200+ Virtual Assistant Business Names Ideas and Taglines

What should I name my virtual assistant business? We often get this question. So, today we will share with you the best virtual assistant business names that will inspire you.

As people find it difficult to find a perfect assistant nowadays, it can be a good business to start. If you focus on naming it in the right way, I can assure you that you will make your dream come true.

You can use these names anywhere you want. In the end, we have also shared some virtual assistant company taglines to help you find a slogan too.

Virtual Assistant Business Names

Below are the best virtual assistant business names to inspire your ideas:

  • Task Virtual
  • My Task
  • In Harmony Virtual Assistanceer
  • Crafty Edge Solutions
  • Virtual Assistant Directory
  • Virtual Masters
  • Electric Assistant
  • The Assistant Dudes
  • Staffers
  • Tiffinity Virtual Assistance
  • The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network
  • Red Butler
  • Virtual Assistance Cafe
  • Work Better
  • More Work
  • Engage Better
  • Create ROI
  • Just Assistant Gurus
  • Virtual Delights
  • Sweet SEO
  • Wise to Optimise
  • VaVa Virtual Assistants
  • Color Code Your Life
  • Digital Smarts
  • Virtual Inspired
  • New Directions
  • Your Assistant Mojo
  • Vineyard Virtual Services
  • Laura Manning
  • The Omnipotent Optimisers

Virtual Assistant Company Names

Following are the best virtual assistant company names you can ever find:

  • Optimal Choice Virtual Assistant
  • Alpha Assistant
  • FGS Business Center
  • Miss Bonnie Jane
  • Digital Employee
  • AVirtual Assistant
  • Virtual Manpower
  • My Girl Friday
  • Virtual Assistants Limited
  • Your Virtual Assistant
  • InDeed We Can
  • We Mean Business
  • The Tech Office
  • DigiSquad
  • Strictly Savvy
  • Rosie Remotely
  • Admin Army
  • Support Squad
  • Virtual Task Managers
  • Independent PA
  • Sunflower Factory

Catchy Names for Personal Assistant Business

Here are some catchy names for personal assistant business:

  • A to Z Tasks
  • Ellan Media
  • Fancy Hands
  • The Experience Bank
  • Round the Clock VA
  • Virtual Desk
  • Social Assistant
  • Noteable Notebook
  • Hottest Trends
  • Trendy Trends
  • Digital Notebook
  • Click To Cube
  • Agents of Value
  • Social Assistant
  • Slick Click
  • Everyday Order
  • Compucreative
  • Digital Desk
  • Desk Decisions
  • Remote Support
  • AMG Virtual Assistant Services

Admin Names

These are the best admin business name ideas and suggestions:

  • LessTask
  • Taskill
  • Team Aide
  • Parallax Programmers
  • Radioactive Admin Services
  • Bluelight Suites Admin
  • Interstellar Admin
  • Admin Giant
  • Quaker
  • Blue Links
  • Farley Technology
  • Nebula Workers
  • AutoPilot Admin
  • Skyline Solutions
  • Orion Solutions
  • Ring of Info
  • TriTech Services
  • O’ Tabs
  • Heritor
  • Time Svr

Virtual Assistant Name Generator

Below are some cool and clever virtual assistant names from a generator:

  • Team Launcher
  • The Virtual Hub
  • oDesk
  • Office Grapevine
  • Belay Solutions
  • Bizee
  • Clutch
  • Office Killls
  • Time Doctor
  • Always By Your Side
  • Working 9 to 5 (and Beyond)
  • Round the Clock VA
  • Plaxonic
  • Premier Veba
  • Daily Tasks
  • Click To Pick
  • Daily Tasks
  • Everyday Tasks

Virtual Assistant Business Names

How to Name Your Virtual Assistant Business

We all know that it is quite hard to find the best virtual assistant who can deliver the best services at affordable prices. If you are going to start this business, you are going in the right direction. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is your clients. You have to provide services they will like and your business will need nothing more to succeed.

But to start all this you need people to contact you and get connected with you. A catchy virtual assistant business name will ensure that you get more clients.

Finding a catchy name isn’t difficult. You have to make your mind clear about the type of name you want. Here is how to name your virtual assistant business:

1. Brainstorm name ideas and make a list.

If you are clear about what kind of name you need, then there must be something coming in your mind. Write all the ideas that are popping in your head.

If you don’t know exactly what should be your business name, then you should first make it clear, what kind of services are you going to offer. Who will buy from and why would people prefer to buy your services instead of already existing competitors?

After that, you will come to know that your business will have these qualities. You have to name your business according to the goals and dreams so that later on you can relate the business with the name when you grow big and start offering more and more wide services.

2. Keep your company name short and simple but creative.

Short and simple virtual assistant names are more likely to get more clients. Because long names are usually boring and people hate such names. You have to create a good first impression on people, so you have to make it attractive.

Being a little creative will help you in getting more clients because you are going to provide services mainly to creative peoples.

3. Avoid difficult names.

If your business name is difficult to understand, people aren’t going to like it.

Sometimes, I have seen entrepreneurs making this big mistake, where they say “I don’t care what people think and say”. They are right! But not in a business name. If people aren’t getting what you are telling, then you are losing clients.

You may get a few of them but you are losing the majority of them. So, you have to make your business name very simple, creative and easy to understand. Such names are memorable and bring returning customers which is the backbone of small businesses.

4. Get a domain name that matches your business name.

You will surely need a domain name with a keyword inserted in it.

You have to make a website where you will get most of your clients. This is just a big part of modern businesses.

If you need more information here is how to start your virtual assistant business guide.

5. Finalize your company name.

Your final business name should convey a message about your business. You can get suggestions from your friends, family and teammates.

Good Luck! I wish you succeed in your business and make sure to register your name!

Virtual Assistant Company Taglines

Here are some cool and creative virtual assistant company taglines:

  • Save time, get a virtual assistant.
  • Professional assistants for professional people.
  • Stay organized, get an assistant.
  • We do things better.
  • Make it look a little sexy.
  • The perfect SEO partner.
  • Your perfect assistant.
  • Because everyone needs a virtual companion.
  • Helping to make your business run smoother.


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