Dental Office Names: 400+ Best Dental Clinic Names Ideas

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If you are looking for dental office names, you will love this page. We have shared more than 400 dental clinic names that will inspire you to name your business.

All the dental names that we have shared, are best to get inspiration from. As thousands of people visit this page daily, some of the names might be taken by them. Let’s dive in.

Dental Office Names

Following are the best dental office names you can ever find:

  • Astor Smile Dental
  • The Center For Dentistry
  • Hudson Dental Center
  • Morningside Dental Care
  • Tooth Doctor
  • Home Of Teeth
  • Crack A Smile
  • Drilling And Filling
  • 1-2-3 Smile
  • Hospital Queens
  • Emergency Dental Care
  • Preferred Dental Care
  • Smile in the City
  • Gentle Dental Center
  • East Village Dental Center
  • The Bronx Dental Center
  • Manhattan Dental Studio
  • Family Dental Center
  • Nasseh Dental Clinic
  • Montefiore Dental Broadway Clinic
  • Emagen Dental LLC
  • Fulton Dental Center
  • Serina Cheung Pc
  • Ebenezer Dental
  • Group Health Dental
  • Apex Family Dental PC
  • Onsite Dental
  • West Village Pediatric Dentistry
  • United Dental Group
  • New York Total Dental
  • Manhattan Dental Arts
  • Lauren Becker DDS
  • Martin J. Schwartz
  • Battery Park Dental Group
  • NYC Smile Design
  • Yelena Shapiro
  • Waterside Dental Care
  • Nassau Street Dental Associates
  • Uptown Dental Group
  • Family Dental Medicine
  • Premier Dental Associates
  • Dental Love LLC
  • Visident Dental Services
  • Kane Dental of Hempstead
  • Grand Street Dental
  • East Village Smiles
  • Artista Dental Studio
  • Midtown Dental Group
  • Dental Specialty Associates
  • Dentistry For Children
  • Elite Dental Arts
  • Downtown Dental Studio
  • Sunset Orthodontics
  • Dumbo Smiles
  • Chatham Square Dental Associate PC
  • University Dental Associates
  • Canarsie Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Park Smiles NYC
  • Lumia Dental
  • Empower Your Smile
  • All Smiles Dentistry
  • Park South Dentistry
  • Manhattan Dental Enterprise
  • Herbert Orlansky, DDS
  • Scott H. Froum, DDS
  • Revitta Smile
  • Wall Street Dental Spa
  • Smile Design
  • 80 Park Avenue Dental
  • Soul Dental West
  • Kaye Dentistry
  • Next Generation Dental
  • Arch Dental
  • Elliott Gutman
  • Floss & Swish Dentistry
  • Peter Kouvaris Dental Studio
  • Dental Passion LLC
  • Jeffrey R. Shapiro
  • Prosthodontics of New York
  • Victoria Elikashvili, DDS
  • SLim Dental Kids
  • Alexander Heifitz, DDS
  • The Exchange Dental Group
  • Gramercy Orthodontics
  • Zendentistry

Dental Office Names

Dental Clinic Names

Here are some cool and creative dental clinic names for you:

  • Esthetix Dental Spa
  • Community Dental Clinic
  • Golden Dental Wellness Center
  • Aesthetic Dental & Implant Center
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Tribeca Dental Club
  • Jane Yang Dental
  • advanced dentistry
  • All American Smile Dental Studios
  • Midtown Dental Care
  • Sunny Dental Care
  • Poe Medical & Dental
  • Dental Partners
  • Back Bay Dental Design
  • Harvard Dental Center
  • Beacon Hill Dental Associates
  • Adult and Pediatric Dental Care
  • Great Expressions Dental Centers
  • Park Slope Family Health Center
  • Goldstein Todd
  • Montefiore Medical Center
  • Armstrong Dental Studio
  • Community Medical & Dental Care
  • Flatlands Family Dental
  • Medisys Family Care Center
  • Vanderbilt Clinic
  • California’s Dental Care
  • Fontana Dental Clinic
  • Premier Dental Clinic
  • San Francisco Dental Care
  • LifeLong Dental Care
  • Dientes Community Dental Care
  • Central Coast Dental Care
  • Sequoia Dental Office
  • Lodi Dental Care
  • Dental Faculty Practice
  • La Clinica Fruitvale Dental
  • Western Dentistry
  • Adventist Health Medical Office
  • Long Valley Dental Clinic
  • Clinica de Salud
  • Goleta Neighborhood Dental Clinic
  • A Dental Care 24 Hrs
  • Tru Dental Care
  • Free Dental Clinic at SJVC Ontario
  • All Smiles Dental
  • Adventist Health Sonora
  • LifeLong Brookside Dental Care
  • Venice Dental Center
  • Parkside Dental Care
  • Vision Dental
  • Hanford Family Dental Center
  • Access Dental
  • Avalon Dental Care
  • Balfour Dental
  • Fresno Dental Surgery Center
  • Greenville Rancheria Dental Clinic
  • Hispano Dental Care
  • iTooth Dentistry
  • Richmond Dental Building
  • Children’s Dental Health Clinic
  • Granada Hills Dental Group
  • Temecula Dental Practice and Orthodontics
  • Brawley Dental Clinic
  • Chico Dental Clinic
  • Winters Healthcare Foundation
  • Rolling Hills Clinic
  • Smiles Dental Care
  • Bullard Dental Plaza
  • Valley Dental Care
  • Santa Rosa Community Health

