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Witch Names: 400+ Cool And Dark Witch Names And Ideas

In this article, we have shared some cool and catchy witch names for you. You can use these witchy names for free and anywhere you want.

Here you’ll find a special variety of witch names, that you’ll like.

Let’s dive in.

Witch Names

Enlisted are some of the best witch names, that you can use:

  • Wren
  • Beck De Vil
  • Evelyn Latimer
  • Artemis Roseberg
  • Marie
  • Violet Calarook
  • Marc Wolfmoon
  • Nissa Wood
  • Ravenna
  • Bram Snow
  • Florence
  • Frewin Le Blank
  • Evanora
  • Katrina
  • Maddock Gnash
  • Henriette Vixen
  • Zelig Vigil
  • Draigh Delarosa
  • Icy
  • Isabel
  • Henrietta Knotley
  • Cosmo Maleficum
  • Galahad Barkridge
  • Acacia Damon
  • Angela
  • Abraham
  • Adaire Norwood
  • Eoin Helion
  • Jade
  • Draigh Manglyeong
  • Arietta Graeme
  • Rosita Soulton
  • Avery Sanguine
  • Pilan Willow
  • Zelda
  • Franziska Evilian
  • Muriel
  • Ruby
  • Dreama

Witchy Last Names

Following are some cool witchy last names, that you can use:

  • Cordelia Church
  • Star
  • Beth Hallewell
  • Mary Autumn
  • Oscar
  • Keith Vandran
  • Eve Dred
  • Lucia
  • Saul Christian
  • Frances Pickerin
  • Mabel Orlando
  • Armand
  • Torin Christian
  • Celestina Zayne
  • Hester Trevils
  • Tia Serphent
  • Mars Sangrey
  • Tade Skinner
  • Glacia
  • Ursula
  • Elisabeth Fang
  • Sage
  • Silver Shadowmend
  • Tade Digby
  • Fabian
  • Aspen Drach
  • Naga
  • Mardella Evilian
  • Dashiel Shade
  • Regina Shelley
  • Coral De Vil
  • Tanith
  • Adalind
  • Meadow Kobe
  • Fleur
  • Shade
  • Grimhild
  • Aurora
  • Acelin Razor
  • Rain
  • Astra
  • Aradia

Evil Witch Names

Here are some of the best evil witch names, that you can use:

  • Samara Trevils
  • Romilda
  • Jinx
  • Eva
  • Gandalf
  • Clementine
  • Garnet
  • Corydon Fang
  • Ebony Le Blank
  • Victoria Ripper
  • Calder Trevils
  • Vera
  • Sakura Vexx
  • Sakura Grimm
  • Narissa
  • Hedvig Brevil
  • Claudette Crowe
  • Pleione
  • Galahad Craft
  • Celestine Bloodworth
  • Dahlia
  • Lucida Youngblood
  • Piper
  • Queen Sharpe
  • Bronwyn Vandran
  • Kestrel Maganti
  • Tarja Von Stein
  • ValeAria
  • Ember Cane
  • Jasion Vexx
  • Leif Panther
  • Edel
  • Tabitha Hallewell
  • Augusta
  • Phoebe
  • Alecto Orlando
  • Emily
  • Caton Cane
  • Reagan Barlow
  • Arietta Barlow
  • Eldridge Wraith
  • Blair
  • Valeria
  • Cora

Good Witch Names

Enlisted are few good witch names for you:

  • Dallan Labyrinth
  • Mia Labyrinth
  • Evelyn Grove
  • Dittany
  • Luna Frost
  • Maude Jinx
  • Lillian Crow
  • Brielle Skinner
  • Jade Tombend
  • Oberon Scarletwound
  • Pearl Evilian
  • Locasta
  • Hilda Diamond
  • Anemone Brevil
  • Raven Christian
  • Zolan
  • Einar Von Stein
  • Eldridge Devonshire
  • Mallory
  • Belladonna
  • Rumina
  • Marzanna
  • Christian
  • Rowena
  • Ravencroft
  • Dashiel Cloven
  • Zenioba
  • Aurora Serphent
  • Kijo (Japanese for “witch”)
  • Erika Morgan
  • Lydia Redwood
  • Zelig Knotley
  • Jorah Creighton
  • Opalina Depraysie
  • Bardo Knotley
  • Hellawes
  • Sasha Latimer
  • Agnes

Female Witch Names

Here are some female witch names, that you’ll like:

  • Enyo
  • Cornelia Aimes
  • Magnolia Latimer
  • Mary
  • Ferox Soulton
  • Brielle Strain
  • Aurelia Duke
  • Wendy Villalobos
  • Millicent
  • Xavier Shadowmend
  • Galen Autumn
  • Holly
  • Alecto
  • Nina Dred
  • Cosmo Helion
  • Beltaine
  • Berthina Crypt
  • Draigh Graves
  • Emlyn Roseberg
  • Daire Cloven
  • Amelia Autumn
  • Cade Latimer
  • Agnes Fang
  • Joan
  • Astrid Trevil
  • Pepper Roseberg
  • Cyrus Interfector
  • Litha
  • Thabit
  • Chalfont Mock
  • Ayana
  • Aileen Fade
  • Zelig Snow
  • Zagan

