300 Anti Drug Slogans, Taglines and Phrases

Anti drug slogans are important to lead your young generation in the right way. Usually, these anti-drug quotes are printed on posters by different anti drug organizations.

These sayings have a great impact on students in schools, especially elementary school. The younger the child is, the more you can stay him away from drugs and chemicals.

Keeping the youth drug free is important for both the students and the country.

Let’s dive into the list.

Here are anti drug slogans that you can use anywhere in posters, schools, and colleges.

Anti Drug Slogans

  • Drugs Ruin Lives.
  • Wasted? So Is Your Life.
  • There Is No Hope In Dope.
  • Death and Drugs are best friends.
  • Family is better than drugs.
  • Mama cries when your brain fries.
  • Drug users die slowly.
  • It’s not cool to make yourself a fool.
  • Drug user is a loser.
  • I can eat bugs but not drugs!
  • Life thrives when don’t drink and drive.
  • We can’t hang out, you are high.
  • Don’t drink, read a book.
  • Choose me or Drugs.
  • Drugs are not for me.
  • You don’t need heroin to be a hero.
  • Get high on helping others, not killing yourself.
  • Quitting is easy.
  • Drug users have no future.
  • Read a book instead of drugs.
  • Rethink before drink.

Drugs can affect the mind of a human being in a seriously wrong way. Sometimes, they can lead to cancer and then a painful death! To stop all this we should try to make anti drug slogans and “say no to drug posters”. This will not only help to keep students away from drugs but also others.

Anti Drug Slogans

Anti Drug Slogans for School

  • Quit and live like a Lion
  • Stop today – Live tomorrow.
  • Heroes are drug free!
  • Keep calm & Stop Cocaine.
  • Drug users are real-life losers.
  • Use your brain, don’t fry it.
  • Get high on grades, not drugs.
  • It’s not you when you do drugs!
  • Cool kids don’t do drugs.
  • You don’t love Mama when you drug.
  • Be Smart. Don’t Start.
  • Crack Is Whack.
  • Don’t Let Drugs Own You.
  • Drugs Drag You Down.
  • Dreams come true when you quit drugs.
  • Drug Users can’t hang with me.
  • Too Cool For Drugs.
  • Be proud to be drug free.
  • Get high on reading books.
  • Don’t approach the roach.
  • Drug free is for me.
  • Family, friends, and drugs can’t live together.
  • I have a life full of problems, it’s because of drugs.
  • When you blow, you just go.
  • Just trash the stash.
  • Smoking meth leads to a slow painful death.
  • The use of dope brings no hope.
  • Drugs? No! I am smart.
  • Weed is for wimps.
  • Drugs: You use, you lose.

Anti Drug Slogans

Anti Drug Slogans That Rhyme

  • Too smart to start.
  • Hang tough, don’t puff.
  • I need a life, not drugs.
  • No need for weed.
  • Be fly don’t get high.
  • Count on ME to be DRUG FREE.
  • Hero does Math, not Meth.
  • Drug abuse is of no use.
  • Get high on helping your family.
  • Drugs kill you slowly.
  • Hugs not drugs.
  • No drug user grows old, they die painfully being young.
  • Save future generations.
  • Stand up against drugs.
  • Your Mama loves you, drugs make her cry.
  • The more you use, the less you live.
  • Drug quitters are motivators.
  • Choose life over drugs.
  • Enjoy a song and not a BONG.
  • I simply choose not to use.
  • Your drugs will make your Mama cry for you.
  • K2 is not for you.
  • Molly won’t make your life jolly.
  • No Room for Drugs in This World.

Anti Drug Slogans

  • We can’t live together, it’s your drugs.
  • The dope trap is a trap.
  • Refusing is a better choice.
  • Head toward the gym, now!
  • I can’t, it makes me sick.
  • Don’t let drugs trick you, they will kill you.
  • Love, family, kids or DRUGS?
  • Smoking weed is a bad deed.
  • You can’t become a sportsman if you do drugs.
  • The more you use drugs, the less you live life.
  • Drug user is a looser.
  • You have one life, don’t waste it with drugs.

Anti Drug Slogans

  • Up with Hope, down with dope.
  • Drugs cost you more than just money.
  • Pugs are cute, doing drugs is not.
  • Come With Me and Be Drug Free.
  • No more drug users, no more losers.
  • I rather eat bugs than do drugs.
  • Stop, say no to drugs!
  • Drugs take your future.
  • Don’t mess your brain with cocaine.
  • Get High on your Fitness, don’t kill yourself with drugs.

Anti Drug Slogans


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