300+ Ideas for Campaign Slogans

A professional and catchy campaign slogan is meant to attract the attention of people and define your purpose in a single quote. To attract more people to vote in your favor, you need to find ideas for campaign slogans that will tell your impressive story in a phrase.

A good campaign slogan has the following qualities:

  • Short and sweet!
  • Unique and creative.
  • Memorable.
  • Funny (In some cases).
  • Tells a story.

Here we will talk about best election campaign slogans, along with slogans for students, kids, schools, treasurer, city council, judges and historian.

So we have a lot more to cover. Let’s dive into the list.

Ideas for Campaign slogans

Here is the list of best slogans for a campaign that will attract the attention of people:

  • Vote for better tomorrow.
  • Secure your future now.
  • Vote for the change you want.
  • Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow!
  • Change we all can believe in.
  • Let’s move forward fast!
  • Together we stand!
  • I can do it, you can help.
  • A Leader who Listens.
  • Vote Better!
  • Catalyst for change.
  • Let me serve you.
  • Bringing back hope.
  • Change for the better.
  • Decisions you can trust.
  • Giving you the choice.
  • Serving.
  • I am one of you.
  • It’s time for a change.
  • Our destiny awaits.
  • Together we win.
  • You deserve better.
  • Try it. You might like it.

Depending on the type of campaign you are running and the place you are working in, you have to change the type of slogan you need. Let say your targeted audience loves funny people, make your choice a little smart and find funny campaign slogans that will help you get more votes. Here we go!

Funny Campaign Slogan Ideas

Here is the list of funny campaign slogans that will get more people to vote for you:

  • There’s No Competition. Vote for Me.
  • There’s nothing like our America.
  • Two, four, six, eight! Vote for me, don’t be late.
  • Vote for the best so you won’t be stressed.
  • The best, in the test!
  • I’m small like a mouse, but I’m a power house!
  • The people rule.
  • “Free Drinks On Me Tomorrow”
  • The girl with the SMILE will go the extra MILE!
  • If you want some fun, you gotta vote for me.
  • Dream big.
  • Building a road to a better tomorrow.
  • Monkey see, monkey do, I’m voting for me and so should you!
  • Mirror Mirror on the Wall. Who is the best Vote for them all?
  • I’m not asking for you to vote for me. I’m just asking you to check the box next to my name.
  • Have No Fear. Vote for Me for a Great Year.
  • Because You’re Worth It.

Catchy Campaign Slogan Ideas

Here is the list of catchy campaign slogans for president:

  • Everyone Says, “You’re Name” for President.
  • Citizen, a good one!
  • Let’s stand together, strong and unstoppable.
  • Choose a leader by analyzing, not politics.
  • The Change You Need.
  • We build futures.
  • No war but class war.
  • Freedom is my choice.
  • Yes we can!
  • Labor is not working.
  • Look, I am the best, forget the rest.
  • Born To Lead.
  • We get things done fast.
  • Let’s move forward.
  • Growth is my promise.
  • The leader you need.
  • Let’s challenge the problems.
  • We need to fight together.
  • No more hate!
  • Shine like a star again!

Ideas for Campaign Slogans

U.S. Presidential Campaign Slogans

Here is the list of election campaign slogans for political parties in English:

1. 2000 – Al Gore – Prosperity and progress

Gore has won a lot of prizes including the Nobel Peace Prize (joint award with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 2007). Leaving behind what he has done or doing, you can get inspiration from the slogan he used for his campaign back in 2000.

2. 2004 – John Kerry – Let America be America Again

To be honest, this was the most appealing slogan to me. Which actually tells you to delete all the wrong ideas, thoughts, works, and turn the country into the same happy land we used to enjoy once.

3. 2004 – George W. Bush – Yes, America Can!

Bush was a creative man! He may haven’t come up with the tagline himself, but that doesn’t matter to us! What matters is that the slogan was amazing and creative. And you should be trying to get inspiration from him.