Cool Witch Names

Enlisted are some cool witch names, that you can use:

  • Primrose Monroe
  • Vlad
  • Annette Storm
  • Rochelle
  • Gwyneth Soulton
  • Eoin Barlow
  • Jasminka
  • Befana
  • Zaria Crowe
  • Valkyrie Skinner
  • Aja
  • Nina Kobe
  • Sidney
  • Seren Howler
  • Tabitha
  • Ursula Ash
  • Shyla Damon
  • Evilene
  • Gerald
  • Marnie
  • Alicia Le Blank
  • Albertine Onyx
  • Bellatrix Rex
  • Sirene Everbleed
  • Misty Grail
  • Pallando
  • Fern Interfector
  • Kayne Hook
  • Cadsuane
  • Auria Diamond
  • Raymond
  • Bardo Hook
  • Elsbeth Maleficum
  • Killian Roseberg
  • Agate

Dark Witches Names

Following are some of the best dark witches names for you:

  • Fiona Heliot
  • Kasumi
  • Coral Argent
  • Cassia Devonshire
  • Silvaria Trevils
  • Cornelius Payne
  • Cornelius Damon
  • Anemone Graeme
  • Adar Krauss
  • Helena Crow
  • Cornelius Ripper
  • Evelyn
  • Matilda
  • Allard Marth
  • Leith
  • Keene Naxxremis
  • Anita Brack
  • Dyllis
  • Ulva Shade
  • Eartha Labyrinth
  • Selene
  • Gillian Thornton
  • Aggie
  • Fabularis Krauss
  • Siobhan
  • Lavander Calarook
  • Circe Shadowend
  • Adam Calarook
  • Arwen Norwood
  • Mami
  • Barrett Maleficum
  • Willow
  • Morgause
  • Kijo
  • Emmeline
  • Zander Latimer

Sorceress Names

Following are smart and cool sorceress names:

  • Lydia
  • Tempest Crane
  • Alcina
  • Jasmine Onyx
  • Ganondorg
  • Torin Latimer
  • Trixie
  • Nissa Dukes
  • Cordelia
  • Leander Raven
  • Peony Hart
  • Darnell Shade
  • Rita
  • Avery Tempest
  • Narcissa
  • Lucian Serphent
  • Hilda
  • Marsden Delacroix
  • vDerrick Graeme
  • Estrella Trevil
  • Yasmin Morelli
  • Maera Hart
  • Sierra Latimer
  • Thackery
  • Abena Malum
  • Starla Trevil
  • Maev Delacroix
  • Myrtle
  • Leander Norwood
  • Stormy
  • Azula Crowe
  • Niobe Craft
  • Laura Christian
  • Conrad Umbra
  • Marsden Raven
  • Aaron Strain

Witch Names

How to Create Witch names by Yourself

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to name a witch without any help from others:

Brainstorm And Make A List Of Witch Names

First, you have to use your own mind to find a good name. You have to keep in mind that the name you’ll give to the witch is unique.

You have to think of all the unique and impressive names that come to your mind. Then make a list of all these names. Find a very special and unique name and final it for the witch.

Get Ideas From Friends And Family

If you are looking for a name, first you have to get ideas from your nearest ones, such as your friends and family. If they don’t have any idea then you have to use another method to get the name.

Avoid Hard-To-Spell And Hard To Remember Names

Before naming a person, you have to know that, the name you have given to the person is very simple and easy to spell or anyone can remember you’re his/her name easily without any difficulty. When the name of the person is simple and unique, all the people can easily remember the name or love it as well.

Conduct A Thorough Internet Search

If you want to name a person unique and impressive and want something cool but don’t have any idea to name anyone. So, you have an internet connection at your home or on your mobile phone. You can search most popular names for them and choose one of the best for the person or thing you naming.

Nowadays, the internet is a very easy and simple thing, that is available everywhere. There are hundreds of sites on the internet from which you can choose the best names.

Try Name Generators

If you’re looking for a name for yourself or for someone else. We all know that this is the era of technology and we all affiliated with the internet.

So we also get the name from the name generators, the provide us a complex variety of names without any help from others. The witch names generator will help us to find a good name.

Make Sure The Name Sounds Good When Said Aloud

When you name a witch, first make sure that the name has given to it makes a good sound when you or someone calls his/her name in public.

The name must have a good impression on the listener and as well as caller. The name should be very attractive and have a great impact on the people.

Keep It Short & Simple

Before naming a person you have to know that, the name of them must be very simple and short. Short and simple names can easily be pronounced without any difficulty.

If the name is hard to remember then the people will call the person without saying his/her name and make another name for them. That will be very irrespective for you and the person.

I hope that you like all the names that we have shared with you, and hope that you have found that, what you are looking for.


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