of our labor.

Labor Slogans

Here are some creative and unique labor slogans for your inspiration:

  • Don’t mourn, fight for your right.
  • We welcome the happy days.
  • We don’t accept the wage salary. End it.
  • Get stronger together having hands in hands.
  • We, the labor is the only source of wealth.
  • Labor creates all that a wealthy man needs.
  • Unemployed should be organized.
  • I hate the bossy things.
  • Think about the labor who work 40 hours a week.
  • For us, taxes are hidden weapons.
  • Stay united. United we gain a tendency to gain good.
  • Right work on right Job.
  • Eight hours of work and eight hours of job.
  • Support us, support your brothers for their cause.
  • Organized and strong labor is the effective answer from labor union.
  • Vote us, vote for the labor.

Strike Slogans

Following are the best strike slogans that you can use for free:

  • Unions remove the misery and give progress and hope
  • Labor should be free to preserve their rights.
  • Unions unify the workforce.
  • Get on your feet to gain the big and smart.
  • Defend each other like a family.
  • Union fight for civil and fundamental rights.
  • Guards yourself from false hopes.
  • Rob for your right either it is civil or fundamental.
  • Union can make you enjoy equal job rights.
  • Organized free Unions are the need of the hour.
  • Do all to get a good and prosperous life.
  • Union are fighting against 90 percent.
  • This fight is our fight and we have to fight for our right.

Union Sayings

Here are some unique and amazing union sayings that you will like:

  • Union powers an employee enough to fight for his right.
  • Dear folks, we need to unite.
  • Unite yourself against all the bad guys.
  • Don’t divide the world into two classes.
  • No laborers, no idlers. We are the one.
  • Union supports all honestly.
  • Labor unions work for the dignity and pride.
  • Union creates a human-friendly relationship.
  • Unions are big forces fighting for good.
  • Union snatch capital and give it to poor staff.
  • Union transfer only gains to poor labor.
  • Union-staff, a well off staff.
  • Unions are mandatory for truthful industry.
  • Labor union is a union of the wealth.
  • We are human not the slave.
  • You are here because we are here.

Union Slogans

How to Write Creative Union Slogans?

Coming up with an effective and successful slogan demands a lot of time and effort. Sometimes, people design all their stuff with great effort and pay no heed to the slogan developing process which proves devastating in the end. A slogan is a big source of public relation.

Be Unique and Different

Sometimes, campaign planners or entrepreneurs copy the slogans of other reputed and well-established businesses or campaigns. This thing is not advisable. To get the attention of your target market you need to add some uniqueness to it. It will make you different from the slogans of other campaigns.

On the contrary, if you copy the slogan of any other business or campaign, you must be ready for a legal battle. If it happens, you are in hot waters and it can create a very bad image of your newly born venture or campaign.

Be Honest and Real

While developing a slogan, remember that say all that you can deliver. Don’t exaggerate things to an extent where you can found yourself unable to meet your words. Don’t use words like “the lowest price in the town” or “the only perfect in the market”. Also, avoid the sugar-coated words.

Show some consistency

Consistency is the only key to success for a slogan. While writing a slogan must consider the vision and mission of your brand or company.

Add some humor to it

Try to add some humor in your slogan if you have the good capacity to do it fine and right. Where a funny slogan attracts an audience, a humorous slogan establishes a happy connection between a customer and you. Sometimes, adding humor can make hurt a person belonging to a specific community.

Secondly, while adding humor to your slogan, don’t act like a comedian, don’t make your slogan a big piece of joke.

Ensure it can stand alone

You have to design a slogan that tells your audience what are you doing here and why you are here? It will make your business stand out among the others in the market.

Don’t rush

Before coming up with a slogan, do ample research, and try to learn as much as you can. Make it short and simple. Try to explain your business in a few catchy words. Don’t rush it with extra words or ideas. It will make your slogan boring.


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