400 Best Dnd Goblin Names Ideas and Suggestions

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Welcome to our blog post on “400 Dnd Goblin Names!” If you’re a Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast looking for creative names for your goblin characters, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve curated an extensive list of unique and captivating names to help bring your goblin NPCs and player characters to life. As J.R.R. Tolkien once said, “The story-maker proves a successful ‘sub-creator’ only when he has a clear and coherent and consistent picture.” Let’s dive in and discover the perfect names to enhance your Dnd gaming experience.

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience in the fantasy character naming field, I’ve developed a deep understanding of the art and importance of selecting the right names. I’ve worked with numerous role-playing game enthusiasts, helping them craft memorable and fitting names for their goblin characters. It’s a thrilling and rewarding process to see how the perfect name can transform a character from a mere collection of stats to a vibrant and engaging individual. With my expertise, I aim to provide you with an array of goblin names that capture the essence of these mischievous creatures.

In this article, we promise to deliver a treasure trove of unique names for your Dnd goblin characters. Each name has been meticulously chosen to ensure it stands out and reflects the distinct nature of goblins in the fantasy realm. Whether you’re looking for names that evoke cunning and stealth or names that emphasize the chaotic and unpredictable nature of goblins, you’ll find a wide range of options to suit your needs. So get ready to embark on an adventure and discover the perfect name that will make your goblin character truly unforgettable!

Dnd Goblin Names

Dnd Goblin Names

  • Biddy Boo
  • Bepralm
  • Zobniagz
  • Ialguird
  • Caatterd
  • Prald
  • Triak
  • Zrizz
  • Riobs
  • Shunk
  • Dizi Grimenose
  • Glevzaagz
  • Friettysz
  • Stalb
  • Druz
  • Flelm
  • Shosxa
  • Grishnar
  • Frevreq
  • Kildan Foammine
  • Graaft
  • Woodleg
  • Fiolkinq
  • Glar
  • Vrulorx
  • Depolm
  • Hokoiszea
  • Derur
  • Lufnifsia
  • Xazuirk
  • Trus
  • Peets
  • Gnaacs
  • Craduizz
  • Cyr
  • Pudzekt
  • Vagusb
  • Irgert
  • Klozzea
  • Tes
  • Wialme
  • Gaksi dokkaebi
  • Preat
  • Blazz
  • Diaruzea
  • Eezik Dullmask
  • Veesb
  • Glerd
  • Gigs
  • Cict
  • Juvnurd
  • Ieknes
  • Kiggosz
  • Shmbulock
  • Traaghes

Funny Goblin Names

Dnd Goblin Names

Below are some of the best funny goblin names that you will like:

  • Stroikusb
  • Ikluinqea
  • Jurxai
  • Sionxee
  • Vriozz
  • Brekz
  • Kuhzizz
  • Gim Seobang dokkaebi
  • Quirulkee
  • Otnecs
  • Claz
  • Raazguirk
  • Rierm
  • Boipsah
  • Triosz
  • Aliegs
  • Xiogdurm
  • Iazz
  • Zudal
  • Piz
  • Heakt
  • Vabynk
  • Tirx
  • Gnaaldi
  • Krymtios
  • Gully
  • Pats
  • Stolb
  • Lognerk
  • Vribyrtai
  • Cruszuil
  • Cenqea
  • Al
  • Wuibs
  • Jykeegs
  • Freanaact
  • Jurt
  • Greerkilx
  • Brias
  • Creahx
  • Bruisz
  • Legz
  • Denkle Loosemix
  • Creasz
  • Go dokkaebi
  • Jold
  • Yameeka
  • Glaarx
  • Grutaat
  • Qyrmaalm
  • Friesz
  • Niafzia
  • Nold Clearbit
  • Loil

Famous Goblins Names

Dnd Goblin Names

Following are some of the best famous goblin names to impress you:

  • Bufsee
  • Xark
  • Wrik
  • Stuvrerm
  • Chiotrunk
  • Cluinufz
  • Crackhead
  • Kolb
  • Flihisz
  • Swuils
  • Sleeteets
  • Brabtygz
  • Rixxa
  • Bruimtet
  • Xaald
  • Iz Iz
  • Dukt
  • Wreaddok
  • Pariah
  • Nuingee
  • Nunoilee
  • Trezz
  • Gnadnuz
  • Aak
  • Wresrul
  • Gary Goodgoblin
  • Burd
  • Ric
  • Lian
  • Broikz
  • Xiagluld
  • Blirtiesz
  • Qeassa
  • Srag
  • Cryng
  • Klild
  • Crimson Hat
  • Slifs
  • Ih
  • Gralb
  • Xuirmegs
  • Crakz
  • Slolzils
  • Ploirmelx
  • Strel
  • Gnemzisb
  • Bekax Greasesteam
  • Xuleld
  • Gliokkolsia
  • Bivziert
  • Wioss
  • Ahborx
  • Cheamibs
  • of Smelly Hill Tribe
  • Rusmol

Cute Goblin Names

Dnd Goblin Names

In this list, I have shared some of the best cute goblin names for you:

  • Rehulsi
  • Vruisvisx
  • Ploikkas
  • Gumbobulous
  • Gaknirt
  • Xosb
  • Uil
  • Ioq
  • Brukx
  • Prekor
  • Zudacs
  • Ostaazz
  • Solx
  • Faaf
  • Zruilgigs
  • Ciesz
  • Proiing
  • Thuifs
  • Saahx
  • Hairy Hoggington
  • Golturt
  • Chegrianxea
  • Stoic
  • Cruld
  • Oct
  • Horseride
  • Easvuzz
  • Prialvuis
  • Sliophohx
  • Heamviog
  • Ant Strong
  • Smalleye
  • Brurbosb
  • Clehnifzai
  • Crusuild
  • Mida
  • Shake Spear
  • Voilx
  • The Great Goblin
  • Trit
  • Kliekeert
  • Gnink
  • Rulx
  • Stegmag
  • Fugh
  • Dreesuizz
  • Pribsozz
  • Walk
  • Gebydal Smallkettle
  • Hylx
  • Wryrk
  • Fehia

Best Goblin Names

Dnd Goblin Names

In this list, you will see some of the best goblin names that you will like:

  • Ceakt
  • Drakosz
  • Wilsai
  • Builk
  • Gnitnaag
  • Fukt
  • Kluitiegs
  • Driovarm
  • Gikziasz
  • Whitetooth
  • Ubrusxai
  • Plamraal
  • Zrienk
  • Ribsuzz
  • Barx
  • Piokt
  • Vriaq
  • Slemolk
  • Jadeg
  • Gnelx
  • Brahbaft
  • Trizick
  • Stesiasa
  • Stioshart
  • Gnaass
  • Uigonkia
  • Craang
  • Taq
  • Stiats
  • Porkeefs
  • Frias
  • Vreess
  • Puibsieza
  • Brutolx
  • Denq
  • Veltanxa
  • Cruigzerx
  • Strild
  • Eagansa
  • Streehakx
  • Fokx
  • Cliolx
  • Fruikkurk
  • Gikt
  • Ealics
  • Ceelsisz
  • Nubaf
  • Fivreng
  • Zrirsegz
  • Preal

Unique Dnd Goblin Names

  • Zyxel – Agile and cunning mischief-maker.
  • Vexnar – Skilled in stealth and sabotage.
  • Quixis – Quick-witted and unpredictable.
  • Jinxor – Bringer of misfortune and chaos.
  • Zephyrak – Master of elusive maneuvers.
  • Maelstrom – A whirlwind of cunning and mischief.
  • Nyxleth – Shadowy trickster with an affinity for pranks.
  • Zorblin – Unpredictable and elusive trickster.
  • Hexspire – A goblin of mysterious hexes and enchantments.
  • Snickerdoodle – Whimsical goblin known for causing laughter and mischief.
  • Quirkus – A peculiar goblin with unpredictable antics.
  • Zilthorn – Stealthy and cunning goblin with a thorny disposition.
  • Puckwicket – A small, mischievous goblin with a knack for trickery.
  • Whizzbolt – A lightning-fast goblin known for clever escapes.
  • Riddlekin – A goblin fond of riddles and mind games.
  • Dazwoggle – A goblin whose antics often leave others bewildered.
  • Quixotrix – An unpredictable goblin with a penchant for mischief.
  • Fizzglimmer – A goblin whose pranks often involve glitter and fizz.
  • Moongleam – A goblin with a penchant for moonlit mischief.
  • Quickspur – A goblin known for swift movements and agility.
  • Jesterix – A goblin with a talent for jests and practical jokes.
  • Slythorn – A cunning goblin with a thorny nature.
  • Twitchwhistle – A goblin who communicates through subtle whistles and twitches.
  • Pesterclaw – A goblin known for persistent pestering and playful tricks.
  • Zazzlebop – A goblin with a vibrant and zany personality.
  • Wobblefizzle – A goblin whose movements and actions are delightfully erratic.
  • Twinklesnout – A goblin with a mischievous glint in their eye.
  • Blinkstrike – A goblin whose attacks are swift and unexpected.
  • Quiverwick – A goblin whose pranks often leave others trembling.
  • Sparklewhisp – A goblin who leaves behind a trail of sparkling mischief.