Dental Clinic Names

Dental Pun Names

Here are some of the best dental pun names for your inspiration:

  • The Dental Group
  • Atlantic Avenue Dental Group
  • Align Dental
  • Devonshire Dental Associates
  • Back Bay Dental Care
  • Lux Dental Care
  • Newbury Dental Associates
  • Western Affordable Dentistry
  • Apollo Dental Associates
  • Mint Dental
  • Chew Chew Dental
  • Time for Teeth
  • Arise Family Dental
  • All Smiles Studio
  • Royal happy Clinic
  • Med-X Dental Clinic
  • Max Health
  • Healthy Floyyds
  • Dentology
  • Lucky Tooth Clinic
  • Dental Care of Corona
  • Burre Dental Center
  • Kerman Dental Center
  • Pacific Dental Clinic
  • Americare Dental Group
  • Premier Dental
  • Ocean Dental Group
  • Santa Maria Dental Office
  • Family Dental Practice of Lancaster
  • Access Dental Corporation Headquarters
  • Sonrisas Dental Health
  • Faculty Group Dental Practice
  • Professional Dental Care
  • Honda Plaza Dental Clinic
  • Better Life Center for Implant and General Dentistry
  • St Patrick Dental Clinic
  • Buchanan Dental Center
  • Whitlow Dental Care
  • Free Dental Clinic
  • Axis Community Health
  • Surabian Dental Center
  • Happy Teeth Dental
  • Petaluma Health Center
  • Green California Dental Group
  • Supreme Dental Clinic
  • Fowler Family Denistry
  • Calabasas Dental Care
  • Aesthetic Edge
  • Hillsdale Dental Care
  • Smiles and Teeth
  • Singh Dental Care
  • Paladin Dental
  • California Dental
  • Oakhurst Dental Care
  • Northern Valley Indian Health
  • CARE Dental Clinic
  • Sidhu Family Dentistry
  • Onsite Dental
  • Downtown Dental Lemoore
  • Kitamura Dental Clinic
  • Angels Family Dental
  • Modern Dental
  • Wee Dental
  • Western Practice Sales
  • Madera Family Dentistry
  • Hispano Dental Care Selma
  • Saban Community Clinic
  • Clovis Gentle Dental Care
  • Visalia Children’s Dental Surgery Center Inc
  • New Century Dental Care
  • Happy Teeth Dental, Inc.
  • 202 Family Dentistry
  • Family Healthcare Network
  • All About Smiles Dental
  • Hibbard Dental Care
  • Golden Valley Health Center
  • Aborn Family Dental
  • Willow Dental Group
  • West Valley Dental
  • Mission Dental Care
  • Eastside Health Center
  • Valley Health Team

Dental Pun Names

Trendy Name for Dental Clinic

Here are some trendy name ideas for dental clinic:

  • Dental Hub
  • Better Bite Dentistry
  • Bright Smiles Dental
  • Comfort Dental Care
  • Dental Serenity
  • Fabulous Dental Care
  • Sparkle Smiles Dental Care
  • Dental Experts
  • Dental Facilities
  • Tooth-Care
  • Strong Teeth
  • Capital Dental Clinic
  • Clear Choice Dental Clinic
  • Dental Pro Clinic
  • Custom Dental Arts
  • Aspire Dental Center
  • Ultimate Dental Care
  • Loma Vista Dental
  • Capstone Dental Care
  • Prince Dental Care
  • American Family Dentistry
  • White and Bright Family Dental
  • Soft Touch Dental Practice
  • Smile Select Dental
  • Kings Dental Group
  • Reflections Dental Spa
  • Smile Central Valley
  • Western Dental Kids
  • All Smiles Dental
  • Lifetime Dental
  • Family HealthCare Network
  • Comprehensive Health Center
  • North Air Station North Island
  • Golden Age Dental Care
  • Perfect Smile Dental Practice
  • Carmel Mountain Dental Care
  • Gorman Bauer Dental Group
  • California Dental Innovations
  • California Dental Association
  • Prewitt Dental Group
  • Lodi Dental Care
  • Clovis Family Dentistry
  • Majestic Dental Practice

