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Newsletter Name Ideas: 300+ Modern Newsletter Names

Newsletters have become an important part of business today. In order to attract the attention of the readers, you will need more attention-grabbing newsletter names. Here we will share with you some of the best, unique, creative and cool newsletter name ideas and suggestions that will inspire you to write your own.

All the modern newsletter name ideas that we are sharing with you can be used anywhere you want. You can use them for your own company or for your clients.

Over the last year, we have helped thousands of entrepreneurs find business names for their businesses. We studied different aspects of why some names make it fast while other businesses flop because of the wrong selection of a business name.

So is the case with the name of your newsletter. A better name will give you a better response from the readers and thus it will lead to more contacts. And, thus more sales and profits. Here is how a good newsletter name looks like:

  • Share information about the newsletter.
  • Tells a story or deliver a message.
  • Unique and creative.
  • Easy to understand and memorable.

Let’s dive in.

Newsletter Names

Here is the list of cool, creative, catchy, and unique newsletter names for you:

  • Marketing Directions
  • The Investment Portfolio
  • Marketplace News
  • Notes
  • Post
  • Roundup
  • Cliff notes
  • Digest
  • Bulletin
  • Publication
  • Alert
  • Beaver
  • Cable
  • Journal
  • Messenger
  • Reporter
  • Advance Bulletin
  • Announcement
  • Brief

Newsletter Name Ideas

Here are some newsletter name ideas to inspire you to write your own name:

  • TalkBack
  • Insider News
  • In Vision
  • Jumper
  • The Talker
  • Tech Talk
  • Telegraph
  • Smoke Signals
  • Some Assembly Required
  • Spectator
  • Next Draft
  • One 2 One
  • Peruse it
  • Playground
  • Communication
  • The Communique
  • Community Action
  • Competitive Edge
  • Connections

Modern Newsletter Names

Following are some modern newsletter names that you may like:

  • The Beats
  • Bits and Bytes
  • Broadcast
  • The Bulletin
  • In Tune
  • The Key Note
  • The Beat
  • Highlights
  • Short Cuts
  • The Daily Diva
  • People’s Press
  • Right Direction
  • The Beacon
  • Steering Wheel
  • Roadmap to Success

Health Newsletter Names

Below are some health newsletter names ideas and suggestions:

  • Just the Facts
  • The Advisor
  • The Dispatch
  • Digest
  • Directions
  • The Dispatch
  • Doctor
  • Eclipse
  • Enterprise
  • Master Works
  • Mentor
  • The Messenger
  • My Two Cents
  • Thrive
  • Tips
  • Up to Date
  • Appeal
  • Bottoms Up
  • Comet
  • Discovery

Church Newsletter Names

Following are the best church newsletter names that will inspire you:

  • Seller
  • Star
  • Telegraph
  • Banner
  • Broadcast
  • Caller
  • Connection
  • Hunter
  • Lawyer
  • News
  • Republic
  • Flyer
  • Jumper
  • NextDraft
  • Inside Look
  • Chronicle
  • Memo
  • Newspage

Nonprofit Newsletter Names

Here are some clever nonprofit newsletter names for you:

  • Pages
  • The Guided Light
  • The Supporter
  • Community Pathways
  • Grassroots Gazette
  • Clips
  • Segments
  • Playbook
  • Content
  • Brief
  • Dispatch
  • Technology Times
  • Network
  • Tech Times
  • Going Places
  • Are We There Yet?
  • The Jetsetters

Real Estate Newsletter Names

Here are some of the best real estate newsletter names:

  • Realty Report
  • Neighborly News
  • Real Estate Insider
  • Cruising
  • Auto-Mate
  • On the Road
  • In Focus
  • Beyond Beta
  • Data Points
  • Report
  • Solutions
  • Ideas
  • News Scout
  • Perfect Fit
  • Hair Me Out
  • The Cat Walk Method

Education Newsletter Names

Below are the best education newsletter names for you:

  • Bona Foodie
  • Tasty
  • Healthcare
  • Pulse Newsletter
  • Way To Go
  • Staying in Touch
  • Smart Move
  • The Home Front
  • The Neighborhood
  • Inspired Interiors
  • Punchlist
  • Latest
  • Letter
  • Editorial
  • Snapshot
  • Sentences

Human Resources Newsletter Names

Here are some human resources newsletter names ideas and suggestions:

  • Resource
  • Speed
  • Teacher
  • Tips
  • Update
  • Stealth
  • Telephone
  • Trumpet
  • Examiner
  • Happenings
  • Linesman
  • Mentor
  • Kindred Spirits
  • The Lead Dog
  • The Line
  • Linesman

Newsletter Name Ideas

How to Name Your Newsletter

As I stated earlier, in order to grab the attention of the readers, you need to name your newsletter in the right way. The more people read and understand your newsletter the more profit you will gain indirectly.

The question is “how to name your newsletter so that more and more people read it?” and the answer is “it’s possible”.

Here is the step by step process to name your newsletter:

1. Keep it short and simple.

If you look at the newsletter of big companies and corporations, you will come to know that these big companies prefer to use short and simple names in their newsletter names. Thus, instead of going for long and boring names, one should try short and simple names. Short names are easy to understand and thus they are memorable. And if your newsletter name is memorable, it will make a place in the mind of people.

2. Avoid difficult words.

When you use difficult words in your newsletter names, you are making it difficult for your audience to understand it. As your goals is that more and more people read and understand your newsletter. But if people aren’t even getting your newsletter name in the first place, why would they read the whole stuff.

3. Share something surprising for your audience.

If you want your audience to read the whole newsletter, you will need to grab their attention on the first few lines. But nothing works better than a creative and catchy newsletter name. Make sure to tell something to your audience that will surprise them and thus it will turn them into reading the whole newsletter.

4. Get Suggestions from teammates.

Getting suggestions from your friends, family, and teammates may help you. Sometimes people have really creative newsletter name ideas and suggestions in their minds. Sometimes ideas just pop up in minds. So it’s always a good idea to get suggestions from teammates.

Good Luck!


300+ Newspaper Name Ideas

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