350 Restaurant Slogans, Ideas and Suggestions (Ultimate List)

Over the last week, we worked hard on collecting and creating the best restaurant slogans for you. And fortunately, we have collected and enlisted funny, clever, catchy, unique and famous restaurant slogans that will bring you more sales.

As more and more people started visiting restaurants for quality time spending and great food, it’s actually a huge competition to make your restaurant their best choice.

But when it comes to the high competition every small step helps. So, finding a creative restaurant slogan will help you with that.

Before we jump into the list of slogans for restaurant, let’s take a look at what exactly a good slogan is:

  • Catchy and memorable.
  • Simple but attractive.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Tells a story.

Let’s dive in.

Restaurant Slogans

In the past week, we have analyzed more than a thousand slogans on restaurants and we found that people have kept in mind the different aspects of their restaurant while writing a slogan.

Some of them have specified what they were experts in. Some of them choose to tell about the location of their restaurants. While the others find it cool to tell about the fresh meals and quality food they were offering.

According to the restaurant owners, if you choose a restaurant slogan that will tell about your food, location and the environment in one phrase is the best ever slogan.

Here are some of the best restaurant slogans suggested by business experts:

  • We like to eat well.
  • Food, Folks and Fun all together.
  • Listen to your palate.
  • Spices have a story.
  • Listen to your tongue.
  • When taste buds speaks.
  • Foodies, get in.
  • The food that lengthens life.
  • Welcome to the luxury.
  • Feel. Taste.
  • The food American needs.
  • I want another burger.
  • Quality food for quality people.
  • Eat while fish watching you.
  • I loved the taste.
  • When spices starts speaking.
  • For your taste buds.
  • Let’s meet for meat.
  • Who eats pizza never dies.
  • Deliciousness jumping into the mouth.
  • Listen to your palate.
  • Like Mom’s house.
  • Made in Italy.
  • We know our food.
  • Grills that smoke.
  • Hot food for cool people.
  • The sound of food will inspire you.
  • Enjoy the food you love.
  • Let’s eat again.
  • I need a chicken burger.
  • The grill on fire.
  • We bet you won’t find better.
  • Expensive but quality.
  • Quality first.
  • Have a seat, have a burger.
  • You need a chicken dinner.
  • Winner-winner chicken dinner.

Funny Restaurant Slogans

  • Spot-fixing with taste.
  • It’s never early to order a burger again.
  • Hungry people die first, let’s eat.
  • Where the hell is my burger?
  • I need a laughing chicken.
  • Santa, all I want is food.
  • Grab life by the spicy food.
  • Food never sleeps.
  • Our burgers are waiting for you.
  • Food from the heaven.
  • The secret is at the table.
  • No mercy to the chicken.
  • The queen of burgers.
  • The right food, the bright food.
  • No-one does chicken like us.
  • Food that gets you going.
  • I’d walk a mile for this burger.
  • One goal, one passion – food.
  • Did Somebody Say food?

Fast Food Restaurant Slogans

  • Food at first sight.
  • We like to eat well.
  • The court of gluttons.
  • Great food. Great Times.
  • Be young, have fun, taste food.
  • Once you have it, you love it.
  • The Other White Meat.
  • The power on your side.
  • Loved the food.
  • The queen of fast foods.
  • The beast can eat all the dishes.
  • Serving everything special.
  • Try anything, imagine everything.
  • I need an Italian pizza.
  • Food from the heaven.
  • Cool boys, come in.
  • Food for smart people.
  • Spice that solves problems.

Restaurant Slogans

Famous Restaurant Slogans

  • McDonalds – “I’m Lovin’ It”
  • KFC – “Finger Lickin’ Good”.
  • Burger King – “Have It Your Way”.
  • Hardees – “Where the Food’s the Star”.
  • Taco Bell – “Think Outside the Bun”.
  • Subway – “Eat Fresh”.
  • Fat Burger – “The Last Great Hamburger Stand”.
  • Fuddruckers – “World’s Greatest Hamburgers”.
  • Chilis – “License to Grill”.

Get detailed information about these famous restaurant slogans here.

How to come up with the Best Restaurant Slogans

Brainstorm Ideas.

The best way to create a restaurant slogan is to start thinking it yourself. You know everything about yourself, your dishes, your specialties, and your teammates.

So, no one can tell you what’s good for you.

But you can do it!

Start brainstorming ideas for restaurant slogans and suggestions that you think people will like the most. Make a list of all of these ideas. Make sure to write them down on a piece of paper.

We will try to create a list of 100 best restaurant slogans and then we will shortlist our list to only five slogans from which you can choose the best one.

Make sure to delete the slogans based on the tips we will share below.

While brainstorming ideas for restaurant slogans, make sure to ask yourself these questions:

  • What kind of restaurant am I running?
  • What’s our specialty?
  • Why should people choose to dine here?
  • How are we better than our competitors?
  • What’s included in our restaurant menu?
  • Is our location romantic and enjoyable?
  • Are we offering discounted prices?

Based on these questions, you can easily make a list of the unique restaurant slogans for yourself. Let’s talk about making a list.

Make a list of your favorite restaurant slogans.

While making a list of your favorite slogans, write them down on a piece of paper instead of writing on your mobile phones or laptop.

Writing on a piece of paper makes it convenient to delete and add more ideas.

Make sure to get inspiration from the above list of restaurant slogans we have shared.

What do you think about how famous entrepreneurs found their slogans?

According to our researches, we have found that more than fifty percent of entrepreneurs make a perfect plan before doing any task. Owning a business isn’t for everyone.

Because more than fifty percent of small businesses fail in their first four years. And when it comes to high competition, you have to take care of every small step.

Enough motivation! Make a list now!

Keep it short and simple.

I am talking about keeping your slogans short and cute.

Include all the slogans for restaurants that are simple and attractive. If you look at the famous restaurant slogans that we have shared above, you will find that all of them are simple and attractive.

What happens when your restaurant slogan is short?

People find it easy to read, understand, and remember your restaurant slogan when it’s short and simple. Because, its common sense, if you can’t even understand something, how can you remember it?

And what happens when your restaurant slogan is memorable and catchy? It brings you returning customers. Once families start dinning your restaurant, you are more likely to get a chance to turn your business into a brand within a year or two.

Try Restaurant Slogan generators.

I’m not a big fan of restaurant slogan generators. Although artificial intelligence helps but it’s not accurate.

Ideas from the generators are just words you choose mixed with different sentences.


Giving it a try will not take more than a few minutes. And you will get thousands of restaurant slogans ideas in a second.

Here are some of the generators you can try:

Get Inspiration from your Competitors.

Getting inspirations from successful brands and your competitors is essential. They can teach you more than you think.

In this case, where we are just focusing on the restaurant taglines, make a list of their slogans and analyze.

What’s so special about their slogan? Why are they getting traffic? Is their slogan really attracting people toward their business?

If you look at the Mexican restaurant slogans, they have added creative towards in their slogans. Also, they have mentioned about the romantic environment thy have for couples.

Don’t copy others.

A lot of people think that copying others may help their business grow faster.

For example, if you copy from “McDonalds” slogan “I’m Lovin’ It”.

You may think that you will get more customers. But you are wrong, besides facing legal consequences, you will lose the trust of customers because they will come to know that you are just a local restaurant trying to copy others.

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