Trendy Name for Dental Clinic

Dental Team Names

Below are the best dental team names:

  • Bellabay Dental
  • Dento Clinic
  • Master Dental Care
  • Tooth & Gum Dental
  • Good day Clinic
  • Premier Dental Clinic
  • Fontana Dental Clinic
  • Shasta Community Health Dental Center
  • Wave Dental Center
  • Hanford Family Dental Center
  • Chico Dental Clinic
  • Burre Dental Center
  • We Care Dental
  • Winters Healthcare Foundation
  • Ontario Dental Center
  • LifeLong Dental Care
  • Sharma Dental Center
  • Moreno Valley Dental Clinic
  • Better Life Center
  • ABC Dental Center
  • Ampla Health Chico Dental
  • Kerman Dental Center
  • Care Dental Center

Dental Team Names

Dentists Names

Here are some creative and unique dentists names:

  • Center For Holistic Dentistry
  • Apollonia Dental Center
  • Sonrisas Dental Health
  • Dientes Community Dental Care,
  • Dentex Dental Specialty Group
  • Community Medical Center
  • Orange County Health Care Agency
  • Fresno Dental Surgery Center
  • Crown Dental
  • Pomona Family Dental Practice
  • Goleta Neighborhood Dental Clinic
  • Millennium Dental Center
  • Paladin Dental
  • Access Dental
  • Dental Center of Simi Valley
  • Ocean Dental Group
  • Benoit Family Dental
  • Bellaire Dental Clinic
  • Bright Value Dental
  • Campus Smiles
  • Flash Dental
  • Houstonian Dental
  • Heights Medical Dental Clinic
  • Murray Hill Dental
  • Tribeca Dental Studio
  • Advent Dental
  • Edward Flatow DDS, P.C.
  • Stanley Weiss, DDS
  • All Smiles NYC
  • John J Matthes DDS PLLC
  • Alex Gause, DDS
  • Gallery57Dental
  • Woodside NY Dentist
  • Holloway Glen
  • Health + Hospitals
  • Nishita Gandhi, DDS
  • Jacobson Mark N DDS
  • Shick Robert DDS
  • Alexander Bokser
  • Waterside Dental Group
  • Advent Dental
  • Distinctive Dental Services

Dentists Names

Dental Clinic Names in UK

Following are the best dental clinic names in the UK:

  • Happy Teeth Dental
  • Adventist Health Medical Office
  • Marin Community Clinic
  • All About Smiles Dental
  • Ampla Dental
  • Wasco Medical & Dental Center
  • Downey Dental Center
  • Link Dental Center
  • Angels Family Dental
  • Access Dental
  • Pacific Dental Services
  • Communicare Health Center
  • iTooth Dentistry
  • Goldenwest Dental Clinic
  • Sierra Dental Group
  • Sair Dental Group
  • District Dental
  • Vidal & Associates Dental Clinic
  • Zara Dental
  • P-E Dental
  • Richmond Dental Clinic
  • Marquette Dentistry

Teeth Whitening Business Names

Here are some creative and catchy teeth whitening business names:

  • Midland Family Dental Care
  • Levit Dental
  • Preferred Dental Care
  • Morningside Dental Care
  • Emergency Dental Service
  • Midtown Manhattan Dental Care
  • Tribeca Dental Care
  • Highline Dental Practice
  • Best Dental
  • Harlem Dental Care
  • Avicenna Dental Care
  • Dental Associates of New York
  • Nasseh Dental Clinic
  • Mount Sinai
  • Albee Dental Care
  • Perfect Dental Care
  • Fox Fresh Breath Dental Office
  • Advanced Dental Care
  • Sunny Dental Care
  • Rozenberg Dental NYC
  • Dental Laser Centers
  • Seven Dental Clinic
  • Tribeca Broadway Dental Care
  • Astor Smile Dental
  • Chatham Square Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Arch Dental
  • Soho Dental
  • Metropolitan Dental Associates
  • Village Medical Dental Clinic
  • Montefiore Dental Broadway Clinic
  • National Dental
  • Cute Dental Care
  • City Dental
  • The Denture Center
  • Aastha Dental Care
  • CityLife Dental Care
  • South East Family Dental Clinic
  • The Chelsea Dental Group
  • American Dental
  • New York General Dentistry
  • Concierge Dental Design
  • Brooklyn Dental Services
  • Thyme Dental Care
  • NYC Dental Smile Team
  • Smile in the City
  • Fifth Avenue Endodontics
  • Leonard Zhukovsky Dental Clinic
  • Park Dental Care of Brooklyn
  • Dental Arts Manhattan
  • 42nd Street Dental
  • Concerned Dental Care

