220 Best and Catchy Anti Criminal Slogans & Sayings

Last Updated on October 5, 2021 by Mubashir Rafique

In this blog post, we have come up with some interesting and thoughtful Criminal slogans that are directly related to crime and crime prevention.

You can use these criminal slogans to raise awareness and a sense of responsibility in public, so crime can be prevented.

These slogans are fresh and created professionally following all-important guidelines that makes a slogan catchy and more effective.

This blog post is intended to provide you with Criminal slogans that are noticeable and can be used freely. So without any further delay.

Let’s move to these catchy Criminal Slogans.

Criminal Slogans

Here are some amazing criminal slogans that you’ll like to consider:

  • Keep an eye out for cybercriminals.
  • Poverty is the root of all evil.
  • If guns are the source of crime then spoons are the cause of obesity.
  • Rape is the fault of rapists, not women.
  • The rapist should be executed.
  • Tell your son to act properly instead of telling your daughter not to go out.
  • Keep an eye out for every criminal
  • Human trafficking is a serious crime.
  • Humans should never be sold, thus don’t be cruel and cold.
  • People have been kidnapped, and dreams have been destroyed.
  • In most cases, crime punishes itself.
  • The qualities of the financier are the flaws of the burglar.
  • Every thief is not a scoundrel, but every scoundrel is a thief.

Catchy Crime Slogans

Here are some catchy Crime slogans that you’ll like to consider:

  • Before you take a life, turn in your weapon.
  • If your partner is aggressive, don’t remain silent.
  • It is impossible to put a price on goodness.
  • Criminals despise security, but we don’t. Silence breeds violence.
  • Abuse has no place in our society.
  • Speak up Against Abuse of Children!
  • Respectful treatment is required.
  • Abuse must be avoided. Don’t apologize.
  • Stop data leakage right now.
  • Internet security on a low budget
  • The worst action is violence.
  • If they were neglected as a youngster, it may have an impact on their future.
  • Make your choice before committing a crime.
  • Defend humanity in the face of criminality.
  • Fraud isn’t a legal right!

Crime Prevention Slogans

Here are some good crime prevention slogans that you’ll like to consider:

  • It is everyone’s responsibility to prevent crime.
  • Why are prisons so full if crime is cool?
  • Stop criminals before they stop you.
  • Let’s put an end to knife crime.
  • Knife violence may attack you in the back if you turn your back on it!
  • It’s a crime…a it’s crime…report it. Don’t go along with it.
  • Importance of education in the prevention of crime cannot be underestimated.
  • Put a stop to crime
  • If you don’t have enough money to pay bail, you should avoid going to jail.
  • Why did you steal if you couldn’t deal?
  • You’ll get yours if you don’t follow the rules!
  • It’s too late after they’ve been handcuffed.
  • Get rid of your knife and save a life.
  • It’s a pain to be in jail!
  • Carry respect rather than the blade.

Criminal Attorney Slogans

Here are some interesting criminal Attorney slogans that you’ll like to consider:

  • We’re made to change.
  • Whatever happens, we’re all in this together.
  • Our work distinguishes us.
  • Your ideal crime partner
  • We can take care of all of your crucial matters
  • You may rely on us when it comes to counting results.
  • Where does the law intersect with commerce?
  • Since the beginning of time, people have been protected.
  • Our company exists to serve you get a better life.
  • Whether you’re in the East or the West, our criminal defense lawyer is the greatest.
  • We are the source of all ideas.
  • A day in the office of a criminal defense attorney keeps you out of jail.
  • Let us handle the dirty business for you.
  • Assist us in assisting you.
  • You may rely on us when things go wrong in the business.

Criminal Slogans

How to write your own Effective and Noticeable Criminal Slogans:

A slogan is short catch phrase that serves many different purposes in a more effective and meaningful way. You can use a slogan for your brand identity or product marketing or even for awareness campaign.

A good slogan is catchy and has more effect on people and delivers the intended message in a better way. Criminal slogans are in use at different sections as they are used to raise awareness regarding crime, how to protect yourself and your loved ones from criminals and used by law enforcement agencies to show how a crime is punishable.

Here we have mentioned some helpful tips and tricks that will help you to write a good and effective slogan on your own, using your own thought process and creative skills. So, let’s move to these guidelines we have selected especially for helping you in writing criminal slogans.

Brainstorm and make a list of creative slogans:

One of the easiest ways to get a good slogan is to create a bunch of slogans using your own creativity. Write down as many ideas as you can and then take your time and select the most attractive one.

When you have more than one slogan available to you, there is higher chances of getting an effective slogan as a result.

Don’t copy others:

When you have decided to form a slogan on your own, try to use your own skills in the whole process. Copying others will affect your reputation and can also lead to legal actions.

Also copying others work without consent is a crime itself, so when you are writing a slogan try to come with a slogan on your own.

You can take an idea from others but never try to replicate it if you want to receive good response from the audience.

Create an impactful slogan:

A slogan is written keeping in mind the purpose of its later use. Similarly the ways it’s written is also according to its use.

When you are writing a Criminal slogan or a slogan that will be used to raise awareness. Make the slogan short and simple to create a more impactful slogan.

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