900+ Luxury Brand Names Ideas and Suggestions

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Here we will share with you some cool and attractive luxury brand names. All the names for brands that we have shared are really awesome and unique. You can use these luxury names for business or your company.

Over the last year, we have helped thousands of entrepreneurs name their businesses. And here is your turn.

As you are naming a luxury brand, you will need to be more careful about the type of name that you are choosing. As you will be dealing with the rich people in the country, you need to choose a premium name. Your name should tell them that they are buying something special that will add value to their lives.

Here are a few qualities that your luxury brand name should have:

  • Short, simple but creative.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Memorable and unique.
  • Shares a story.

Let’s dive in.

Luxury Brand Names

Following are the best luxury names for brands that you will love:

  • Golden Care
  • Royal Sweet
  • Premium Stuff
  • Bringing Luxury
  • Royal Drop
  • Luciole Beauty
  • Fine Bonita
  • Soleil Beauty
  • Luxury Levels
  • Next-Level Luxury
  • Diamond Level Lifestyle
  • Top Tier Treatment
  • Executive Luxury
  • Executive Experience
  • Luxury At Last
  • At Last Luxury
  • Luxurious Lifetime

Luxury Business Names

Below are the best luxury names for business that will inspire you:

  • Chandelier Life
  • Diamonds Are
  • Luxurious Leisure
  • High Living Society
  • Rich Bliss
  • Richrich
  • Indulge
  • Spice Of Life
  • Inspire Luxury
  • Refresh Life
  • Luxury Heavens
  • Lux Box
  • Me Luxury
  • We Luxury
  • GetLux

Fashion Company Names

Here are some fashion company names that you may like:

  • Deluxe Story
  • Unique Place
  • Unique Goods
  • Gift The Best
  • Shop The Lux
  • AutoLuxury
  • Lux Trend Company
  • World Luxury Goods
  • NeoLux Business
  • Luxury Finder Place
  • Royal Silver
  • King Force
  • Grand Flow
  • Supreme Events
  • Epic Team Service
  • VIP Community

Italian Names for Brands

These are some catchy and cool Italian names for brands:

  • Lux Touch
  • Luxicate
  • Luxury Mart
  • Luxify
  • Luxilla
  • Bournielux
  • Luxiricage
  • Luxurage
  • Glitz District
  • Luxnetics
  • Al Luxury
  • Luxirise

Expensive Names

Here are some expensive names to attract the rich people toward your business:

  • Grand Express
  • Imperial View
  • Work Perfect
  • Luxury Market
  • King Style
  • Queen Style
  • Luxurious Paradises
  • Live Life Luxxy
  • Savor Life
  • Abundance
  • White Lavish
  • Luxxie Lush
  • Luxury Delights
  • The Joys Of Luxury

Lifestyle Brands Names

Below are some lifestyle brands names to inspire your ideas:

  • Lap Of Luxury
  • Lifetime Of Luxury
  • Life Well Lived
  • The Finest Things
  • Enjoy The Lux
  • Delightlife
  • Luxxybliss
  • Golden Times
  • The Gold Life
  • Nothing Finer
  • Long-Term Luxury
  • Luxurova
  • Naturalis Spa
  • Life Of Luxury
  • Luxe Life
  • Lifestyle Secrets

Luxury Brand Names

How to Name Your Luxury Brand

As we already discussed, in order to name your luxury brand properly, you will need a name that will add value to the lives of people that are buying it. People usually buy luxury brands when they want to enjoy and brag about the money and lifestyle they have. Not in all cases, but most of them are the same.

So, what is the purpose of buying luxury products? To get happy and brag about things.

In order to attract such rich customers, you will need to keep a business name that will tell them that only rich people and people who are special and hardworking can afford it.

When you will create this concept in the mind of people that if they buy your product, they will look cool, your business will start sky rocking.

Here are some tips to name your luxury brand:

1. Brainstorm luxury brand names.

The first step in naming your luxury brand is to brainstorm name ideas and write them down. Make a list of all the names that are popping up in your head.

If you have ever bought a luxury product, ask yourself why?

You will find out that you didn’t need that product but you still bought it. Why? Maybe you wanted to impress someone. Or you bought it to look cool in your neighborhood.

And why did you bought it from the company that you bought from? Because you liked them based on their business name.

So, you will need to find a name that people will like and get attracted to. The best thing is to tell your mind that you need a luxury brand name and then let your mind think about it.

As the human mind is made to think and focus on a lot of things at once. If we try to focus the mind on one thing, we will come up with some really amazing ideas. Your mind will start giving you suggestions based on the products and companies that you like the most.

All the names that your mind will tell you are the ones inspired by the people or businesses that you admire. Write all of them down and start shortlisting.

2. Try a luxury brand name generator.

There are a bunch of online business name generators that will help you in naming your luxury business. You have to just insert a few keywords in there. The generators will give you thousands of ideas and suggestions based on the keywords that you provide.

The ideas from name generators are created based on the keywords you enter and every name will contain the keyword. That’s why they aren’t good or perfect. But they will give you a bunch of ideas. And, generators are also good at words-play.

Thus, you will get hundreds of words to play around with.

Luxury Brand Name generator

Here are a few luxury name generators to play around with:

  • Business Name Generator.
  • NameLix
  • NameMesh
  • Shopify Name Generator
  • BizNameWiz

3. Keep it short and simple but creative.

If we look at the successful luxury brand names that we already know about, all of them have short and simple names. This is because short and simple names are usually easy to understand and thus they leave a permanent impression on the people who are reading them.

Usually, such names turn your customers into your returning customers and we can say that such clients help in growing your business. When you have a client fully satisfied with the services you are offering, he will suggest your services to other people too.

But how would you turn your normal customers into returning customers? Well, the quality of products and services are understood things here. We will talk about the business name. If your business name is memorable, your customer will come back to you.

But if your business name isn’t memorable, you will lose your customers.

4. Get a domain name matching the name of your product.

It’s a modern world and people love shopping for things online with a single click. So, it is quite essential for you to name your business according to the modern rules and also get a domain name that same as your business name.

If you aren’t present online, you are losing thousands of customers that you don’t know about.

5. Finalize your luxury brand name.

If your business name has the qualities that we shared above, you can finalize it. Following are the things that you can do before finalizing your business name:

  • Check if social media handles are available.
  • Is the business name catchy and cool?
  • Have you mentioned your specialty?
  • You can add your own name to your brand name.

Good Luck!


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