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477 T Shirt Company Names and Ideas for Inspiration

If you are starting your new t shirt company, you will surely like this page. We have collected some cool t shirt company names ideas for you suggested by branding experts.

Naming your company in the right way is important for the success of your business. The more unique and attractive your company name is, the more sales you will generate. This is because the name is the first thing that people read and listen about.

The first impression should be outstanding.

T Shirt Company Names

Here are the names for T Shirt Company that our branding experts have suggested for your inspiration.

  • Lords Of Stitch & Print
  • City Printing & Signs
  • Silk Road Tees
  • Contees T-Shirts
  • Astoria T Shirts
  • Crazy Dog T-Shirts
  • Broken Arrow
  • Golden Goods
  • T-Shirt Safari
  • Peace and Cotton
  • I Am The Trend
  • Garment Décor
  • Born & Thread
  • Awesome Merch
  • CottonChirp Clothing
  • Trexity Tees
  • Elite Cotton Prints
  • Urban Hero
  • Tee for Me
  • PersonaliTee
  • T-Shirt Alert
  • Shirt Alert
  • T-Shirt Testimonials
  • Terrific T-Shirts
  • HighZing Creations
  • RightEffect Clothing
  • Vocalbird Tees
  • Kickout Creations


350 Boutique Name ideas

477 name Ideas for Clothing Brand

Branded T-shirt Company Names and Ideas

  • Colorwerx
  • Nostrand Photo Lab
  • Something Greek
  • For Kids Designs
  • Promo Printing Company
  • Tee with Care
  • Unique Tee Designs
  • Screen Print Gurus
  • Colour Splash Prints
  • Vibrant Designs
  • Brooklyn Stitch
  • Direct Print, Inc.
  • The Tee Tree
  • Cotton Colleagues
  • Cotton Company
  • Company Tees
  • Tees Please!
  • Same Day Rush Printing
  • Diana Kane
  • Alternative Apparel
  • Robbie & Co. Men’s Shop
  • BQ Sports Inc
  • Robbien Factory
  • DuoTap Creations
  • Hybron Creations
  • happyZing Clothing
  • Provoke Tees
  • Hot Topic

t shirt Company Names

Catchy T shirt Shop Names:

Here is the list of all cool names for t shirts shops:

  • WavePlanet Factory
  • D’Front Creations
  • Upstring Clothing
  • Talk Of The Tee
  • T-Shirt Supply
  • Tell ‘Em Tees
  • Custom 101 Prints
  • Nova Custom Label Printing
  • RW Xpress Printing
  • Village Digital LLC
  • Impact Printz
  • Innovation Printing
  • Print N Chill
  • Pure Prints USA
  • Space Cowboy Boots
  • Signs Lab
  • T Shirt Works
  • J & C Top Fashions
  • World Imprints
  • Exodus Printing Inc.
  • Harlem Underground
  • Richmond Hood Company
  • Artistic Stitch
  • Jean Shop
  • Custom Monogram Shoppe
  • bidPress
  • Bombay Shirt Company
  • Best Copy and Shipping
  • Arthur Gluck Shirtmaker
  • Billy’s Print Shop
  • SOHO Screen Printing & Embroidery
  • John Agugliaro Printing Co
  • Instant t-shirt/ Hat printing
  • Graphic Lab Printing Inc.
  • Kayrock Screen Printing
  • Kamakura Shirts
  • Maximum Graphics

How to Name your T-shirt Company:

To name your T-shirt company easily keep the following points in mind:

Add a keyword related to T-shirt

As more and more people are starting T-shirt business online it is almost impossible for a new business to rank easily. To overcome the high competition in the business, you have to work from day 1. The first step is to add a related keyword in your T-shirt company name. How?

Here is how to add a keyword in your name:

  • Your Name + T shirt Store
  • Your Name + Printing Works
  • Business Name + T-shirts
  • Business Name + Shirts

What’s the advantage of adding a keyword in your t-shirt company name? Well, it helps Google users to easily find you when they search for any t shirts related brands.

Let say you are working on “Top 10 T-shirts Designs of all time”. Now you will love to advertise your design as the best one. But what if your blog post isn’t ranking in google. You will not get visitors.

But if you have a domain name with the name of your company including the keyword related to shirt business, you will surely rank for it. While the quality content rule is still applicable in every case. So, adding a keyword in your company name can give you an edge to rank better than and increase your trust in the eyes of Google.

Once you rank in Google on the first page, you will get thousands of customers daily and hence more sales.

Choose your naming style.

What kind of name you want for your t-shirt company or shop. Here are some of the styles.

  • Add Founder’s Name. [Your Name + Business Words.]
  • Tell what you do. [We print T-shirts]
  • Share your experience.
  • Make it Out of context. [Needs more investment to market. E.g. Apple]

Try Name Generators

Online t shirt company names generator can help you get some cool ideas. Although all the business name generators are not as perfect as human, the thing is to get inspired for a name, they are awesome. There are a variety of business name generators you can try online. Here we are going to share with you some of the name ideas shared by the business name generators:

  • Tees me
  • I tees
  • You Tees Me
  • Bees Tees
  • Metropolis Vintage
  • Sun E Co
  • Now123 T-shirts and Things
  • Signatures by Me
  • SewWhatAndWear
  • Rebelution Ink
  • E Custom Wear
  • T Shirt Matrix
  • T-Shirt Express
  • Best Graphics
  • Queens T-shirt Printing
  • Tees Louise
  • Easy Teesy
  • Tees These
  • Crazy Shirts
  • Gifted
  • Nice T Shirt
  • Design A Shirt
  • Rush Order Tees
  • Printleaf
  • These tees
  • Tees Please
  • At Ease Tees
  • Tees Breeze

Here is the screenshot from the Name Ideas for T-shirt Company by Generator.

names by business name generator


350 Boutique Name ideas

477 name Ideas for Clothing Brand

Conduct a trademark search

Before you finalize your company name, make sure that it’s not taken already.

In case, if it’s taken, you can’t register it again. You have to drop that idea. If you use a business name that’s already taken by someone else, you can face legal consequences.

Also if you copy name ideas from other brands it will hurt your business. How? At the start you will get more sales but once your customers come to know that you are copying someone else, you will lose their trust. Once you lose the trust of your customers, you are out of business.

Don’t pick a name that limits your business growth

T-shirts can be easily delivered throughout the country. So, you need to choose a broad name so that you can expand your business throughout the country.

If you choose a company name that limits your business growth, you will not be able to do business in other cities. Let say you chose a company names for your t-shirts including:

  • Name of Religion
  • Local Place/city e.g. Boston Tees.
  • Any Caste

By choosing such names you are limiting your business which can be harmful to you. Instead, you should go for general and broad names.


Here is the list of my favorite names for T Shirt Company:

  • Holo T shirts
  • Shift T shirts
  • Bender T shirts
  • T shirts Protect
  • Authentic T shirts
  • Sunlight T shirts
  • Lavender T shirts
  • BigRed T shirts
  • Pod T shirts
  • Crush T shirts
  • Location T shirts
  • Stadium T shirts


350 Boutique Name ideas

477 name Ideas for Clothing Brand

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