Funny Dentist Office Names

Here are some simple, cute, and funny dentist office names:

  • Slim Dental Murray Hill
  • Emagen Dental LLC
  • Jane Yang Dental, P.C.
  • Dental Art Care
  • House Call Dentists
  • Southwest Brooklyn Dental Practice, PLLC
  • Personal Quality Dental
  • West New York Dental
  • Precision Dental NYC
  • Blondell Dental Clinic
  • Eli & Kulick Dental Associates
  • 123 Dental Group
  • Fifth Avenue Dental Associates
  • My Smiles
  • Aesthetic Dental & Implant Center
  • Gramercy Park Dental
  • Distinctive Dental Services of New York, P.C.
  • Wank Emergency Dental NYC
  • Mott Street Dental
  • Fulton Dental Center
  • Lake Success Dental Care
  • Pure Dental Care
  • Tribeca Dental Design
  • 65 Broadway Dental
  • Urban Pediatric Dental
  • Elk Dental Associates
  • FiDi Dental
  • Emergency Dentist NYC
  • Chelsea Pediatric Dentistry
  • DentAlign NYC
  • MiamiCityDental
  • Choi Dental Office
  • Ziar Dental, PC
  • Cohen’s Gentle Dental
  • Happy Smile Pediatric Dentistry
  • Columbia Orthodontics
  • Central Park Dental Spa
  • All American Smile Dental Studios
  • Jacobi Dental Center
  • Studio Smiles NYC
  • X Cel Dental PC
  • Lower East Side Orthodontics
  • Mandalay Dental Care PC
  • Shay Dental
  • Madison Dental Group
  • LK advanced dentistry
  • Geller Family Dental
  • Pearl Dental NYC
  • Housing Works Dental Clinic
  • Elite Smile NYC
  • Levy Dental Arts
  • Jiffy Dental Center
  • Centennial dental clinic
  • Jane Yang Dental, P.C
  • Aarons Dental Care
  • Schloss & Klein DDS
  • A Center For Dental Excellence
  • Zeng Dental Office, P.C.

Funny Dental Names

Below are some funny dental names that will make you smile:

  • Upper East Smiles
  • Bar and Smith Dental
  • Montefiore Dental Billing
  • Poe Medical & Dental
  • Five Points Dental
  • Cozine Dental Group
  • MediDental Care
  • Kramer & Kramer Dental
  • Lincoln Family Dental
  • New York Family Dentistry
  • Union Square Dental
  • Tribeca Pediatric Dentistry
  • 3D Dental Imaging
  • Arista Dental Care
  • NY1 Dental Associated, PC
  • Dental Oral Surgery
  • BronxCare Dental Services
  • Montefiore Medical Center
  • New York Smile Institute
  • 286 Madison Dental
  • National Dental
  • Radiant Star Dental Services
  • Interfaith Dental Center
  • Village Dental NYC
  • Sound Dental NYC
  • Park Slope Dental Arts
  • SoHo Dental Group
  • Glad Dental P.C.
  • Riverside Dental Care
  • Harlem Dental Associates
  • Greene Street Dental
  • Corey Brick, DDS
  • Centre Dental
  • Dr Anwar Dental Clinic
  • SDNY Dental
  • ColumbiaDoctors
  • Advanced Dental Arts NYC
  • West Village Dental Studio
  • East Village Dental Arts
  • Empire Dental Aesthetics
  • Seguritan Dental Arts
  • Linhart Dentistry
  • Dynamic Smile Dental
  • Finest Dental Care
  • Keith Bracy DDS Dentistry
  • Nazar Shcheglov DDS
  • Lenox Hill Dental
  • Gentle Dental in Queens
  • iSmile Dental Center
  • Dental Serenity of Manhattan
  • Comfort Dental Clinic, LLC
  • TriBeCa Dental Associates
  • Soul Dental Chelsea
  • Midtown Dental Excellence
  • Endodontic Associates-New York
  • Village Dental Medicine
  • Pediatric Dentists NYC PC
  • Omnident NY Rockefeller Center
  • Sky Dental
  • Waterside Dental Care
  • Graham Dental Center
  • Complete Dental Works
  • Madison Dental Loft
  • Bowery Dental
  • All Smiles Dental, PC
  • Elite Dental Implants
  • Manhattan Oasis Dentistry
  • NoHo Dental
  • Angelica Silivria DDS PC
  • Twinkle Dentist Pediatric