Female Dnd Goblin Names

  • Shadewisp – A mysterious and enigmatic female goblin.
  • Nightshade – A cunning and stealthy female goblin.
  • Vixenna – A seductive and alluring female goblin.
  • Seraphina – A graceful and elegant female goblin.
  • Emberlyn – A fiery and fierce female goblin.
  • Zephyria – A swift and nimble female goblin.
  • Ravenna – A dark and brooding female goblin.
  • Twilighta – A female goblin who thrives in the shadows.
  • Lysandra – A mystical and enchanting female goblin.
  • Azura – A captivating and mysterious female goblin.
  • Lilitha – A rebellious and independent female goblin.
  • Nyxandra – A night-loving and elusive female goblin.
  • Sylviana – A nature-loving and forest-dwelling female goblin.
  • Sablethorn – A female goblin with sharp and thorny wit.
  • Ariastra – A melodious and enchanting female goblin.
  • Zephyrine – A gentle yet swift female goblin.
  • Rosalind – A charismatic and cunning female goblin.
  • Shadowlyn – A female goblin skilled in the art of deception.
  • Elysia – A radiant and ethereal female goblin.
  • Maelis – A female goblin who creates chaos with grace.
  • Vespera – A female goblin who comes alive in the darkness.
  • Zirael – A fierce and fearless female goblin.
  • Xanthe – A vibrant and energetic female goblin.
  • Delphina – A wise and insightful female goblin.
  • Zarastra – A female goblin with a fiery spirit.
  • Selene – A moonlit and mystical female goblin.
  • Embera – A female goblin with a burning passion for mischief.
  • Azalea – A delicate yet dangerous female goblin.
  • Nysara – A female goblin with a mischievous grin.
  • Zinnia – A colorful and vibrant female goblin.

Creative Dnd Goblin Names

Glimmersprocket – A goblin inventor of fantastical contraptions.

Quillwhisper – A goblin bard with a mesmerizing voice.

Fizzlepop – A goblin alchemist with explosive concoctions.

Wraithchaser – A goblin hunter of spectral beings.

Spellbinder – A goblin sorcerer with a penchant for enchantments.

Sparkleshade – A goblin illusionist who shrouds reality in glittering veils.

Clockwork – A goblin engineer who crafts intricate clockwork creations.

Thunderfoot – A goblin warrior whose steps echo like thunder.

Bladewhisper – A goblin rogue with unmatched stealth and blade skills.

Pyreheart – A goblin with an affinity for fire and burning desires.

Bristlefur – A goblin druid who shape-shifts into wild creatures.

Shadowflame – A goblin warlock harnessing the powers of darkness.

Emberforge – A goblin blacksmith who forges weapons of great power.

Sagespark – A goblin sage with a mind as brilliant as a spark.

Jesterstrike – A goblin jester skilled in acrobatics and deadly pranks.

Frostwhisper – A goblin mage who conjures icy winds and frosty spells.

Quicksilver – A goblin with lightning-fast reflexes and agility.

Doomgazer – A goblin seer who foresees grim omens and prophecies.

Gadgeteer – A goblin tinkerer creating wondrous and bizarre gadgets.

Venomfang – A goblin with a poisonous bite and a cunning mind.

Starweaver – A goblin astrologer who reads the constellations.

Quicksnare – A goblin trapper with a knack for setting deadly snares.

Vortexblade – A goblin warrior who wields a blade of swirling energies.

Whispersong – A goblin bard who weaves magic with her voice.

Arcanebloom – A goblin spellcaster whose magic blossoms with power.

Spectralscribe – A goblin writer of ghostly tales and spectral legends.

