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400 Best and Catchy Bagel Shop Names

If you are looking best and unique bagel shop names, then you don’t have to worry about that because I have provided some cool and creative bagel shop names that will help you and make your work shiny and brightly.

You just need to click and focus on these names that I have mentioned here.

Bagel Shop Names

Here are some interesting and stylish world’s best bagel shop names that you will like:

  • Donuts Ahoy
  • Rolls that Rock
  • The Organic Bagel
  • The Fairy Bakery
  • Family Schmear
  • The Bagel Eaters
  • Anytime is a Good Time for Cake
  • Take the Cake
  • Yesterday’s Bagel Shop
  • Lox Delicious
  • Double Dip Desserts
  • Sweet Pecan’s Doughnuts & Pastries
  • Bakeoff Winners
  • A Pinch of Sprinkles
  • Bagel Bake
  • The Baker’s Creation
  • Bake With An Aura
  • Doughy From Within
  • So Yummy
  • Cake for All
  • Cookies And Crumbles
  • Bagel & Hegel
  • Knead the Dough
  • The Catalyst Bakery
  • Baked With Love
  • Hole-in-One Donut Shop
  • The Dessert Shops
  • Grateful Bread
  • Mr Cake
  • Dream It, Bake It
  • Bagel On The Way
  • The Busy Café
  • Breaking Bread
  • Holy Cupcakes
  • The Bakery Farms

Bagel Chain Names

Some decent and affective bagel chains I have mentioned for you:

  • Chocolate And Hazelnut
  • Sweet Cheeks Cakes
  • Full Moon Cupcakes
  • Eiffel of Cakes
  • Bread and Butter
  • Outside the Bread Box
  • The Insta Baker’s
  • Vanilla Vegan Doughnut Shop
  • cream mine
  • Buttercup Cake Shop
  • 8th Street Donuts
  • Sugarbloom Bakery
  • The Blissful Bakers
  • Donut Temptation
  • Joe-Nuts Donut Coffee Shop
  • The Grateful Bakery
  • Cake My Day
  • The Baker’s Garden
  • The CinnaMan
  • The Diamond Bakery
  • The Twisted Churro
  • The Dynamic Bakers
  • Georgia Cupcakes
  • Smash Nuts
  • Smash And Splash
  • The Revealing Bakers
  • The Fantastic Bakery
  • A Hundred Miles
  • The Bakery Mansion
  • Cupcake Blvd
  • The Momma Bakery
  • Salt And Sweet
  • Merridee’s Breadbasket
  • Cookies And Bagels

Bagel Use

Enlisted are some helpful and easy bagel use names that can help you:

  • All Is Well
  • The Twisted Bakery
  • The Outer Crust
  • Top Bagel
  • Read the full list here
  • The Street Café
  • The Golden Bakers
  • Provocative Lox
  • Baker’s Dozen
  • Happy Doughnut Holes
  • Baker’s Basket
  • Happiness On a Plate
  • Mrs D’s Donuts
  • The3 Speedway Bagels
  • Vanille Shop
  • The Monster Bakery
  • The Breakfast Corners
  • The Bagel Couture
  • Bake n’ Flake
  • Beyond The Bagel
  • Lox Joy
  • The Revealing Bagel
  • Vanille de Francais (French vanilla)
  • Cannelle (cinnamon)
  • Cake, Battle and Roll
  • The Baker’s Den
  • Snack Rack
  • The Orange Bakery
  • Bakeshop Praha
  • The Baker’s Rack
  • The Bagel Chef
  • The Pleasure Bakery
  • Just Cakes

Bagel Restaurants Names

Some outclass and stylish bagel restaurant names are mentioned below:

  • The Baker’s Nest
  • Dessert Passion
  • Marnie’s Sweets
  • The Baker’s Room
  • Absolutely Muffin
  • Grandma’s Recipes Only Bakehouse
  • Boulangerie Boutique
  • Donut Time
  • Dream Bakers
  • Grandma’s Bakery
  • Whipped
  • Sweet Aroma
  • Ringer’s Donuts
  • Just Bake It
  • The Rose Bakery
  • The Busty Bakery
  • Couple o’ Cakes
  • The Nutty Crust
  • La Pastisseria Barcelona
  • Amazing Glaze Doughnut Shop
  • The Baker’s Ground
  • Fait Maison
  • The Baker’s Inspiration
  • Baby Cakes
  • The Bakery Hole
  • Sugar N’ Spice Donuts
  • Nature Fresh
  • The Bread Stores
  • Speedway Donuts
  • The Baker’s Table
  • Sugar Pies
  • Donut Empire
  • Bag a Bagel
  • Yum I Love Cake
  • The Baker’s Endings

What are some good names for bagel shops?

