200+ Women’s Rights Slogans and Slogans on Equality

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Here we have shared some cool and creative women’s rights slogans.

United Nations Charter adopted by world leaders in 1945 gives equal ‘fundamental rights’ to women and men. These include the right to live free from any discrimination and violence; to be educated; own property; to vote and to earn a fair and equal wage.

Promoting and protecting women’s rights is the responsibility of a state. Even International protocols on Political and Civil Rights embraces the women the right to life, liberty, and freedom.

How These Women’s Rights Slogans Create Awareness?

Women are still trapped in many gender inequalities which affect them disproportionately. Many girls and women are facing problems like domestic violence, sexual abuse, low wages as compared to men, and lack of adequate health and educational facilities. They are deprived of making personal choices in their personal lives.

We are born with equal abilities but unfortunately, we can’t enjoy the same opportunities. Gender discrimination has prevailed in our society acts.

Even people celebrate a boy’s birth but there is no rejoice when a girl is born. In a workplace, women and men do the same amount of work but there is a difference in their wages.

Some families don’t allow their women to seek any job because they think women’s place is at home.

Many women’s rights organizations and movements are striving hard to address all these problems. They arrange campaigns and different events to demand equality in rights.

Women’s Rights Slogans

Here are some slogans related to women’s rights.

  • Let the woman enjoy her Life.
  • Women’s rights and Women Empowerment.
  • Integrity, Unity, and Equality should exist.
  • Don’t let the women down.
  • Try to motivate women.
  • Women should be aware of their rights.
  • The right to get education and property ownership.
  • A woman is also a human.
  • Your life, Your wishes.
  • You have to choose the way of your life.
  • Don’t get affected by the words.
  • Countries’ development is not possible without the development of women.
  • Equality for all.
  • Try to motivate your women.
  • Right to stand in elections, Right to vote.
  • You have a right to take or own decisions.
  • Restriction should be removed.
  • Say a big No to Women Abuse.
  • I am A Girl And I Can Do Anything.
  • Your wish is your first priority.
  • Right to Live, Right to speak.
  • Women are born to be praised, not to be suppressed.
  • Use your strong womanly image to gain strong results in society.
  • Try to fly with your own dreams.
  • Don’t have to be anti-man to be pro-woman.
  • Speak loud even if Your Voice shakes.
  • Women are the country’s fate.
  • Educate a girl child to make the family’s future bright.
  • I am A Girl. I Am Smart And I Am Strong.
  • Let the women be great.
  • Fight for your rights.
  • Women have the right to maternity leave.
  • Say a big No to Domestic Violence.
  • Stop abuse against women.

Equality Slogans

Here are some equality Slogans for you:

  • Women can do all that a man can do.
  • Women do it better and nice.
  • A woman with a voice is a strong woman.
  • No one has the power to make you feel inferior without your consent.
  • Nobody gives you power. You just take it.
  • I am a woman and I must speak.
  • Choose what you want to do.
  • No one is free if a woman is oppressed.
  • Don’t break a Lady’s heart.
  • Be whatever you can be.
  • To develop the Nation, empower a woman.
  • Women have strong wings to fly so high.
  • Educate a woman to get a good Mother, Sister, and Wife.
  • Educate a Girl, Educate a Whole family.
  • Do Not Underestimate Women’s Determination And Ability.
  • Women succeed in every field of life.
  • Proud to be a women.
  • Don’t LIMIT yourself just because people won’t accept the fact that you can do something else.
  • I am not free while any woman is unfree.
  • You have the capabilities to outperform in every field.
  • Kill the demon of Gender Discrimination.
  • Not a competition but a collaboration between men and women.
  • Women deserve to be here, Woman deserves to exist.
  • Equal rights and equal opportunities bring Progress for all.
  • Women need protection and social integration.
  • Protect her from sexual harassment and abuse.

Tips to Write Women’s Right Slogans

A slogan is an identity for a company, brand, campaign, or event. It takes a lot of time from research, ideation, and testing to decide. Sometimes a slogan sparked within seconds but sometimes it fails. There can be many reasons behind its failure. It can be noisy, confused, or difficult to read.

To create a catchy women’s rights slogan, follow the given tips.

Think about the reason

The reason behind writing a women’s rights slogan is to empower the women and to highlight the demon of gender discrimination prevailing in our society. A women’s rights slogan should contain the same essence.

Make the audience sure that an empowered woman makes the world a better place for us all. A slogan without a reason is nothing more than a bunch of empty words.

Be Poetic

A poetic line affects the audience more than a simple sentence. Your slogan should be poetic, highlighting your appeal in short and simple words.

It should be Sayable

Speak your slogan in a loud voice. Focus how does it sound? Is it easy to say or leave your tongue twisted? A difficult-to-say slogan carry the potential to waste your campaign or can be a negative sign for your business entity.

Your slogan should be easy to say and possess an essence to speak your message loud and clear

Don’t Be a Comedian

Try to add some humor to your slogan but don’t be a comedian. Humor can be effective but a joke in a slogan never works.

Change this if it doesn’t perform well

If a slogan is not working don’t hesitate to change it. You can take ideas from your family, friends, and colleagues in this process.


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