Shattermind – A goblin psionic with the ability to shatter minds.

Mistwalker – A goblin rogue who disappears into thin air like mist.

Runebinder – A goblin with the ability to inscribe powerful runes.

Thunderclap – A goblin warrior whose battle cries unleash thunderous booms.

Male Dnd Goblin Names

Zephyros – A swift and agile male goblin.

Nightshade – A cunning and stealthy male goblin.

Drakthorn – A male goblin with a fierce and thorny nature.

Shadowbane – A male goblin skilled in shadowy arts of combat.

Thornblade – A male goblin whose blade is as sharp as thorns.

Ignatius – A fiery and impulsive male goblin.

Malachar – A male goblin with a dark and brooding presence.

Quicksilver – A male goblin known for his lightning-fast reflexes.

Grimscale – A male goblin with a scaly and menacing appearance.

Pyrothorn – A male goblin whose fiery temperament matches his appearance.

Ashenclaw – A male goblin with razor-sharp claws and a fiery spirit.

Zephyrblade – A male goblin whose strikes are as swift as the wind.

Quillstrike – A male goblin skilled in the art of throwing deadly quills.

Grimjaw – A male goblin with a ferocious bite and a relentless nature.

Thundercrash – A male goblin whose attacks rumble like thunder.

Shadewalker – A male goblin who effortlessly blends into shadows.

Emberfang – A male goblin with burning eyes and a fierce demeanor.

Razorback – A male goblin with a spine covered in sharp spines.

Quicksnap – A male goblin whose reflexes are as quick as a snapping twig.

Fangtalon – A male goblin with razor-sharp fangs and claws.

Grimshadow – A male goblin who casts a dark and ominous presence.

Blazeclaw – A male goblin with fiery claws and a fiery temper.

Shadowstrike – A male goblin whose strikes are as swift as shadows.

Stormfang – A male goblin with a howling fury and lightning-fast attacks.

Ashenblade – A male goblin whose blade is imbued with fiery enchantments.

Thornback – A male goblin with a back covered in sharp thorns.

Pyroclaw – A male goblin with claws that burn with fiery intensity.

Grimthorn – A male goblin with thorny armor and relentless nature.

Thunderstrike – A male goblin whose strikes crackle with thunderous energy.

Shadefire – A male goblin whose fiery presence is cloaked in shadows.

Fantastic Dnd Goblin Names

Zephyrion – A goblin touched by the winds of magic.

Stardust – A goblin whose very presence shimmers with stardust.

Quicksilver – A goblin with the ability to move at lightning speed.

Shadowthorn – A goblin with shadowy tendrils and thorny powers.

Flameheart – A goblin whose heart burns with an eternal flame.

Astralshade – A goblin with an otherworldly aura and shadowy powers.

Thunderstrike – A goblin whose attacks resonate with thunderous power.

Chromatic – A goblin with scales that change color like a prism.

Stormweaver – A goblin who commands the fury of the storm.

Moonshadow – A goblin whose movements are as elusive as moonlight.

Pyroclasm – A goblin who unleashes fiery explosions at will.

Warpstalker – A goblin with the ability to traverse through space and time.

Frostbane – A goblin whose touch freezes all in its path.

Celestialis – A goblin touched by celestial powers and grace.

Souldrifter – A goblin with the ability to traverse between realms.

Arcanospark – A goblin with a spark of raw arcane energy.

Nebulae – A goblin whose body radiates with the colors of distant galaxies.

Enigmancer – A goblin who unravels the mysteries of magic and lore.

Emberkin – A goblin whose fiery nature is akin to elemental spirits.

Illusoryx – A goblin whose illusions are so real they defy belief.

Voidshadow – A goblin who draws power from the depths of the void.

Chaoswrought – A goblin touched by the chaotic forces of the universe.

Dreamweaver – A goblin who shapes dreams and nightmares alike.

Prismfrost – A goblin with ice powers that refract light like a prism.

Etherealbane – A goblin whose touch disrupts the ethereal plane.

Spectralscale – A goblin with shimmering scales that reflect the spirit world.

Elementalurge – A goblin who channels the raw power of the elements.

Astralfire – A goblin whose flames burn with celestial energy.

Phantasmal – A goblin whose form shifts and morphs like a phantom.

Eclipsion – A goblin whose presence brings about darkness and eclipses.