  • The Bagel Forests
  • Home Recipe
  • Muffin Top
  • Sweets Bage
  • Crumbs
  • The Rising Bun
  • Creme au Chocolate (Chocolate Mousse)
  • Busty Bean
  • Euphorium Bakery
  • Piece of Cake
  • Schmear Made
  • The Bakery Express
  • Simply Bread
  • Cake Momma
  • The Foodie Hub
  • Flour Power
  • Thé Patisserie Des Tuileries
  • Express Chai Caffe
  • The Baker’s Edge
  • Oh la la Bakery
  • Master Donuts
  • The West Coast Bakers
  • Your Bagel, Your Way
  • The Bakery Flicks
  • Pro Cakes
  • X’s and O’s Donuts
  • Pretty Baked
  • Creative Treats
  • Led Zeppoli
  • Have Your Bagel
  • The Titanic Bagels
  • The Crusty Cruller

What are some cool bagel shop business names?

  • Inferno Donuts
  • Mainline Cake
  • French Kisses Bakery
  • Délicieux (delicious)
  • The Bagel Makers
  • Sweet Ginger Doughnuts
  • Des Gateaux et Du Pain (the cake and the bread)
  • Dream It Donut Shop
  • 360 Smiles Donut
  • Cakey Bakey
  • Buns of Steel
  • Confection Connection
  • The Baker’s Vibe
  • The Power Bakery
  • The Cake Whisperer
  • The Soft Dough
  • Cerise (Cherry)
  • Donut Delight
  • The Calories Needed
  • Better Batter Baking
  • Sweet Surrender
  • 21 Cupcakes
  • The Gourmet Doughnut
  • Éclair de Genie (the eclair genius)
  • MoodSpresso
  • We Love It All
  • Milk and Cookies Shop
  • The Absolute Bakery
  • Gingerbread House

What are some memorable bagel store names?

  • The Bagel Shop
  • The Urban Bakery
  • Chewy And Dewy
  • The Bagel Top
  • Rainy Day Lox
  • Cream Line Bakery
  • Lox Republic
  • Above All Bakery
  • The Bagel Hub
  • Cake Pops
  • Modern Bakery House
  • The Bakery Eiffel
  • Gourmandise Pastry Shoppe
  • Up And Down
  • Bagels Made My Day
  • The Sesame Bagels
  • True Toast
  • The Donut Sweetheart
  • The Chocolate Chippers
  • The Bun Also Rises
  • The Charming Schmear
  • Central Park Bagels LLC
  • Nahoum and Sons
  • All About The Glaze
  • The Cake Bake
  • The Donut Hole & Bakery
  • Earlybird Sweet Donuts
  • The Superior Bakers
  • Baked With Warmth
  • The Double Sweetness
  • The Bakery Breaks

Bagel Shop Names

How to Create Unique Bagel Business Name

In order to succeed in a certain business, you have to take care of each and every aspect of its branding. The first step that your branding strategy should have is creating a unique name that will attract more and more customers into your business.

After turning random people into customers, the goal should be to turn them into returning customers. These customers are called satisfied customers; they mainly suggest your product to their friends and family.

Here is a list of few simple tips that will help you create such a name that will not only attract more people into your business, but also turn them into returning customers.

1. Choose an Easy to Understand Bagel Business Name

Choosing a name that everyone is able to understand will help your readers a lot in memorizing your business name. And we truly can’t explain how important it is to make your business name memorable.

If your business name is memorable, people will visit you again and again. It will be a lot easier to suggest your name to other people. This is the best part here.

Here is the list of easy to understand Bagel shop names.

  • Sweet Street Café
  • Bake And Ride
  • Red Velvet Bakery
  • The Bagel Broker
  • The Holy Bakery
  • The Duke of Dough
  • Wake and Bake Bakery
  • Cupcake-a-licious
  • The Kind Bakers
  • Lait au Sucre (milk and sugar)
  • Schmear is Here
  • Forgot the Flour Bakery
  • Plentiful Pastries
  • Sweet Sensations
  • The Mix-Up
  • The Pumpkin Baker’s
  • The King’s Donuts
  • Rotten Sprinkles Donut Shop
  • The Café Latte
  • Tap Dance Donuts
  • The Baker’s Craft
  • Pinecrest Bakery
  • Icing on the Cake
  • Yummy Tummy
  • Billy’s Bae-Goals
  • Sugarlips Cupcakes
  • Sticky Buns Sticky Fingers
  • Tout de Sweet
  • Cerise
  • The Wheatless Wonder
  • Fairfield Donut Shop
  • Drive With a Bagel
  • Top of the Muffin To Ya

2. Make It Short and Simple

Over the last year, we have suggested over a million business name to different firms and small businesses. In fact, we have got hundreds of mails from our visitors sending us thank you emails. This is because, it feels so good to get help from someone when you are stuck at something.

