Corruption Quotes: 200+ Anti-Corruption Slogans And Quotes

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Here we will share with you some cool and creative corruption quotes and slogans. All the Anti-Corruption Slogans that we have shared can be used anywhere you want.

The improper use of entrusted power for private gain is known as corruption. It weakens the system of the country and provides power to crimes, bribery, and other illegal activities. A state can’t touch the peak of development if their people are involved in corruption.

Everyone knows that people are involved in corruption everywhere. Some countries and their economy are devastated by corruption, bribery, and other illegal activities. Noble people want to get rid of corruption from their states and countries. They want to build a new political party to go against corruption or want to spread awareness against the evils of corruption.

How to spread awareness against corruption? How to show hate towards the evils of corruption? They can do it by slogans. They will write anti-corruption slogans against corruption and corrupt people in their state or country.

Corrupt people are not only involved in corruption. Later they get participation in other evils activities like blackmailing, fraudulence, and bribery. We need to must stand against corruption.

We are providing you with attractive, meaningful, and impactful anti-corruption slogans that will help you in your struggle against corruption.

Anti-Corruption Slogans

Here are some cool and catchy anti-corruption slogans:

  • Say no to corruption.
  • Corruption is bad for the reputation.
  • Want your country to develop? Stop corruption.
  • Don’t commit it; it’s a sin that will destroy your kin.
  • If there is corruption, then there is a bad economy.
  • Think for your nation. Stop corruption.
  • We fight against corruption to save our nation.
  • Join us to eradicate corruption.
  • The development of a country is impossible when corrupted people dwelling there.
  • The seed of corruption is your greed.
  • The happiest nation is the corruption-free nation.
  • Let’s join us to raise our voice against the evils of corruption.
  • When no corruption, there will be progression.

Corruption Quotes

Here are some cool and creative quotes on corruptions:

  • Fight with the evils of corruption. Enjoy the happiness of progression.
  • Kill corruption in any way at any cost.
  • Corruption is your greed. It will never fill your need.
  • We will fight until we win.
  • Don’t let these corrupt peoples cover the money of your country.
  • Say no to bribe. Kill corruption by your side.
  • Let’s save our country. It is my advice. Say no to bribe.
  • It is your bravery to fight against bribery.
  • Corruption will devastate our country. Kick it out.
  • Corruption prevents progress. It is because it is the wrong process.
  • Stop corruption before it stops our country.
  • Corruption is the most dangerous aspect of ending the growth of the country.
  • Take action for your nation against corruption.

Quotes About Government Corruption

Following are the best quotes about government corruption:

  • No compromise to corruption. Join us in a fight we decide against this exploitation.
  • Hunt it, or it will hunt you and your country.
  • Corruption will make your country degrade and empty.
  • Take part with us in the fight against corruption.
  • Before it is too late, let us devastate corruption.
  • Get rid of corrupt people. They will rule on you with injustice.
  • Eject corruption from your country, or it will reject you worldwide.
  • Corruption is a snowball. Melt it. Don’t let it increase.
  • Transparency is the solution to corruption. Let’s do it with us.
  • Corruption is a pandemic. We can only kill by saying “No” to it.
  • Rust to growth, development, and happiness of the country is corruption.

Corrupt Politicians Quotes

Below are some corrupt politicians quotes to use:

  • Corrupt people will rub you at any glance, so don’t give them another chance.
  • If there is corruption, then there will be economic destruction.
  • Take it seriously. We can. We will.
  • Corruption is bait; take my advice, and don’t fall into its trap.
  • Stop bribery, or it will destroy you.
  • Show your power to corruption because it’s powerful than you think.
  • An Anti-corrupted state is a powerful state.
  • Corruption is a shame of the county’s fame.
  • To raise voice against corruption, don’t feel guilty. It’s your duty.
  • Anti-corruption. Take it with passion.
  • Limit your need. Otherwise, corruption will take place by your greed.
  • Save the world from the pandemic called “Corruption.”
  • Prevent destruction by hating corruption.

Quotes About Power Corruption

Below are the best quotes about power corruption:

  • Seeing Bribery? Against It with Bravery.
  • Count up to three. Make your country corruption-free.
  • Your silence will grow corruption violence.
  • Corruption money will only give you depression.
  • People Sane. Corruption Bane.
  • Bribery is evil. Kill it fast.
  • The name “Corruption” is a Shame.
  • Corruption doesn’t die. Kill it like a spy.
  • Be aware. Don’t dare to do bribery. We know bravery.
  • Don’t let corrupt people weaken democracy.
  • Take a potent decision to stop corruption.
  • Anti-Corruption, it is our plan. Stay sane; we can.

Corruption Quotes and Anti-Corruption Slogans

How to Write a Slogan for Anti-Corruption

The effective way of drawing the attention of the people towards an event, product, or company is writing a slogan. A slogan is a few words phrase which delivers the idea, influence, and draws the attention of the people.

We have provided you with influencing and catchy slogans. Pick the one with your own choice. However, if you want to write anti-corruption slogans, then we are here to provide you with some tips that will help you in creating the best slogan.

Brainstorm and Make a List of Slogans

Brainstorming is the best way of getting slogans. Take a pen and a page and sit comfortably in a chair. Tea or coffee will help you in your thinking and writing, so it is nice to take tea when you are thinking and writing.

Let’s start thinking about the evils of corruption and its drawbacks to the country or a nation. Write it and make a list of slogans based on your ideas and thoughts.

Ask Family members and Friends.

You can get the ideas of slogans or directly slogans from your family members and friends. Maybe there are persons in your family and friends that they can create attractive phrases.

Keep it Simple and Sweet.

A slogan with simplicity and sweetness affects more than a slogan with dullness and tediousness. So keep it simple and sweet.

Finalize your Slogan

After applying the above steps to your slogans list, I’m sure you will come up with the best slogans. Do some posts about social media about finalizing anti-corruption slogans. I am pretty sure they will choose the best one.


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