Dnd Goblin Names

How To Choose A Good DND Goblin Name

Choosing a name for your Dungeons and Dragons (DND) goblin character is a crucial step in shaping their identity. A well-selected goblin name sets the tone for your character and can greatly enhance your gaming experience. In this article, we will explore the various aspects to consider when selecting a good DND goblin name, offering you guidance and inspiration for creating a memorable and fitting name for your goblin character.

Understanding Goblin Lore:

Before delving into the process of choosing a goblin name, it is essential to understand the lore surrounding goblins in the DND universe. Goblins are typically depicted as small, mischievous creatures known for their cunning and often chaotic nature. They have a long history in fantasy literature and gaming, with various cultural and historical references. Familiarizing yourself with goblin characteristics and their significance within the game will help you make informed decisions when naming your character.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Goblin Name:

When it comes to selecting a goblin name, several factors should be taken into account to ensure it aligns with your character’s personality and the overall campaign setting. Firstly, consider your goblin’s alignment and personality traits. Are they devious and cunning or perhaps more affable and friendly? The name should reflect these aspects of their nature. Additionally, think about your character’s role-playing potential and backstory. A well-chosen name can contribute to a deeper immersion in the game and provide inspiration for character development. Lastly, consider the setting and theme of your campaign. Is it a dark and gritty world or a whimsical and light-hearted one? Tailoring your goblin name to match the ambiance will help create a cohesive gaming experience.

Names Inspired by Goblin Traits:

To create a distinctive goblin name, draw inspiration from their physical characteristics, behavior, and mythology. Physical traits such as green skin, large ears, or sharp teeth can be incorporated into the name to evoke a vivid image. Similarly, goblin behavior and habits, such as their love for mischief or fondness for shiny objects, can be reflected in the name choice. You can also explore goblin mythology and folklore for ideas, incorporating legendary names or creatures associated with goblins.

Utilizing Language and Sound:

The sounds and linguistic elements of a name can greatly impact its memorability and uniqueness. Consider using onomatopoeic names that mimic goblin sounds, such as “Grik” or “Snik”. Alliteration and wordplay can also add flair to your goblin name, making it more memorable. Experiment with uncommon linguistic elements, such as combining different languages or using rare phonetic structures to create a truly original name.

Drawing Inspiration from Real-world Cultures:

Looking to real-world cultures for name inspiration can add depth and richness to your goblin character. Explore languages and historical periods that resonate with your goblin’s traits or the campaign setting. Adapt names from existing languages, modifying them slightly to fit the goblin theme. Incorporate historical and cultural references that align with your character’s backstory or personality. This approach can lead to unique and immersive goblin names.

Research and Resources:

When searching for the perfect goblin name, numerous resources can provide inspiration and aid in the creative process. Online name generators specifically designed for fantasy characters can offer a wealth of options to choose from. Additionally, diving into official DND sourcebooks and lore can provide insights into goblin naming conventions and cultural contexts. Collaborating with fellow players and Dungeon Masters can also be beneficial, as they may have valuable suggestions or feedback to help refine your goblin name.

Testing and Refining Your Goblin Name:

Once you have a few goblin name options, it’s time to put them to the test. Try out different names during gameplay to see how they resonate with your character and fellow players. Seek feedback from the gaming community, whether through online forums or local gaming groups, to gather different perspectives and refine your choice. Making adjustments based on feedback will help you find the perfect goblin name that truly captures your character’s essence.


This comprehensive list of Dnd goblin names is your ultimate resource for naming your mischievous and cunning characters. With a wide range of options, from traditional goblin names to unique and creative choices, you’ll find the perfect moniker to bring your goblins to life in your Dungeons and Dragons adventures.

Whether you’re a seasoned Dungeon Master or a new player just starting your Dnd journey, the importance of a well-crafted goblin name cannot be overstated. It adds depth and personality to your character, making them memorable and engaging for both you and your fellow players. From Grubnash the Sneaky to Snickerfang the Trickster, these names will help you create goblins that will leave a lasting impression on your gaming sessions.

So dive into this ultimate list of Dnd goblin names, let your imagination run wild, and watch as your goblins become unforgettable inhabitants of your gaming world. Whether they are allies, adversaries, or even the heroes of your story, the right name can make all the difference. Choose wisely and enjoy the thrilling adventures that await you in the realms of Dungeons and Dragons!


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