And most of our visitor come here when they are looking for a business name that they can’t finalize.

The point here is that almost all the names that we have suggested to our clients are super simple and short. Names that are longer than three words are boring often.

Here are some short and simple Bagel shop names

  • Cake a Diem
  • Flour Shower of Cakes
  • Amélie’s French Bakery and Café
  • Bake In The Sky
  • The Amazing Breakfast
  • Cakes And Bagels
  • The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co
  • Vanille (vanilla)
  • Morning Vibe coffee
  • We Make Cake
  • Loaf Oaf Shop
  • Imperial Bakery
  • The Grandmama Café
  • Cake Couture
  • HoneyNuts
  • Patisserie Possibilities
  • Sprinkle On The Bagel
  • Cake Hole Bage
  • Earth Quake Cakes
  • Cake n Bake
  • Whipped Bakeshop
  • The Albert Bakery
  • Heavenly Donuts
  • The Bakes’ Clock
  • The Candy Bakers
  • Queen of Cupcakes
  • The Bakery Factory
  • The Baker’s Nation
  • Chocolate Sprinkles
  • Crazy Cupcakes
  • Around The Block Donuts
  • Cupcakes Here
  • East West Bakery
  • Frosted Fritters Doughnuts

3. Don’t Go for a Funny Name

There are a lot of firms that started their businesses with a funny name and they did quite well in the beginning. But the real problem starts when people don’t take your business serious anymore.

Here are some example of funny bagel shop names.

  • Jolly And Jelly
  • Praise Pastries
  • Smile Maker Donut Baker
  • The Coconut Donut
  • The Mouse Bakery
  • Warm Delights
  • The Wooden Bakery
  • The Toasted Coconut Donut
  • The Roadside Bakery
  • Queen of Tarts
  • Sweet And Soft
  • Confectionary And Bakery
  • Peek a Boo
  • Corner Confiserie
  • Smell The Bagel
  • Dirty Dozen Donuts
  • Black Aroma
  • The Stale Bagel
  • The Goldy Bakery
  • Creative Sweets & Cakes
  • Nutty Bakers
  • Bella’s Beignets
  • Bagelview
  • The Universal Bakers
  • Cakes and Happiness
  • Thanks for Everything Bagel
  • Mom’s Bread Basket
  • Uprising
  • The Angel Bakery
  • The Family Cake Company
  • The Cakesmith
  • Mt Donut
  • Délicieux Shop

If you are starting a small business that is limited to a small community or just targeted audience, then a funny name is okay to use.

But if you are going to start a business that you want to scale up, go for a general name and avoid funny names.

4. Try Business Name Generators

There are a lot of business name generators that will help you in naming your business. These generator are made in such a way that they will help you by providing thousands of business name ideas in just a few clicks.

Here are some names from the bagel business name generators that you can use.

  • The Bakeology Group
  • The Baker’s Ring
  • The Happy Baker
  • Topped With Seeds
  • Prime Baguette
  • Cupcakes Corp
  • Mugshot Café
  • Dynomite Donuts
  • Sesame Bagel Factory
  • The Baker’s Recipe
  • The Muffin Man
  • Waive the Grain Bake Shop
  • Yummy Baked Goods
  • Outrageous Sweet Cakes
  • The Bakery Mail
  • Piece Of a Bagel
  • Fantastic Donuts
  • Pinkitzel Cupcakes & Candy
  • Not Just Cakes
  • The Poppy Seed
  • Crummiest Cakes
  • Bake Away Cafe
  • Knead Bread?
  • The Baker’s Fantasy
  • Artsy Tartsy – French Bakery
  • The Winning Bakery
  • Egoeast Latte
  • Goldy Lox
  • The Hollow Baked
  • The Pris Bakery
  • The Bizz Bakery
  • The Ambrosia Bakery
  • Starry Lane Bakery
  • I DONUT Want Bagels
  • The Doodles Bakery

5. Finalize Your Business Name

To finalize a business name make a list of all the names that you liked from the above list. Then delete all the names that are either difficult to spell or difficult to remember.

Make sure the name you are selecting are easy to pronounce and feel good when said aloud.

Good Luck!

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