Haunted House Names: 400+ Best Scary House Names

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This article will help you to find some best and catchy haunted house names. We also have shared some cool tips and tricks at the end that will help you to make your own haunted house names.

You’re excited to invite your friends over for Halloween…but the house is haunted! One of your oldest friends has told you that the house was haunted for as long as she can remember. Another friend claimed to have seen one of her dolls sitting on the couch. Maybe she was the one who was haunting the house!

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Without wasting any time, let’s dive in.

Haunted House Names

Here are some best and clever haunted house names for you:

  • Trust Haunted
  • Elm Street Spooks
  • Bricks Haunted
  • Haunted Sterling
  • Scary Consumer
  • Hauntedocity
  • Mansion Omega
  • Haunted Invision
  • Mansion Scout
  • Scary Network
  • Scary Spooks Sanctuary
  • The Deadly Lair Eerie House
  • Shack Fortune
  • House Watchtower
  • House Guardian
  • Mansion Immense
  • Mansion First
  • The 13th Floor
  • Haunted Infinite
  • Mansion Association
  • Ghoul Factory
  • Haunted Corp
  • Scary Intelligence

Creepy School Names

These are the best and unique creepy school names for you:

  • Scary Venture
  • Haunted Imperial
  • Shack Dynasty
  • Haunted First
  • Scary Ally
  • Mansion Administrate
  • Mansion Synergist
  • Frightland Goblin Mill
  • Haunted System
  • Daytime Screams
  • Scary First
  • Mansion Direct
  • Mansion Limitless
  • Haunted Reactor
  • House Amber
  • Haunted Continental
  • Lured By GhostsUptown Haunts
  • Shack Omega
  • Haunted Mainstay
  • Paramount Mansion
  • Mansion Support

Haunted Mansions Names

Following are the best and catchy haunted mansions names for you:

  • Haunted Claim
  • Mansion Acquire
  • Haunted Fine
  • Haunted Villa
  • The Frightening Place
  • Haunted Atlantis
  • The Torture Chamber
  • Shack Professional
  • Mystified Frights
  • Haunted Complete
  • Skulls N Bone
  • Haunted Favor
  • Haunted Conveyance
  • Mansion Osiris
  • No Way Man’s Land
  • Harrowing Spooks
  • House Mainstay
  • Seascape Mansion
  • Haunted Authority
  • Haunted House Visions
  • Mansion Mortar

Haunted House Room Names

Enlisted are the best and creative haunted house room names for you:

  • Haunted Vista
  • Ghoul Town Co
  • Mansionoont
  • Mansion Ability
  • Mansion Vista
  • Hauntedaro
  • Mansion Endeavor
  • Goblin Chase Co
  • Mansion Franchise
  • Scary Villa
  • Haunted Decision
  • Scary Developed
  • Mansion Intuition
  • Shack Atlantis
  • Scary Professional
  • Scarry Outlook
  • Haunted Crusade
  • Scary Investor
  • Scary Label
  • Haunted Synergist
  • Scary Scout

Scary House Names

These are some of the best and clever scary house names that I have shared:

  • House Paramount
  • Mansion Range
  • Haunted Tower
  • Scary Acre
  • Favor House
  • Unmarked Headstone Goblin Mill
  • Trial of Terror
  • Scary Luxe
  • Support Mansion
  • Mansion Ruby
  • Mansion InvestorHour Thirteen
  • Scared By BettyEerie House
  • Mansion Central
  • Shack Guider
  • Backbone House
  • Exquisite Haunted
  • Haunted Outright
  • Haunted Arrow
  • Label Haunted
  • Cadaver Court
  • Sense Mansion

Scary Mansion Names

Here are some best and cool scary mansion names for you:

  • Mansion Garnet
  • Mansion Developed
  • House Decide
  • Scary Determined
  • Scary Crystal
  • House Enterprise
  • House lytical Company
  • Mansion Horizon
  • Haunted Review
  • Cornerstone Mansion
  • Scary Managed
  • Shack Wire
  • The Deadly Lair The Ghoul Taint
  • Mansionology
  • Signature Mansion
  • The Skeleton Mansion
  • The Deadly Lair Atrox Factory
  • Scary Amethyst
  • Shack Elysian
  • Mansion Accent
  • Scary Accent
  • House Society
  • Ghostly ArenaScary The Hatchet

Haunted House Names

How to Name Your Haunted House

Here are some cool tips and tricks that I have shared for you that will help you to write your own decent and clever haunted house names.

Without wasting any time, let’s dive in.

1. Brainstorm and make a list of haunted house names

The first and most important thing while creating your own haunted house name is to play with your own thoughts and make a list of some unique and catchy haunted house names in your mind.

Think about 15 to 20 names in your mind . . . . . . Now what? You have to merge them into each other and it will help you to make some more unique names.

Take 1st name of some other and put it with the 2nd name of the other and Woah! You are good to go with some more catchy and unique names.

You just have to be a little bit creative and use your mind and you will get hundreds of unique and catchy haunted house names.

2. Avoid hard-to-spell and hard to remember names

When you are done with brainstorming and also with making a list of some catchy haunted house names, the second thing which is important is to keep your name easy to spell and easy to remember.

Most of the people set their haunted house names that are very hard to spell and hard to remember too. You have to avoid it.

Use easy spellings and choose those names which are easy to remember, it will attract people and brings you more customers. If you have a difficult name to pronounce, it will lose customers’ attraction.

3. Convey a message

After all the above procedures, the third thing is to set a name that tells a story and conveys a message to your customers. It means that you have to set a name that has a story and deep meaning.

Don’t go for some meaningless names. If you have a decent and unique name that tells a story about that house and it is also easy to spell and remember.

You have 100% chances that it will attract people and customers. Having a meaningful name is also important to motivate yourself.

When you are broken and you face a huge loss in business, you will get motivation with your house or company name. So always go for some deep and meaningful names.

4. Make sure the name sounds good when said aloud

After that, the next thing is to set a name that is good to listen to and promote. I mean you have to set a name that sounds good if you say it aloud to someone.

Choose a name that will attract the listener and make him feel curious to see that house after listening to its name. It is very easy, we have shared hundreds of names that sound good to hear.

Use them and let us know in the comment section which name you have to choose and why you choose it?

5. Try Name Generators

The last thing you can do to make your own decent and creative haunted house names are to use some best and clever name generators. You can find name generators on the internet.

They are very helpful to find some cool and catchy haunted house names and also any other kinds of names you are looking for.

I hope you have enjoyed reading all these amazing and catchy haunted house names and might have found what you were looking for.

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