Catchy Medical Clinic Names

Here are some cool and catchy medical clinic names:

  • Wee Dental
  • White and Bright Family Dental
  • Golden Valley Health Centers
  • SmileWorld Dental Clinic
  • Blythe Dental Center
  • Childrens Dental Center
  • Union City Dental Care Center
  • Napa Valley Dental Group
  • Hispano Dental Care
  • Mitchell Plaza Dental
  • Pacific Dental
  • Castillo Dental Clinic
  • Good Neighbor-Dental Clinic
  • Nova Dental Care
  • Sharptown Dental Clinic
  • Chetwood Dental Clinic
  • Explore Dental
  • Garden Oaks Dental
  • Southern Dental at Palm Center
  • Naba Dental
  • Brownstone Dental
  • Soft Touch Dental Spa
  • Hillcroft Dental Clinic
  • Medical Center Dental Group
  • Hassid Dental

430 Dental Office Name Ideas for you

How to Name Your Dental Office?

In order to name your dental clinic, you need to follow these tips:

Tell Them You Are a Dentist.

Your clinic name should tell patients about your services. This is the only way to tell people what they are searching for. Nowadays a lot of customers Google things. So if your dental office has a website, and someone search for any dental problem near you. And your dental office name pops up in the search results.

What would tell him that you are the one he is looking for?

Here is how. Choose a name that highlights your specialty as a dentist. Such name will help well if you are specialized in any field of dentistry. For example sedation dentistry.

How to implement this tip in choosing dental name ideas?

Add these words in your office names:

  • Dental
  • Dentist
  • Tooth
  • Smile care etc.

Adding Your Place Name Is a Good Option.

We all know that dentists are located in every small town. So you cannot make your name a brand in a lot of places.

So it is better to make your name a brand in only one place.

How to do that?

Add your place name in the dental office name.

For example Riverwood’s Dental Solutions

By adding a place name your patients can easily search you physically. Also, people coming from the internet know where you are located.

Think About Adding Your Own Name.

Do you trust yourself as a dentist? Of course, yes.

Then your patients will also trust you based on your name. So there is a good chance of turning your name into a brand in your area. So think about it.

But keep in mind that personal branding is all about making a good reputation in the market of dentistry. If you are a well know dentist already, what are you waiting for? Just go for it.

How to do that?

Here is how:

  • (Your Name) Dental Office
  • “Name” Dental Spa
  • (Your Name) Dental Solutions.

Who Are Your Targeted Patients?

Determining your audience is the first and foremost factor from the branding strategies used by experienced businessmen.

This applies to your dental office also. When coming up with dental office name ideas keep in mind the people who are going to need your services. Because not everyone in your vicinity needs dental solutions. Or you may be running some specific sort of dental clinic.

Add “Feeling Words” like Smile, Painless, etc.

This a good strategy used while naming your dental office. These words attract the feelings of patients and tell them how they will feel after your practices.

So when it comes to selecting a dental clinic name, add some of the feelings words.

For example Happy Family Dentistry.

This clinic name shows a happy mood and attract more patients.

Intermix Different Words.

Playing with different words while naming your dental office helps a lot. You can use some rhythmic words to grab public attention.

For example Gentle Dental.

Now, this dental business name is a catchy name and can quickly tell the reader about the dentist. It also gives a hint toward the experience of the dentist. The idea here is to come up with little funny dental office names.

One of the big advantages of such kind of name is that it will remain relevant to the expansion of your business. In the future, you can go with the same name or you can slightly change it.

Keep It Simple And Sweet.

Simple dental office names perform way much better than long boring names. So if you want to attract some decent amount of traffic into your new clinic, it is advised to keep your dental clinic name short and simple.

Tips To Finalize A Dental Office Name:

To finalize your dental clinic name, follow some of these tips:

  • Choose your favorite five dental office names from the above massive lists.
  • Check out the domain availability for your dental office names.
  • Also, check the social media handles.
  • Do a Facebook poll for your favorite dental office names.
  • Ask family members to help you select a cool name.
  • Listen to all dental clinic name ideas but select the one you loved.


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