4. 2008 – Barack Obama – Change we can believe in

The first black president of America, that’s a change. Yes, he was right.

5. 2012 – Barack Obama – Forward

Elected again. The slogan “Forward” was a really awesome and broad tagline! Telling a creative story in just one word.

6. 2016 – Donald Trump – Make America Great Again

Trump the current president of America, chose a really wise slogan.

How do you create a catchy campaign slogan?

To create a catchy campaign slogan, all you have to do is to analyze the type of audience you have. Create a memorable slogan that will totally defines the solutions to the problems of your targeted audience. The selected tagline should be short and impressive.

What exactly a good campaign slogan is?

A slogan can be listed as good, catchy and impressive if it describes exactly what the campaign is all about. The problem that we are facing and the solution we have for it.

Here we will share with you some of the basic tips to create a memorable slogan for your campaign.

Keep it short and simple.

If you look at the presidential slogans by the famous leaders of America from 1940 to 2019, you will find out that all of them were short and simple. No difficult words were included in the phrase.

Look at the campaign slogans of the current president of America, Donald Trump, which says, “Make America Great Again”. The same quote was used by Ronald in the early ’80s.

So in order to make your slogan catchy and impressive, you have to make it short and simple.

Here are some of the examples of short and creative slogans for campaigns.

  • Just Do It.
  • The progress you know.
  • Future, we need.
  • Results, not talks.
  • I win, you win.
  • Let’s grow together.
  • United we stand.

Make it Memorable

If your campaign slogan is memorable, more and more people are going to discuss it and ultimately more success. But how to make it memorable?

The first things is, it should be easy. And be consistent. Let say your slogan is “let’s grow together”. That’s a really awesome line!

The quote is memorable and by revising it a few times with your audience, it will easily make a place in the subconscious mind of people.

On the other hand, if your slogan has some difficult word that people can’t understand, you are losing voters. Make sure to remove all the difficult words from the campaign tagline.

What’s different!

Your campaign slogan should openly tell something unique about you. Why should people vote for you? What’s so special about you? Is there anything that you are proud of? Is there any good quality that others lack? Why you need a chance?

Ask yourself these questions. And make sure that you are creative and unique, way much better than your competitors.

Focus on the Target Audience.

This is the most important part of creating ideas for campaign slogans. What exactly your target audience is looking for? What expectations do they have?

Why would they vote for you? What is it that’s making trouble for them? What quality are they looking for? If you have an answer to all these questions, then you probably have an awesome campaign slogan that will attract everyone.

Don’t leave a mystery behind!

What exactly I mean to say? Your slogan should be able to tell the complete story. The readers should not need any additional information to understand what you are talking about. For example, you are searching a slogan for peace campaign, “Make love, not war” is the best slogan idea for you.

The quote tells people that you want peace and hate war. And that’s it.

On the other hand, if you choose a slogan like “Tell them they are wrong”. You are leaving a great mystery behind for the readers. How? People after reading your quote will start thinking about the people you are pointing to. And they will need an additional story behind the quote. And if you were talking to the extremist community, that they are wrong. Your audience didn’t know that.

Now! Your campaign slogan needs an additional speech! That’s miserable.

Get Ideas.

The world is moving towards technology day by day. In the past, when people use to get ideas about anything they would just consult their parents, family, and friends. But today when the world is a global village and you can get ideas from the world, use that opportunity.

Go to the communities where your targeted audience hangs out. Let’s say your fans have a group on Facebook, go to that group and get ideas from fans.

Your targeted audience has the best ideas for you. And there is an additional advantage of that. People who you are getting ideas from will think you are quite friendly and they are more likely to vote for you. But this can only work on small scale campaigns.

Try a campaign slogan generator:

If you already know that, great! But if you don’t know, I am here to tell you. There are a lot of online slogan generators that can help you in coming up with ideas for campaign slogans.

All of these generators are free to use! Here is the best one.

Helpful Resources:

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