Photography Blog Names: 400+ Best Blog Names for Photography

Last Updated on May 10, 2021 by Mubashir Rafique

Here we have shared some cool and catchy photography blog names that you will like the most. All the photography page names that we have shared are unique and simple.

You can use these names anywhere as per your requirement. Let’s dive in.

Photography Blog Names

Here are some cool and catchy photography blog names for your inspiration:

  • Queen’s Photography Blog
  • Friends Photoset
  • Blend Photography Blog
  • Andre Brown Photography
  • Trotter Photo
  • Kaptured Blog
  • Picture bay view
  • Talking Head Studio
  • Creative Captures
  • Roche Photo
  • Shooter Goals
  • Color Shot Studio
  • Heaven on Earth Photography
  • Moments Made Blog
  • Studio This Is
  • Adorable Baby Photography
  • Photo Mom Hub
  • 5 Star Photographer
  • Sweet Baby Studio
  • Redwall Photo
  • Unique Photo
  • Lula & Lula Photography
  • Duo Exposures
  • Single Flash Photography
  • Sunshine Productions
  • Womanly Portraits
  • Corner House Photography

Photography Page Names

Following are the best photography page names that you will like:

  • Big Picture
  • Artful Photographer
  • First Klass Memories
  • Capture Crew
  • Legendary Photography
  • Center for Creative Photography
  • The Spragues
  • The Gathering Shot
  • Freeze The Second
  • Cooker Photography
  • Image Mysteries
  • Shadowcatcher Imagery
  • Kid’s Photography Center
  • Big City Photography
  • The Artsy Lens
  • True Photography
  • The Photo Gorge
  • Fastidious Photography
  • The Unique Lens
  • Camera for Hire
  • A New View
  • Lovestruck Photography
  • Elite Photography
  • Keep That Smile
  • The Mighty Photography
  • City Photography Space

Nicknames for Photographers

Below is the list of nicknames for photographers that you can use for free:

  • Explore Your Focus
  • Vision of Rock
  • The Studio B Photography
  • Cosmic Photography
  • Lensation
  • Square frame
  • Portrait People
  • Beyond Human Photography
  • Pictures to Treasure
  • Closer Photography
  • Click Away Pro
  • Photographic Memories
  • Essence Photo
  • Sun Photographer
  • Lotus Eyes
  • Tilting Perspective
  • Blue Abyss Photo
  • That First Moments Photography
  • Fashiontography
  • Timeless Treasures
  • Creative Edge Photography
  • Imagine Studios
  • Real Photography Blog
  • Macro Photography Lab
  • iPhotogenic
  • Portrait Innovations

Photography Website Names

Below is the list of best photography website names for you:

  • Stopcam
  • Firefly Studios
  • Photo Magic
  • Lens Queens
  • Page Hope Photography
  • In Common Photography
  • Arrow Studio
  • A Beautiful Light Photography
  • Focussed on You
  • Snap Out Loud
  • Hollywood Photo
  • Captured by Elle
  • Photography Families
  • Clever Photography Blog
  • Organic Headshots
  • Forever Photos
  • Just Shoot Me
  • Intrigue Photography
  • Viral Instagram Photography
  • Frame Me Please
  • 1 Shoot Studio
  • Spotlight Studios
  • JM Photo
  • Lola Land Photography
  • Lens Trends
  • I Like This Blog
  • Stunning Image
  • Awe Exposure View
  • Paper + Pate Photography
  • America’s Finest Portraits
  • Sensational Snaps
  • Gold Grid Studios
  • Shutter surprise
  • Photo Factory
  • Green Photography Blog
  • Your Favourite Photos

Southern Photography Names

Here are some catchy, creative, unique, and attractive southern photography names:

  • Slack Photography
  • Happy Endings Photography
  • Dawn Of Photography
  • Photo Sensei
  • Magic Hour
  • Top Hat Photo
  • Uptown & More
  • Media Novak Blog
  • Creative studio name
  • Pixster
  • Clayton Studio
  • The Kidographer
  • Celebration Photography Studio
  • Just A Photography Blog
  • A Photography Blog
  • Found Light Studios
  • Red Sphere Studios
  • Camera Wealth
  • Photo Image
  • My Photography Blog
  • Your Perfect Photo
  • Headshot Photography
  • Full Exposure Pictures
  • In Light
  • Photo Expert
  • Fotos by Fola

Photography Blog Names

How to Create Photography Blog Names

Are you trying or struggling to develop a cool photography blog name?  We have listed some best tips that can make you able to develop an attractive name.

Grab the thesaurus

While developing a photography blog name, you can use a thesaurus to add some interesting words to it. Using a thesaurus is the best idea carrying the capacity to beat all other ideas that can form an interesting bog name because thesaurus is considered as a big mine of creative and interesting words.

When you are interested to say something uniquely and differently, you may use the thesaurus. A unique word makes your name an attractive and catchy word which can make your photography blog name earn a big amount of money. The more you have used unique words, the more it will be a fascinated blog name.

Look at other blog names

Sometimes, it looks awkward to see the aspects used in the names of others’ blogs but on other hand, it can help you a lot when you are unable to form a perfect blog name.

You can start this process by taking the names of another photography blog. After you have selected 5 to 10 other blog names, start working on it. Discover the hidden aspects from these blog photography blog names which are making them able to earn a handsome amount of money. it will give you the right idea that what type of names work for photography blogs.

Secondly, some writers don’t want to invest time and effort in creating a catchy blog name. They prefer to copy the name of any other well-reputed name.  Don’t even think about doing this mistake. If you copy the blog name, you are going to confuse your audience with other photography blogs. There are also chances that you can face a legal battle over this act of copying other’s blog names.

Using a similar name can be another idea but copying a blog name is prohibited.

Choose a different language

If you want to choose a photography blog name carrying the capacity to stand out among the others, you may choose another language for your blog name. Prefer a language that is composed of some beautiful words having a smooth flow between them.

Choosing an abstract or a phrase in your blog name is another creative way to form a catchy photography blog name carrying the ability to stand strong in a saturated industry. Name having creative phrases in it have a great strength to attract the readers towards itself.

If you don’t know how to convert your photography blog name into another language, you may use the Google translator for this purpose. It will give you a good start. In doing so, make sure you have chosen a smart and short name having few syllables in it.

Add some smile

Try to make the audiences smile after they read your blog name. Humorous words are the only sources that can make your name a good piece of joke. Keep in mind that a humorous name can also become a severe infection for your blog.

On one side, a humorous name can be a blessing for you but on another side, it can be a fatal thing. Choose this technique when you know how to incorporate humor in a blog. Otherwise, avoid it if you possess a wicked sense of humor.

Normally, a humorous blog doesn’t work for a professional blog but if you add fun, freshness, and wit successfully to your photography blog name, you will not lose your strength.

You may try alliteration

Alliteration is a technique where you use the same letter at the start or beginning of each word. You can use this technique if you want to set your photography blog name to a musical theme. It gives a sentence or blog name a music quality that makes a named flow smoothly from one word to another. In other words, you can say that makes the transition easy from one word to another.

So, you can try this technique while designing your blog name. This is a technique that you can use in forming your blog title too. It will help you to create not only a unique title but also a catchy blog name.

Use Abbreviations

Think about the quality of the blog names where abbreviations are used instead of selecting a full name. Also, think about the company names that have used abbreviated names. I can tell you about more than ten business that uses this technique.

Abbreviations give you a beautiful and amazing name because such names are short and simples. Abbreviations are also easy to spell and remember without carrying a risk of hurting your branding strategy and identity.

You have a choice to choose a full abbreviated blog name or a half one. You can also use an abbreviation at the start or end of your photography blog name.

Use your name

After you have used all the techniques but failed to form an attractive blog name, you can choose your name. I can list a lot of bloggers who have become successful in this field after using their names.

Think about your target audience

Before you come up with your photography blog name, you must think about your target audience. It is very important to consider their religion, race, age, and opinion. If you are writing for an audience of another country, you need to have a piece of ample knowledge about their culture and traditions.

Add some energy

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter that what kind of blog you are going to write; it is important to some energy and inspiration into it. your blog name is the first thing that a writer read first. Reader prefers a blog when they feel comfortable with its name. A blog name carrying energy will attract the reader towards itself.


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